Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Table Top Tuesday - Fall Mantle 2011

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how are you doing???  Very Well,
I am hoping................
Thanks for all the comments you left,
it really was great hearing from you all.

I am doing well,  a lil tired, a lil frustrated,
(want go into that one) but happy that things  are starting
 to come together nicely for the reception.  Have all the food
and table decorations planned now,  accept for just one table.
Still trying to decide where to put the cake!!  lol

Well,  since you have been by last, my daughter had
her destination wedding last Friday at 4 p.m., so she
is officially a married lady now!!  Hard to believe!!

She called Friday evening for just a few minutes,
cause it is very expensive to call from there!
Course, who wants to be talking long on the phone to
anyone on your wedding night!   They were just
being kind to their parents...............lol
she said it was very nice,  and all the folks at the resort
were so friendly and helpful,  and they decorated everything
 up very pretty,  which she did not expect,  and they really
 liked the photographer, everyone said he was the best on the
 island,  so hopefully,  that will mean some great pictures.
Which I will share some once she gets them back.

Want hear from her again until Thursday when they arrive 
at their next destination. It'll probably just be a text message.
They will arrive back home after midnight on 
Monday the 24th.
Can't wait to see her!!

Well,  gotta get busy........but thought I would show you
my mantle that is all decorated for Fall...............

This picture was a bit blurry so posterized it!
  Every once in awhile my camera gets a mind of it's own, 
 it can be taking perfectly clear pics then all of a sudden they
 get fuzzy for some reason,  and I will be the same distance 
and doing  the same thing as always. 
 Hubby insists it is the photographer, but have to say
 I don't think so.....maybe time for a new camera for
christmas!!   lol



 This is if you lived in a black and white world!

Don't know about you..................but I am so glad
God created such a colorful world!!

Am linking up to Marty over at 
a stroll thru life,
If you want to see more creative 
table tops, be sure to go visit.....
just click here!

Have a Terrific Tuesday.............

Thanks for stoppin by,  and 
for all your lovely comments.

Love, Hugs, and 
Autumn colored Blessings to you!!



Lois Christensen said...

Love your mantle! Very pretty. Glad the wedding went well and everyone was really nice to them. Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning. Not sure if I should have asked the question. Was really venting over visiting a few blogs and leaving comments and never, ever hearing from them in return. Oh well, I still visit the blogs because I love them but don't leave comments, well maybe a few! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Rebecca said...

Your mantle is lovely, Nellie! Kind of a departure from the typical autumn oranges, etc. I like the "abundance" of it all.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your mantel is really beautiful. I love the ribbon garland, so pretty and all of the pumpkins and pine cones are just perfect. Beautifully done. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

BECKY said...

Hi Nellie! It looks sooo pretty! Just love it!!
I know you're enjoying it, and so will all the guests!!

Love ya!!

sistersusiesays said...

Everything's coming together, pretty as always! You have made a beautiful home for you and Jim and all who come into its warmth!
Love to you and yours,

Barb said...

Hi Nellie, your fall mantel is just delightful. It really says Fall and is so inviting. Wonderful job.


Jennifer said...

Congrats again to your daughter - and her new hubbie:) I hope the reception is wonderful for all of you! I am sure it will be decorated just lovely...as you always do such a nice job! Your mantle looks "just like Fall"!!

Hope your week is going well....

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Your mantle looks so lovely. I love the addition of the pinecones. You are getting really talented with that camera!
:) CAS