Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - December 30, 2010

Our Sweet Molly sleeping away.

You turned my wailing into dancing; 
   you removed my sackcloth and clothed 
me with joy,
 that my heart may sing your praises

 and not be silent.
   LORD my God, I will praise you forever.

Psalm 30:11-12

Welcome to Thankful Thursday
Sweet Friends,

Hope all is going well in your
neck of the woods!!

We have had a fun day trying to
keep our kitty from going potty,
so the vet. could get a good urine
specimen.  She was showing symptoms
of a bladder infection which she gets
 every so often, so we had to take her 
to the vet this afternoon, and they
did their thing to the tune of 152 $$,
some of that is for special food for 
cats with this problem, plus she
 needed antibiotics
I am thankful
that Publix gives free Amoxicillin,
so at least we didn't have to pay
for that too!!

I am thankful
she didn't have a blockage or was
in worse shape than she is, it could
have been an intestinal blockage or
something as well, by the way she
was acting.

I am thankful
we got our Christmas tree taken
down today.  I usually leave it up
till after New Years, but the top
lights went out, and it didn't look
so hot, so decided just to go ahead
and pack her away, Just means
 less work next week.

I am thankful 
for all the neat and Wonderful
christmas movies there are to
watch.  We had a triple header
Tuesday night,  we watched
"The Christmas Memory,  a very
sweet story but sad at the end.
It was in the depression era.
So if  you decide to watch it keep 
your kleenex handy.  Loved the
movie but not crazy about the
ending,  I love a happy ending.

Then we watch "The Christmas
Cottage"  a wonderful movie
about the life of Thomas Kincaide
the painter of light.  We saw it
for the first time last Christmas,
it is a lovely movie,  we highly
recommend it.

Then we watched a disney movie
called "G-Force",  it was not a
Christmas movie,  but it was cute,
I missed a lot tho, cause I kept
falling asleep.

We downloaded all 3 from netflix,
just in case you are interested.

We rec'd "The Christmas Card"
movie today, so will watch it soon.
I'll let you know how it is.

I am thankful
that I got the results to my test
they did on Monday and all is fine!!
Always love hearing those normal
results on medical testS!!

I am thankful
still for the wonderful Christmas
that we had,  and that I was able
to spend it with our kids, cause we
know it might not always be the case.
Course, a Mom can dream!!  lol

I am thankful
we found a new Leslie Sansonne
video to inspire us in our exercising.

I am thankful
the weather has warmed up some
and we were able to take a 45 min.
walk outside tonight.
 Perfect temp and so enjoyable.

I am thankful
we got to watch "The Christmas
card" tonight.  It was a warm,
heartfelt and just over all Wonder-
ful movie with a great ending.
It will go on our every year to
watch Christmas movie list for
sure!  It just left you wanting
more...........if you haven't seen
it.... get it even if it's after the
New Year,  you want regret it!!

The Lord never ceases to amaze us.

I am thankful
for a new devotional book my
sweet SIL gave me for Christmas
by Karen Kingsbury, it's called
Miracles and has such great stories,
I am loving every one of them
so far!!

I am thankful
for 3 new tops I got for Christmas
that will make a few new outfits
to wear!!  I really love to get clothing
when it fits and looks nice.

I am thankful
for all the gift cards we received
for Christmas as well.  We will be
able to have some fun, fun, fun!!
Plus I am thankful for every sweet
gift we received,  I loved it all!

I am thankful
that even tho we are going into
the New Year,  not knowing what
our future holds..............
we know who holds our future,
and what a comfort that is!!
Praise His Name.

I adore these snowmen....they make me smile everytime I look at them.

Well,  Sweet Peeties,
that is my bakers dozen of Thankfuls.

Hope you have a bunch yourself.
Hope you'll share them.

Have a Wonderful and safe
New Year!!


  1. Hi Nellie

    I love all your thankfuls. I watched a lot of those same Christmas movies that you did. I just love those movies.

    I am happy that your tests all came back fine.

    We have not yet taken down our decorations but hope to get them down in the next day or two. It is such a chore getting up and down that ladder.

    I am so very thankful this year for you and your SIL Susan. What a wonderful year of good encouraging words.

    Have a Safe, Healthy Happy New Year!
    Love and Blessings

  2. What a wonderful list of Thankfulness. I hope kitty is doing better and that your tests came out okay. I will wish you and yours a Blessed Healthy New Year.

  3. Just had a chance to catch up on your last couple of blogposts...everything is beautiful! It has been our tradition over the years to take as many days off as possible around the holidays~~it started back when our kids were young and they were off school~~so we've both been home enjoying each other this past week and we've watched a lot of movies too! We use Redbox one mile from our house and rent them for $1! Our decorations will remain up for another week as our SC kids are coming up today! We will have Christmas all over again on Sunday with them!

    Wish all God's good blessings for you and your family in the coming new year Nellie.

  4. GOD loves your thankful heart Nellie!
    May His blessings be abundant to your family all through the new year.
    Love and ((HUGS))

  5. Hi sweetie..
    well here we are with a brand new year to make great new starts of health , happiness and prosperity..
    I wish you and yours all your dreams to come true..

    Blessings and Hugs

  6. Hi sweetie, So very thankful for you and I love your thankful heart! Sorry I've been mia lately-but I know you understand. Thank you for the sweet ecard. You are such a dear and I treasure the friendship we've had over the last year-so looking foward to spending more time visiting you this New Year.
    God's blessings to you and yours.

  7. #1. Praise the LORD He has corporations that do such an honorable service to its customers.
    #2. I'm so glad Molly is feeling better! I hope she is now drinking more water.
    #3. It was such a pretty tree as it always is!
    #4. I really enjoy my shows I watch too. It is almost a way to let me relax about my present day events.
    #5. I'm glad too! It's amazing how quickly it comes around again, ha!
    #6. Christmas is a time about remembering the past, present as well as looking forward to the future!
    #7. For me, no comment, ha!
    #8. I hope the coldest is gone for this winter. Cool is okay!
    #9. I'm so thankful my computer is working again! It is better than any tv I could watch!!
    #10. I just started reading my copy today, along with my daily Bible reading, and my Daily Bread booklet. I hope I can get it all in when I start back to work next Monday. (I thought I didn't go back until Tuesday! Thank the LORD I ran into my collegue at Office Depot and was corrected!!!)
    #11. Don't you know!! I love the two I got! That's one of my positives for going back to work MONday!
    #12. It is so great to get, but even greater to give!! I have now gone through my delicious ginger pancakes! My delicious marinada sauce, and half through my nut bread! You are a great cook, Nellie!
    #13. AMEN. and my new year's resolution is to not STRESS out!
    I love you all very much,

  8. Nellie, that Psalm is unfamiliar to me...but, oh, isn't it lovely.

    It sounds like your year ended richly with many blessings.

    Sending warm thoughts that 2011 is also filled with joy, grace, adventure and discovery.

    Hope you are well and just taking a break from blogging.


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