Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - December 9, 2010

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 I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart ;
 I will tell of all Your wonders.
Psalm 9:1

Christmas Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are enjoying this special
time of the year!!  I am sure you
are busy,  but make sure to take
some time to really savor the Season!

I am reading a book called "The purpose
of Christmas"  by Pastor Rick Warren.
It's a lil small book and a great reminder
of why we celebrate Christmas!

I have also been working on Christmas
gifts,  and am happy they are coming
out well.   Shew!!  lol 
and I am about done!!  

It has also been a great week for my
hubby which makes me so happy for
him and of course, this is
I am thankful
that hubbies old boss signed him
up to go to a seminar with him.
They went yesterday and the first
session he learned some really great
 info that will help him with his business 
he is working on,  and he also learned
other things as the day went on.
Not surprised really!! 

I am thankful
for answered prayer....... we knew
they were having give aways at the
seminar,  things like Ipods and Ipads.
So I prayed all day that if there was
something he needed for his business
that the Lord would let him win it!
and He did!!  He won the last and
most expensive giveaway!!

At first, he didn't know what it was
but it turned out to be a drive for
your computer that will protect you
from losing any information should
your hard drive go out on your computer.
Something you would definitely want
if you have a business but didn't even
know about!!  How cool is that!!
God is sooo good!!

I am thankful
that hubby finally finished what he
has been working on and was able
to take the next step the Lord has
directed him to take.
Now hopefully,  the Lord will give
us a new directive!!
I find He sort of unrolls things like
a scroll....a lil at a time!!
That's probably so He doesn't scare
us to death!!  lol

I am thankful
for a surprise package that came in
the mail last Friday.  It was from a
sweet lil gal that I have had the 
priviledge to encourage and mentor
over the last 2 years after her
husband left her with 3 children.

It was a really neat lil gadget
designed to make a quick cup of
tea.  You put loose tea inside
and pour in hot water and let it
steep for 3 mins. then just put
it on top of your cup and it drains
a nicely steeped tea into your
mug.  It came with a nice
 assortment of teas as well.
Been drinking lots of tea!! lol

I am thankful
for another Sweet surprise we rec'd on 
Sat. morning.  A gift of Yankee Candles
that we rec'd from the lil couple we have 
been working with since last March along
 with a sweet Christmas card.
These special surprises meant so much
to us I guess because of the people
they came from!!

I am thankful
for the wonderful time we had shopping
with a sweet lady at the Toybox ministry,
last Friday. It was truly a blessing to us
and to her.  We know her well, so it was 
fun being with her.  We even went out
to eat together afterwards.

I am thankful
that I know how to read and write.
I was just reading earlier about some
one who said they couldn't read when
they were younger and had learned
late in life by reading the Bible.
How neat is that!!

I am thankful
Sam's wholesale got in some more
red velvet cheesecakes.  Hubby had
spied them back at Thanksgiving
but we weren't sure we could fit it
in the freezer with all the other things
for Thanksgiving.........
  then went back last week and they 
were all gone...........
they got more in this week!! Yeah!!
Hubby was really wanting that 
for christmas dessert.

I am thankful
for delightful Christmas music.....
it just makes me happy everytime
I hear it!!  It is just such a blessing!!

I am thankful
for heating and a nice warm cozy
 bed during these nights we have
 gone to freezing!

I am thankful
that Becky over at Holday in the Sun
had plastic snow and brought it to 
me for my Christmas tree!!
I have been looking everywhere for
some........and since we have a faux
tree I just didn't think it was gonna
look too good without it,  so I am
ecstatic over that snow!!  lol

I am thankful
for all the lil and big ways God shows
 me that He loves me and cares about
every detail of my life.
Doesn't get any better than that!!

Thanks so much for coming by
and for your sweet comments,
You are a blessing!!

I pray that you might have a 
Christmas Season so full of the
Love of Christ
that it blows your socks off!

Love, Hugs and Blessings,


Bonnie said...

Nellie, your list is always so uplifting. It is neat that Jim won that computer thing. Wow, I bet you were the only person that actually prayed about winning and look what happened. It was a little miracle just for you. And then you shared it and increased everyone's faith in the process.

I just heard that Hazie is back at the doctor with vomitng and asthma attacks. It could be viral pneumonia but they are hoping not. Honestly that poor kid. I do find it hard to be really jolly this year for the Christmas
season but I am struggling with trying anyway. I know we have so much to be grateful for that never ends. But right now I am just worrying about her and her family.

Love you, B

sistersusiesays said...

I hope I can get this done before my computer freezes!!
#1. I'm so glad Jim was able to go to the seminar! I know it must have felt great to be back at "the job" he has always loved as well as learning new updated info.
#2. What a great prize!!! Wow! I hope it really assists Jim in what he is doing!
#3. I really would like that scroll to open for me toward retiring!
#4. Is it as good as our "Good Earth" teas?
#5. Gifts are so great when they are a surprise! At work, Barb surprised me with one of her "Gingerbread Men." (She does the story with the kids and they go looking for them!)
#6. I see this "sweet lady" after school many times!
#7. My, and how much harder it is when you are older than when you are younger! Congratulations to them.
#8. How nice when we can have our "just" deserts, ha!
#9. Yes!! I'm so glad to get to my "Haven of Rest" away from the world and listen to such beautiful music. Just think how that Heavenly music must sound!
#10. Praise God!! When I first get under the cold covers, I shiver until my body warms the sheets! You know my bedroom is on the Northwest side of the house!
#11. We are going to have "snow" at the school next Thursday! It may be at the same time this next cold front goes through! I hope there will be no children with frozen fingers!
#12. I'm thankful God knows all things. Sometimes I wish I knew just a little bit ahead so I could be prepared, ha!
Well, the computer has let me type this far. I pray I can now get it posted! Cross your fingers!
I love you all very much!

Lois Christensen said...

I always enjoy reading your list and especially enjoy that you are thankful for the little things. We have one of those external hard drives and I have no clue how to use it. I know Phil used it right before he left, so hopefully he can update it when he gets home in January!! The first or second week he should be home. So happy!!!

Rebecca said...

Nellie, I am SO uplifted after reading this post. I guess I "needed" it - I went back and took out 1/2 of my most recent post - decided it was kind of a "downer" and wouldn't really be uplifting to ANYone!

Rejoicing WITH you in the goodness of the Lord to you and your family. May His will continue to unfold, showering blessings on your life and family.

Janet said...


I love the very first photo. What a simple idea.
How exciting that your hubby one a prize. It sound like a good one.
Those red velvet cheesecakes sound yummy. I wonder if I can find them around here.
Thanks for all the positiveness and encouragement. You have strengthened my spirit.
Blessings & Love

Sarah said...

Such a joy to stop by tonight!

Wanna make a big splash for Christmas? Then you're invited to a water buffalo party for India. No formal wear required, just stop by and visit

Be blessed bunches,

Sonny G said...

I love coming here to read your newest list.. I find myself smiling and nodding YES to so many of your comments..
I too am so blessed to have love and shelter, to have so much I am able to give some away and bring joy to others lives and I hope they pass it on when they can..
as always ,, I am grateful to have found you.. so that makes me very grateful for the internet and its ability to allow me to find great folks I may never have known otherwise..

May this be a wonderful holiday season for you and your family...

Big Holiday Hugs
Sonny ~ 155 Dream Lane

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