Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 7, 2011

Compliments of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, I think!

Great is the Lord, 
and most worthy of praise.
Psalm 48:1

Good Evening Sweet Friends,

How has your Thursday been??
Very Good,  I hope!!

Mine has been good and busy,  that is for sure,
and rainy as well.  Just been working on wedding
stuff and reading a bit, and just got off the phone
with my daughter.

Am getting ready to prepare din din,  it is gonna
be fairly simple since hubby has a meeting at
church tonight.  Pulled pork Sandwiches and
a salad,  sounds good to me!!  lol

Since this has been 4th of July week, and I 
have heard some good political type news,
I have to start off with
my #1 thankful being,

I am thankful
to be a native Floridian and that I live not only
in Florida,  but in the Orlando area, and in the
United States,  all blessings beyond my control.

I am thankful
for our new Govenor Rick Scott,  and for all
he is accomplishing with decreasing the jobless
rate, and also for his crackdown on prescription
drug abuse, and those who help feed the problem.

I am thankful
that 2 christian men,  that were praying over their
food in a school cafeteria, in the Florida panhandle,
and that the ACLU brought up on charges, had
the courts rule in their favor.  Praise His Name!

I am thankful
that I happened to get a local paper today and
saw that the County we live in has instituted
a dress code in all the schools in our County.
I am has needed to be so for
 many, many years.  I remember seeing how
the kids dressed when I used to take my 
daughter to school, it was appalling then, and 
that was 10 yrs. ago, so I can't even imagine
 what they dress like by now!

Compliments of lil ole me!  lol

I am thankful
the Wedding plans are coming along well.
 Had no idea just how involved this would be.
  I am in process of reading contracts that must be
signed and making sure everything is listed that
is contracted for.........and praying I don't over
look or forget anything!!  If you feel so led
please pray for me that I don't overlook 
or forget anything!!

I am thankful
that DeeAnna's wedding gown came in early.
So that way if she needs to have it altered in
any way she has plenty of time.

I am thankful
for email,  and all the neat things people send me, and
 also for how quickly and easily I can communicate 
something and get a response quickly as well.
Has been tremendously handy during this process
with Wedding details

I am thankful
for a book called the "divorce decision",  that 
someone told me about years ago,  and that
the Lord brought it to mind, so that I could buy it
and give it to a young lady who is about to make
a grave mistake.  My prayer is that she reads it!!

(Compliments of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, I think)

I am thankful
for people who write books that can help other
people grow and learn and understand God and
his ways more, and bring encouragement to hurting
people, and lift them out of the depths of dispair
even.  What a great blessing that is to many!!

We are reading a lil devotional book daily that
a friend graced us with called "Jesus Calling",
by Sarah Young.  I think I may have mentioned
it before, but it is just the neatest lil book,  it is
all written as if God were talking directly to you,
with scriptures at the bottom that back up
what is being paraphrased, it really speaks
to us, I have to say,  so we just love and enjoy
 it so much!!

I am thankful
that we are getting rain again,  we didn't get
any over the holiday weekend,  which was
nice,  but since Florida is still in a draught
season,  it is a huge blessings.

I am thankful
we were able to get our yard mowed last night,
especially since it is raining now...........

I am thankful
that hubby was able to have a good conversation
with his boss today (who lives in another state) and
 get some clear instruction.
He has been a bit dismayed as he has been having
difficulty trying to get clarity, so think that made his
day for sure.

I am thankful
that my bougainvilla that the deer or whatever
was eating is blooming again,  we had to move
it to an new location awhile but it came back
 really well,  and looking very pretty again!! 

Well,  that is my Thankful wrap-up!

Thanks for stopping in................
it is always great to hear from you.

Love,  Hugs,  
and Blessings for a great Friday,
and weekend.



NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet Nellie, Sorry it has been so long since I left you a comment but I often read your posts. Life has been busy, as it has been for you. Love your thankful post, thanks for sharing with us.
Hugs, Noreen

sistersusiesays said...
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Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Nellie! You are so lucky to live in Florida! I get there about 3 times a year.(I'm thankful for that!) We went to Alligator Point in May and everything was very dry. We're going to Watercolor this fall and Winter. I love it there!! As soon as I can I'm moving to your gorgeous state. I love the clear blue water of the panhandle.
So happy to hear you are immersed in wedding planning. So much fun! Enjoy the moment. It will all be over too soon. Maybe you get baby showers to plan next! LOL!

Diane said...

Yep, it is great to reflect and be thankful for all our blessings. I ♥ visiting Florida. Gorgeous state Ÿ

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

What a great list of thank you's. I am trying to get all caught up here. Seems like I only have time to eat and sleep in between my work hours with the busy summer we are having.
Did you tell us what Dees colors are yet? You know you were striking in the dress you wore at your sons wedding.
I love love love the red tulips and roses in your pictures and I also love the way the american flag is in the background.
I am glad you are getting some rain. We really need some here so can you send it our way.
My daughter and her family are planning a vacation to Orlando in September. Can't wait for them to have a fun time. I have only been to Ft. Lauderdale twice and that was for my cruises. I remember it being so muggy I could hardly breathe and that was in October. I know that happens in Georgia to where they live and they love it.
Hoping that all is well with you and your family. It seems like you are not posting as often.

Have a great week!
Blessings & Love

Rebecca said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post, but once again it was fun to "catch up"! Dress code county wide, huh?

I can imagine how busy you are as wedding comes closer and closer. I pray for you as I type this comment, Nellie. Thankful with you re. clarity for your husband/job, etc.

Be calm and carry on! Hope to see another post from you soon.

sistersusiesays said...

I'm sorry Nellie. Let me try this again.
#1. I praise our GOD that it isn't a "mistake" that I am in American. He chose to place me here for His Glory. What a blessing!
#2. Praise our GOD for all the things that improve Florida!
#3. GOD will always protect His children doing His Will. He said He would never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you, Jesus!
#4. Yes, yes, yes! That should go for teachers too.
#5. I am praying for you and what the LORD has for you.
#6. DeeAnna keeps care of herself so well, I'm sure she will not need to.
#7. I still e-mail...alot!
#8. I pray she follows the LORD's will for her
#9. I am thankful for family members who don't give up on their loved ones.
#10. That's one thing I like about this state, the rainy summers that helps to cool things off.
#11. I have been praying the LORD makes Jim a blessing to this company.
#12. One of my students gave me one and it is looking a little wilted. I put it where it could get some of our liquid sunshine!
Thank you, Nellie for your love,

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