Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how is your week going
so far???
Getting those Christmas 

I am starting in tomorrow,
and thought I would give you
one more blast of Fall!
Might as well do something with
 all these pics I took. lol

Oh and I am linking up with Susan
over at between naps on the porch
for tablescape Thursday. 
I'll give you the link at the end!!

As you can see I did both ends of the 
table a lil differently than the others.
My 2 fellows sat at each end. 

Decided to give the guys lil pumpkins and solid 
colored napkin ties with candles, and their
 place setting on Rusty brown napkins.

I actually made these last year and put them 
on all the plates,  so since I had them still,
 thought I would just use them on empty spots
 around the table, and it worked out where every
 person had one by their place setting!

This has a posterized affect on it!!

A view from above!! 

No,  not from Heaven!!  lol

This is one side!

I used the pumpkin ribbon, glittery fruit,
and flowers at each place setting for the girls!!

Found these lil pumpkin creamers or whatever
they are at Target a few years ago in the  $1
section.  Thought they were so cute.
I usually put candles in them.
Becky gave me the leaves salt and peppers
shakers last Fall in a gift basket.  So cute!

Posterized affect!!  I just love
this affect!!

Lil vase of flowers at each ladies place.
Really liked this shot for some reason.

This is the other side end!
with a posterized affect

This pic didn't come out that great
but wanted to show you what I did
with the pumpkin creamers instead of
 using them as candle holders.

Remembered I also had these cute lil
 pumpkin knifes so decided to use them
 along with the lil pumpkin creamers as 
butter dishes. It worked great...cause 
the lil knifes fit down in their nicely, 
so they didn't fall out on the table!! 

I made these lil thankful cards on
printmaster,  we all filled one out
 and then read someone else's
at the table!.

And Of course, we gotta get some
Candle light in,  had another picture that
would have looked better but it was blurry!! lol

Well,  Good Bye Fall and
We loved you...............

we really did......

But now we are on to our Most Favorite
Season of the Year!!

I have been working on a lil Christmas
tree today,  it is all white,  and made
from Coffee filters.  It is looking pretty
cute.............gotta figure out something
pretty to put on the top tho.

I am sure I will come up with something
once I started unpacking my Christmas
decorations which will be tomorrow or
maybe even tonight,  we were suppose
to counsel but something came up
and they aren't coming after all.

Thanks for coming by to visit!!
Love hearing from you,

Blessings and Christmas Hugs!

Can you believe it is December
already???  Oh My,  It is the most
Wonderful time of the Year.....
as Amy Grant sings!!
I so agree with her..........course,
I thought Fall
 was pretty special too!! lol

 Be sure
to go over and check out all the 
beautiful and creative tablescapes
at between naps on the porch.

 Thanks Susan for hosting as
always,  you do a great job hon!!
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  1. What a wonderful tablescape! I absolutely adore your centerpiece!

  2. I have tried and tried to make a centerpiece look pretty with vegetables, and mine never looks as nice as yours. I guess I'll need to keep trying.

    I also love your shades of brown. They are very warm and not at all harsh like brown can be. This was such a nice fall table.

  3. Oh Nellie, I miss you. It has been pretty scary with Hazie but she is finally a lot better. I kind of deserted blogland during this time just trying to keep up and help Jen from afar. Jim has gone to Utah for the week to help out and I am here frantically trying to wrap up Christmas. I have the house almost done and shopping too. Still need to do my electronic card. Soon hopefully.

    I love your post and I am crazy about those white dishes...still. I actually worked today on a decorating job for a friend that needed help with her Christmas things as she is having a big party on Saturday. And her son is getting married on the 18th. I was so glad to have mine done because I would have had to say yes no matter what.

    Have fun blingin' up your house. I know it will be very pretty! Hope all is well with all of you!

    Love, B

  4. Nellie

    Very elegant table. your family and friends are very lucky to be able to sit at a table that is made beautiful with your loving hands and eyes.
    I can't wait to see your Christmas tree. I have my stuff up but have not taking pictures yet but I will.

    Blessings & Hugs

  5. I am having trouble giving up fall too. It is just my favorite season. It is a good think that Christmas follows or it may be an impossible task. I love your white dinnerware. It is so gorgeous. It must be so versatile!

  6. The detailing on your white dishes...beautiful!

  7. As a white lover, I drool with your white dishes. I really do.

    Love every details too.

    Happy TS...

  8. How beautiful! I love the decorations, and I especially appreciate the scripture you shared with your guests. Very special! I can't wait to see what you have planned for Christmas!

  9. It is hard to believe that Christmas is just a round the corner. When it's only a four week span, it makes everything so, none the less. Your tablescape is lovely. Love the natural colors, especially the tablecloth. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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