Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - June 27, 2013

And there was evening, and there was morning
--the fourth day.  And God said, "Let the water teem
 with living creatures, and let birds fly above the
 earth across the expanse of the sky. So God
 created the great creatures of the sea and every
 living and moving thing with which the water teems, 
according to their kinds, and every winged bird
 according to its kind. And God saw that it was good
Genesis 1:19-21

Morning Sweet Friends,
and a Hearty Hello.................

So what have you been up
 to this week?
Hope it has been a good one.

Mine has been very good and very enjoyable.
You will see a lil of whatI have been up to this
 week, as your read my post. Also watched
 our lil darling yesterday,  she just gets cuter
 by the week.  She is over 4 mos. old now, 
 can hardly believe that, seems like we
have had her for much longer, and of 

 I am thankful
 to be able to be a part of her life several
 times a week, and so realize what a
tremendous blessing that is.

I am thankful
for a new bath soap hubby found.  I love
 using Dove Soap,  cause other soaps make
 me itchy,  so I need that moisturization.
Hubby ran by the store on his way home
from work to pick up a couple of things,
one being Dove Soap,  well,  he is great
about always checking out the generics
to see if they have the same ingredients
and so forth,  so he saw the Publix brand
soap,  and read the label and brought that
home and at first, I was like,  ewwww,
great........what if it makes me all itchy,
Well is awesome soap,
and I just love it.  Has a wonderful
fragrance and it has an ingredient that
Dove Soap doesn't,  coconut oil.........
My skin feels wonderful,  so we both
highly recommend Publix brand take off
of Dove Soap.  Try it.....think you will
love it...................and it cost less......!!

I am thankful
that I am relearning my greeting card package
 again........... since I got out of the habit of using it,
 back when I had that tendinitis in Novemember
 and couldn't sit for too long for many months.
Then our lil sweetie came along and that had
my heart and mind captured and still does!
I pretty much forgot everything I had learned,
so it has been like starting all over again, but
finally am back to where I was,  there is just
still so much to learn but it is worth it cause
it has a lot of capabilities,  just don't know
how to use them yet.  I will get there in


I am thankful
that I have made 3 more cards this week,
and am happy with the results.  Also tried
the new spica glitter pen on one,  and 
loved the results.


I am thankful
for a fun unexpected surprise and 
opportunity that we have, but can't tell
you about it till next week.................

I am thankful
that I am feeling  better,  the past few weeks
I have just been feeling really exhausted, and
just didn't know why,  so have been trying to get
more protein in my diet.  Happened to mention
that to a blog friend and she said she was having
that problem awhile back and it turned out she
was anemic,  so her Dr. told her to take a multi-
vitamin with iron and a vit c to help with absorption.
So I had both,  so started taking it right away and 
couldn't believe I actually felt better so quickly.
So thinking that must be the problem.

I am thankful
for thought provoking movies that have a
great story lines.

I am thankful
that I was born and raised in the good ole
USA,  even with all her problems this is still
the best place in the world to live.

I am thankful
for bananas,  they are my 2nd fav fruit,
I put them in smoothies all the time,  and
love peanut butter and banana sandwiches,
like them in cereal, and drizzled with chocolate
and nuts, then put them in the freezer awhile


I am thankful
for the beauty that we see all around us in nature,
every single day, all of God's handiwork and creativity.

..........this week I have really
enjoyed that we have grapevine with lots of grapes
 and also a tree full of berries, don't even know what kind 
of tree it is,  my son thinks he finally figured it out and told
 me the name but never heard of it before, so forgot it!
Guess I better write it down, next time.

Am wishing it was Fall........cause the tree has

these really pretty redish orange berries,  and they
 would surely be pressed into use, as I love to use
natural elements like that in the Fall and Winter.

I am thankful
for gluten free products, because they seem
to be making a difference in my life by helping
with symptoms of a physical issue I have had
for most of my life.

I am thankful
that my son-in-love Jerry made it safely to
his destination  for a trip for his job,  and
that things are going well.

I am thankful
that I found a really good honey mustard
salad dressing.  I really love the one that
Outback and Chili's have cause it has more
 honey than mustard, and is absolutely
delicious, so this tasted very close to
theirs and made me a happy girl! If you 
want the recipe just let me know, cause
 it only has 4 ingredients and is very 
easy to make. Love that part too!
I just really don't like bottled dressings,
all that much,  there  was a really good
ranch one, but can't find it any more.

Well, Sweet Folks,  that wraps it
up for today..........and I actually got
it done early for a change.  Imagine
that!!  lol

So glad you could drop by,  so 
please leave a comment so I know
you were here.

Have a Super Duper Weekend,

Love, Hugs and 
Summer time Blessings,


Sister Susie Says said...

#1. What a blessing it is to me to see your joy when you play and hold your beautiful granddaughter, my great niece!
#2. I'm surprised at how really good many of the store's brand are over the same name brand kind! I use Publix's oatmeal and many other products!
#3. Just think of the cards you can make when you get the program mastered!!!
#4. WOW! Reminds me (as a teacher) when I used to sit down with my kindergartners and do glitter projects! (I miss the coloring, cutting and pasting...can you tell! lol!
#5. I think I know. Shhhhhhh!
#6. Me too! I find I do better when I eat, lol! I don't know what it is as people get older, they tend to not eat as well.
#7. I love my animal movies that have real animals but people talking (nature stories.)
#8. You know, I think that goes along with trusting GOD to be in control of everything; and us (me, I should say) not worrying about anything but just worship and glorify Him in everything!
#9. Did I have to read this now! You've got me hungry just for that!!! HA!
#10. I can hardly wait to see some of those beautiful places on my vacation this year!! Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone...
#11. Yes, I even make sure my animals have gluten free food too!
#12. Bless him and his job!
#13. Whooo, I'll have to try those! That's my favorite dressing!
Enjoy your week(end)!
Love you all, Susan

Anonymous said...

Happy day to you. I see you have had many blessings this week. Isn't our Father so good to us?!
Let me know the honey mustard dressing recipe, it's my favorite dressing.
I too get to see my little princess often, her smile, laugh, and hugs makes my world so beautiful. Grandchildren are indeed a blessing.
Want you to know on this Thankful Thursday I'm thankful for lovely Christian ladies like you. Your blog is always a delight. Your witness is beautiful. I know He delights in you.
Looking Up!

Donna Heber said...

Thank you for reminding us of our blessings Nellie! Your seashells are so pretty.