Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - December 2, 2010

“Give thanks to the LORD, because he is good;
 his love is eternal!”
Psalm 107:1

Welcome to the first Thankful
Thursday of December

Wow, Sweet Peas..............Can you believe it is
is December 2nd???   Amazing to me how quickly
this year has flown by,  and here we are just 23 days
till Christmas!!  

Guess that would be my 

I am thankful 
for the Christmas Season and all that is encompasses,
I simply love everything there is to love about this
Wonderful Season of the year, but I especially love
the person that the Season represents .....
Jesus the Christ Child, who was born in the manger,
but who later as an adult died an inexplicably horrible
death on a cross, for my sins and yours.... and then
 rose from the dead to give us eternal life with the Father.
 what a saviour and friend we have in Jesus!!
In my heart,  he is always my number one Thankful.
Could never imagine life without Him.

I am thankful
for the Lovely Thanksgiving we had with our family.
It was truly a special and fun day that we enjoyed
so very much,  and the food..................  
it was soooo delightful.

In case you are interested or missed yesterdays
post,  it was of our Thanksgiving table, so all you
have to do is scroll down to my last post.

I am thankful
for the creative gift ideas the Lord has been giving
me for Christmas gifts.  I am making a lot of things 
and having such fun doing it.  Wish I could share
 them but I never know who might be reading here
 and it would spoil their surprise.  Guess I will
 store them away to share for next year!  lol

I am thankful
that my son Scott has found the love of his life,
and asked for her (Megan) hand in marriage this
 past Saturday,  so we will be looking forward to 
Wedding in the New Year,  probably the end
of May.

I am thankful
that we have colder weather again,  finally!!
It went to 38 last night,  and will be a high of
66,  I know,  I know that isn't really cold,  but
we will take it..........better than the 80's for
this time of year!!  lol

I am thankful
for hot coffee and tea, and soups, stews
 and chili's that help keep us warm.  Am
planning to make Southwestern white
 chili for tonight.  It is so delicious,  it
is made with chicken and white beans.

Just in case you are interested in trying
it,  if you go to the top left hand side of
my blog and type Southwestern white
chili in the search window,  I have a post
about it with the recipe link.  I checked it out
and it is still up and running.

  Got the recipe from Kraft
foods,  they have so many great recipes. 
The only bad thing about this recipe is if
you don't double it,  you will wish you had!!

I am thankful
for most of God creatures....and this time it would
 be for Goats.  We got to see some this week while
 we were out and I happened to have the camera,
  so here are some cute pics of the buggers.

They were chowing down here!!

This guy was very interested in the lady
with the camera but............
not interested enough to come close!!  lol 

This one just sat there..... think he might be an
 old goat, doesn't he look like he is laughing!! 

Hubby told our son that your Mom took that
old goats picture then she had another old 
goat waiting for her in the car!!  lol
Of Course, meaning himself,  
He is so funny!!

I am thankful
that all my Fall decorations are down and  
safely tucked away until next year.  I have
actually put a few lil touches outside just
cause I didn't have to think about where
to put them!!  lol

I put on my Christmas music and had my
first glass of eggnog to kick off the Season,
 as I took all the Fall stuff down last night. lol

I am thankful
my Southwestern white chili came out
well,  and we have already had a bowl. actually turned out to be 
Southwest white/black chili,  cause I
doubled the recipe and forgot I needed
4 cans of white beans,  so put 2 white
and 2 black bean,  just as good!! 

I am thankful
we had a visit with Scott this afternoon,
he came to get Joey and stayed a bit.
We rarely see him when he is by himself,
so that was fun!  Course,  it is always fun
 when Megan is with him too!!

While Scott was here we got to sit out on
 the porch the weather was so delightful, 
 and this is what we saw. 

I had already taken the pic days ago,  so  thought this
 was the perfect time to post it!!  lol
Love that the bougainvilla blooms this time of year.

I am thankful
for the Toybox ministry that our church
hosts every year at Christmas time,  it
is a wonderful blessing to many,  and I am
thankful too,  that we have the priviledge of 
serving there tomorrow evening. We are 
both very excited and happy about that!!

They have it all set up like a store,  and
people that are having a tough time can
come and pick out toys for their children
at no cost,   they even can have them
gift wrapped,  and they also have shoe
boxes that are filled and wrapped by
members of our congregation that are
gifts for the children to give their parents.
It is a really neat thing!!

I am thankful
I can comfortably wear the Christmas shirt
  tomorrow night that I need to wear because
 it has cooled off. 
 You see.... it has long sleeves,  and I am  having
"my own personal summers" again lately, 
so those long sleeves would not be a fun time
 for me....... in the warm temps we were having.
All I can say is...........God is good!!

Well, Sweet Folks,
There's my Thankful List,

How about yours????

Hope you have a grand
weekend full of the Joy
of the Christmas Season!!

Love, Blessings and Hugs,


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  2. I am so happy that Scott and Megan are planning to tie the knot! Could sorta feel that coming and I am so happy for all of you.

    I am so glad you have had a wonderful autumn and Thanksgiving. It all seems so long ago to me after the stresses of a very sick baby...that always takes it out of ya! But I am having my own new Thanksgiving now as she is so much better...a little better each day!

    That old goat does look like he is smiling! Very cute! I am still working on my house, bit by bit it is getting done. The big hunks have been done since before Thanksgiving but the little stuff is the part I enjoy the most and I am taking my time. Partly due to my knees and the problems they give me from time to time and also because Jim is in Utah helping the kids so I can go at my own pace. It feels weird to have him gone though.

    Well I have some friends coming over this morning and I need to jump in the old shower, so I better get going. After they leave I am going to make a bunch of cheese balls for various things we are going to and having here this month. Have a great day doing your bedazzlement of your home! Cannot wait to see what you are up to. I will have photos up one of these days too.

    Love B

    P.S. Say hi to the old goat for me! LOL!

  3. Thank You Nellie for your recent visit to my White Market Blog and for the sweet comment. I am so glad you found me and now I get to follow you too :) There is surely so many blessings to be Thankful for! Those goats are pretty cute:)
    Thank you again for your visit!

  4. You are one of the only people I know thankful for cold weather! I'm trying to enjoy ours because I hated how hot it was this summer...but we are going to be under 20 degrees by morning with freezing rain/snow. Ugh.

    Congratulations to your son and your family. A wedding is certainly something to look forward to!

    I have a giveaway going on today...head on over:)

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  6. I'll try once more. This computer has been acting up like crazy again!
    #1. I'm so thankful the LORD knew me before creation! I am thankful I have been allowed to be one (f many)to see His Salvation and spend Eternity with Him!
    #2. I'm thankful for my Creator first and then I am so thankful to Him for family!
    #3. Maybe you can share it "after the fact.!"
    #4. I pray the LORD's Guidance in their marriage ALWAYS!
    #5. The weather is perfect! I pray we don't have the constant freezes we had last year!
    #6. In the cold weather, I love hot chocolate, hot flavored coffee, and hot tea. The only problem, I'm not suppose to have any of it!
    #7. I'm thankful for all of GOD's animals. It's not their fault Adam and Eve decided to go astray and bring down the animal kingdom with them! Praise GOD, the animals will not only be restored in the Millenium Reign of Christ, but will live again in the New Heaven and Earth. Romans 8:28 "Because the creature itself ALSO shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the Glorious liberty of the children of GOD!"
    #9. I'm thankful the kids make my classroom decorations. All I do is take them down and send them home, ha!
    #10. My bougainvilla is really big again this year. The frost will probably get it. Last year's freezes really took it down!
    #11. I remember some lean times when I was a child. I got a house coat and some other NEEDED items. I did get a BIG stuffed poodle that dad had gotten from his job that had toys for the employees kids.
    #12. ...All the time!
    I love you all very much,

  7. Hi Nellie

    I have been under the weather so I am just catching up although it gives me time to not only read your BLOG but your comments too which I enjoy.
    I am thankful that I am slowing getting better from this flu bug.
    I am thankful that Marvin can collect unemployment last week and the week coming as they are working every other week for the next few weeks.
    I am thankful of the beauty of the season. Everyone seems to be more joyful.

    Have a blessed week!
    Blessings & Love


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