Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some inside looks at the vacation condo - Part 1

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope your day is sunshiny
 and bright!

Mine has been rainy, and overcast, and the sun
is out right now, but I don't suspect it will be for
long as there is a lotta lotta cloud cover today!

Know how we all love decorating and some of
 you are really into Coastal decorating,  so thought 
you might get a kick out of seeing the inside of the
 condo where we stayed, they have some very cute
 touches.............and is perfect for a fuss free
 fun time.

The bed in the Master bedroomis covered with
 a quilt top, altho it is very pretty, it didn't seem
 all that beachy to me, other than it is blue/with
 brown and sand colors, 
until I took a close up...........

It sort of reminds me of sea urchins or
 sand dollars.

Loved this lil metal tiki hut that was hanging
in there.

and really liked this fish lamp.
this was a night time shot.

A daytime shot.

and a close up.  Not sure why I like it
 so much but I just do.........
Love the color and the detail.

Not the best picture,  but thought it was just a 
compass decoration, but on closer inspection it 
was actually a clock, but very nautical looking.

Loved this pretty shell dish they have.

Looking down on top of it.  A very beachy
piece I would say!

Loved this adorable lil palm tree lamp 
they had on the vanity in the
 Master Bath.  Too, bad they have to
have cords.   lol

This pretty Egret picture was in the
 Master Bath as well..................
hard to get a good shot, cause not
that roomy in there...........

Another metal piece....this was in
 the guest bathroom. 

These metal flowers were in there too!.

Next post, I will pick up in the Guest
 Bedroom and finish the rest of the
pictures inside the condo.

Thanks for coming by .....
hope you enjoyed the 
coastal look.......

Look forward to hearing 
from you.

Hugs and Coastal Blessings,


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Very pretty, love the shell dish! Can't wait to see more...

sistersusiesays said...

Sea urchins, the quilt top does look like that!

I like the 3 dimensional effect of the tiki hut. I have metal seagulls on my "at the beach" wallpaper in the birds' room.

The fish lam[ is really cute. That's something dad would have liked!

The compass clock is really nautical, but too "busy" for me! I guess it's more to the liking for men.

Are the shells real or ceramic?

I love all bird pictures! I guess I'm particle, ha!

I really liked your cozy seaside place to stay. Thank you for sharing it!
Love to you all, Susan

BECKY said...

A lovely coastal space for sure, gal.
I am so glad you had pretty accommodations, and a wonderful time!!


Donna Heber said...

Very nice touches to make your stay a special one. It is great to see the owners made the condo a cozy one for its guests. The fish lamp is super cute.

Patti said...

Looks like a beautiful place to spend a few days! I especially love the egret picture and the shell dish...but all of it is lovely.

Wishing you a joy-filled day.


Lois Christensen said...

Beautiful. I always love seeing photos from other people's vacations to gather ideas! Thanks for your sweet comments always! We're doing okay! Michael was elected class president of his class in high school and that was so exciting! Olivia started her internship where she works for a recycling company working on their social media and doing some marketing. She loves it. She travels almost 90 minutes one way two days a week, but it's a great opportunity. Glad Phil is not here so she can use his car and not the one she usually drives; which has almost 200,000 miles! Hope your day is good!

Sue said...

When my parents bought their first condo in Florida, the metal sculptures were very popular...mom bought several. They sold that place furnished and their new home (which isn't new anymore) she didn't put them in. It must be like everything else...things come back into style if you just wait a few years!

I actually love the bedding even if it isn't beachy. I have gotten very into the lighter weight quilts instead of the bulkier bedding I've had in the past (I get too hot these days). I enjoyed the tour and your blog page looks great! Love the chair in your header!