Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Table Top Tuesday

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are you today????

I am feeling like this today.......lol

since it was 25 degrees this morning!! 
 I know, I know
some of you up North are in much
 colder weather than this, and my
heart really goes out to you, but....
this is pretty chilly for Florida and
 we don't have a lot of real heavy
 clothes for this type of weather!!
But then again,  our 25 degree
 weather isn't going to last either, 
 it will be below freezing tonight
 as well, then get a tad warmer!!
I really hope we have some cold
weather for Christmas tho!!
  That makes it feel more like
Christmas anyway!!

We had a very nice weekend.
Just worked on decorating the
house and on Christmas stuff
mostly,  then we had our annual
Christmas Musical at church
Sunday evening, and what a
delightful presentation it was.
It really makes you more mind-
ful of what the season is really
all about,  just wonderful!!
Scott and Megan were able
to go with us,  and come over
after for pizza and goodies,
so that was a joy!!

Got to see Megan's Wedding
dress online - She is gonna be
gorgeous in that gown!!

Here is a pic of the Happy couple,
meant to include it when I did her
birthday celebration post.

The Wedding date is set....
May 13th, 2011

Decided to join the Tabletop Tuesday
party today since most of you only
 have time for looking at pics anyway.
So thought I would share my fire
place decor with you!!

Sorry for the sequence these are in, 
 but I have still not figured out this
 wierd photo loader. It seems like
 it never puts pic where they are
suppose to go!! 
 So I am just gonna go with it!!

Forgot to put some logs in the
 fireplace before I took these shots.
  Oh Well........don't have time to fool
 with it but it would look nicer!

Love this lil girl,  put her 
on the hearth for a change.

This is on each end of the Mantle.

Put a posterized affect on this one.

This one has a paint daubs and
posterized affect.  I like that it
makes it have sort of a 
whimsical affect. 

Regular Photo!

Same photo Posterized.
Can you tell this is one of my favs.
I love that it gives that
 irredescent quality.

I love using poinsettia's to decorate
our home!! Especially in the years
since our house flooded and the
walls are a blue tinged white!
Am hoping to change that in the
New Year sometime to a butter
cream yellow!!  

This has an equalized affect.

These stocking were made 33 years
ago by a lady I babysat for as a teenager.
It was a baby gift when I had Scott!!
They look just as beautiful as the day
we got them!!

This stocking is actually longer
than it looks,  somehow the
camera makes it look distorted.

Hope you are enjoying your
Christmas Season!!

Thanks for coming by.....
love hearing from you!!

Make sure to go over to visit 
Marty at a stroll thru life to
see all Wonderfully Creative
Christmas Ideas!!

Have A Wonderful Christmas Season
Sweet Friends!!

Love, Blessings and Christmas Hugs!!


Janet said...

Such a cute picture of your son and daughter in law. The look so happy.

Your decorations are beautiful. My favorite are the vases full of Christmas balls.

I just cannot believe your weather. I hope you are staying warm.

Can you email me your address so I can send you my Christmas letter? jcmc1716@yahoo.com.

Love & Blessings

Sue said...

Your wreath above the fireplace looks so gorgeous! I love that. The happy couple looks exactly that...very happy! You must be so excited. They make a great looking couple.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Beautiful photos... with a happy couple..
hugs ~lynne~

Diane said...

Hi Nellie.

Your Christmas decor is gorgeous Ÿ

Thanks so much for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and leaving the nice comment sharing your cranberry butter idea. I ♥ flavored butters Ü

Hope you have a Merry Christmas as well. Hugz, Diane

sistersusiesays said...

Scott and Megan's picture is the best. My second favorite is your fireplace with the garland over your picture.

Yeah tomorrow is the last day of school! Is it ever going to be busy!!! I'll probably be ready to drop when I get home, ha!

I love you all very much,

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