Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heart Tips and Warm fuzzy Tuesday.....all rolled into one!

Howdy Sweet Folks,

How are things in your world today??

Things in my world are good, and getting more
 organized by the day, and I am loving it.  Nothing
earth shattering just small changes here and there.
Found some empty space out in the cabinets in the
 garage, so put all my candleholders in the same place
 and moved some stuff around, Reorganized my
 cabinets on each side of the fireplace, where I store
a lot of books, but things sort of get put in there at
times, since they have doors that hide the clutter,
so they look so much nicer when the doors are 
opened now........

The last few days I feel like the energizer bunny, 
which is not typical, unless I drink some coffee or
 tea that has caffiene, which is usually accidental.
For about a week and a half I have been putting 
coconut oil on my toast like butter, and it is delicious.
  Hubby had read this article about a lady Dr. whose
 hubby had been given a test for alzheimers and he
 flunked the test really bad and she was told he had
 pretty advanced alzheimers, so she started doing
 research  looking for ways to help him, and somehow
 came to find out about coconut oil, and she started 
giving it to him,  and after a few weeks he did the
 test again and he had improved quite a bit, so she
kept giving it to him,  and every so often they would 
test him and he just keeps getting better.
She is writing a book about it,  anyway,  since my
 memory is so bad,  I decided to try it, and the last 
few days I have realized I am so much more clear
 minded, motivated and energetic.
So don't know if it is the coconut oil or not,  
but I am extremely grateful for whatever it is!!

Anyway....on with Heart Tips 

Wanted to share a new product...... something 
yummy my daughter Dee and her hubby Jerry 
turned us on to......

It is.....................

Kemp's Moose Tracks Frozen Yogurt

and I must say it is mighty delicious, to say the least.

Now you say, where do I find
this delicious treat???

We found it at Wally World, better known as
Walmart in case, you never heard of Wally World
before.....me thinks,  you could possibly find it at
Target Super Center as well,  they have other flavors
of Kemp's there as well,  just don't know yet if they
have Moose Tracks.  But there Vanilla and Chocolate
is wonderful too.  The moose tracks only has 2 grams
of saturated fat per 1/2 cup,  with no trans fats,  so
it can be a nice heart healthy snack unless you eat
a huge bowl.

and here's what it looks like..............
Now hurry get your coat on......... and get to walmart
or Target........... you want be sorry!!

and Happy Snackin..............

Aren't you sooooooooo glad you dropped by
to get this good news.   lol

If you have already had it.... be sure and let every
one know how much you liked it................

Have a Sweet Day!!

and it might interest you to know that my 

Warm Fuzzy for today is................

discovering new things we can eat that are
 heart healthy,  I just love love love that!! 
After all,  they sometimes call it comfort food,
 they could just call it warm fuzzy food,
 as well...................lol

I used to love when my Mom brought groceries
home and we used to raid all the new stuff so we
could sample them,  I still do that to this day!!
For me, Just a fun thing to do...........

Glad you stopped in,  Great to hear from you!

Now Go Have a Sweet Heart Healthy
 Warm Fuzzy Day!!


Lois Christensen said...

This post brings back memories because when I was younger I LOVED when my parents would come home from the grocery store! We all loved helping bringing the bags in and unpacking and seeing what treats they purchased. And the best thing was my mom would take the cash register receipt and staple it together and make a crown for me to wear while I helped her. So silly! Thanks for your comment!!!

Rebecca said...

So fun! We both did "heart care" posts today :)

I would sure like to see more research re. the coconut oil. Wouldn't that be amazing?

I WILL look for the Moose Track frozen yogurt. It is my favorite ice cream flavor and I need to QUIT ice cream!

sistersusiesays said...

I wonder if Mounds bars have the same coconut oil (with the dark chocolate?)

It's always great to find foods that are good for you. I have found myself checking the labels of everything anymore. So many things are being imported from China (even Wal-Mart has some items!)

Thank you for Fuzzy Tuesday!
Love you, Susan

Jenny said...

What an informative post! I'm glad you're feeling positive and getting organized! There's something about knowing where things are easily that helps life run so much more smoothly.


My thoughts are jumbly this morning. I hope this made sense.

Unknown said...

Neat post! Thanks Joann

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

We are frozen yogurt fans and that sounds fantastic! Linda

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

Moose Tracks ice cream is our favorite. Thank you for telling us they make it with yogurt, too.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

We are trying to eat healthier, must be an age-thing. We have eliminated all bread products from our diet for awhile, & now when I have even a teensy bit of a wheat product in some food, I get sick. It's looking very much like a wheat allergy. I wonder if I was better off not knowing.....lol! We haven't had any dessert-type things or any added sugary anything, but the frozen yogurt sounds very tempting. Thanks for sharing that. I'm also curious, how does the coconut oil come -- is it a spread or a regular oil like olive oil?

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