Monday, December 27, 2010

Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a Wonderful
Christmas and are looking forward
 to a Exciting New Year!!

We really did have a  Wonderful Christmas.
It was very enjoyable, relaxing and fun.
 Every year we think it can't get any better, 
 yet it does!!  lol  It is always a treasure to
 spend time with family and/or friends.
 We had brunch and dinner too! Played a 
game,  yakked and yakked, and ate and ate,
 watched one segment of the new Life Series
 by the Discovery chanel that Dee  gave hubby
 for Christmas,  They are so good and
 so interesting!  
  Scott and Megan left shortly after 2 to be with
 her family,  but Dee and her sweetie and my
 SIL were here till late.
Altho, we hated Scott and Megan had to go
 so early, it was a great opportunity to spend
time with Dee and Jerry one on one, cause 
many  times he is working and can't come
when she does.  So that was a blesssing!!

We were very tired by the end of the day,
but it is the Best Tired there is!! A Happy
Heart Full of Love and contentment.
Think we all felt it was a Wonderful Day!!

  We did  get to watch a few more Christmas
 movies, one on christmas eve and another late 
Christmas evening as we ate Red Velvet  Cheese-
cake.  Let me say, that is one decadent dessert, 
 soooooo yummy!!  

Have you ever seen "The Christmas miracle
of Jonathan Toomey"??,  got it from netflix, it
 was a very neat  and sweet story,  and we had
 never seen it before but highly recommend it,
 then we watched "The Ghost of Dickens past",
 it is another movie we already had, that we
got from feature family films. It is surperb as
well,  love those movies from than time era.

Yesterday,  we went to church came home
had a repeat of Christmas brunch, took
a longgggggg nap,  and then watched some 
of our favorite Pastors give great Christmas
sermons.  Very relaxing and enjoyable day!
Much Needed!!  lol

Last night it went to 25 degrees,  so it is pretty
cold here today,  course, I know if you live up
North you are probably thinking I would take
25 degrees and no snow anyday!!

It will be in the 20's the next few nights then
it will got to 37 and on up from there,  so we
will get a break by the end of the week.

Well,  Jim and I have found a way to keep
warm and not run the heat a lot.  We found
if we exercise for 15 mins. we are pretty
hot and it takes a while for it to wear off,
so we were saying guess we need to give
that a try,  could save us a lot in heating
bills and keep us from gaining those
winter pounds, and maybe help us take
off a few Christmas pounds!!  lol

Well, Sweet Peas.........................
hope you are resting and relaxing after
all the preparation for the big day,  and
just enjoying the rest of the Season.
It feels so good not to have to do any
thing today...................!!!
Anybody else feel like that???

Tomorrow I have to go for a routine test but 
for today.........I am just enjoying being  lazy,
and not having to accomplish....Just Being!!
 .  Am gonna go make some Chicken soup tho.....
it keeps you warm from the inside out!!
Actually I am not making chicken soup
for tonight,  we got a papa johns email
and their large any kind of pizza is only
$ that sounded good to us!!
and yes..................
It was!!!

( Had a hard time getting a really good
 shot of the tree for some  reason)

Just wanted to say Hi,  and that I have
missed you coming by and missed 
visiting with you at your blog.

Love,  Hugs and Christmas Blessings,


  1. Hi Nellie

    It looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas with Family, that is what it is all about.
    And resting I did have the day off yesterday and got some much needed rest.
    I still cannot believe that cold weather for you all down South. Stay warm!
    Thanks for the wonderful emails, e card and tll the encouragement you have given me.
    Good luck on your test.
    Love you

  2. I'm so glad your Christmas was wonderful. I'm sure your new year party will be just as great. You have a great time now! Happy New Year, all my best and God's blessings!


  3. What a wonderful Christmas celebration! Thanks for sharing ~


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