Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - June 13, 2013

Evening Sky at the Beach

He replied, "When evening comes, you say, 'It will be fair
 weather, for the sky is red,'  and in the morning, 'Today it 
will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.' 
You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky,
 but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.
Matthew 16:2-3

Morning Sweet Friends,

Had this all done last night but the pics so
 decided to wait and finish it this morning.

So how has your Wednesday and 
Thursday been??

Ours has been busy, but a good busy.
Yesterday was our day to watch Miss
Brooklyn,  so we had a fun time with her,

and then had some other things going on
as well...........that you will read about.

Just came in from mowing the grass
and I am sneezing my head off, and can't
wait to get a shower.   lol   Least it is done 
so we don't have to worry with it over the 
weekend.  Can we say Freedom..........
at least I hope so, am hoping to do some
cooking tomorrow for Sunday,  so it is out
 of the way before the weekend.  We love
to do that so we can just enjoy the week-
end, cause sometimes you gotta just
have some fun and relaxation...........

Well, here is my thankful list for this week.

I am thankful
for our sweet young neighbor next door again
 (the sam ones that had the garage sale).  
We were out trimming trees a few
weeks ago,  and he came over and said
I have a really long extender pole type
change saw but it is at my Mom's,  and
I will be getting it back in a few weeks
so I will come over and trim whatever
you want me to............Is that not the
sweetest thing...and yesterday he did
just looks really great.

  We think we have found a way to bless him
 too, so looking forward to it....

Be sure to click on this picture to enlarge all of them, they are
so much prettier like that.

I am thankful
for 2 young teens, both really sweet
kids from our church who are trying to
 raise money to go on a church trip.  
They came and did some yard work for 
us on Wed.and they did a wonderful
 job,  and it was a 2 way blessing for sure.
They helped make the yard look great

I am thankful
that we got to hear Brooklyn belly laugh
for the first time yesterday,  How funny!
Looking forward to more of that!!  Oh
babies are so much fun,  especially when
you are not responsible for raising them.

I am thankful
that my son made it safely to Canada
on Wed. for a seminar for work.

Update:  and back home again safely too.

I am thankful
that we got to have  Rosie visit with
us this week,  as it has been quite
a long while...............

Isn't God's handiwork just so magnificent

I am thankful
for a wonderful salad that we got from
Bob Evans for dinner Wed. night.  It was
so delicious and so filling, so I still have
half of it left.  We have had it before
but it has been a long time.  It is called
"Cranberry pecan chicken salad"  by
Bob Evans.  Their's has bacon, bleu
cheese, honey roasted pecans and
sweet Italian dressing.  It was so good
so I made my own rendtion of it from
memory,  so it is a lil different but
delcious just the same and you could
add any of the above ingredients I
listed if you want. Strawberries
are also excellent in there as well.

Here is a recipe of my rendition of it.
Just click here.

We used Poppy Seed Dressings,  so here
is the recipe for that too.
Click Here!

I am thankful
for a fun day out shopping for Father's
 Day.  Hubby wants to get a new grill as
his gift, but wanted to find a few small
things to surprise him.


I am thankful
that I finally found some Father's Day
cards I liked,  I am very picky about
cards and what they say,  so just  wasn't
crazy about them,  but actually found
them in other places in the store.
Walmart really has the best cards,
most of the time.  

I am thankful
that I ran into a younger lady that goes
to my church,  our paths seem to be
crossing a lot lately..... and she is a real 
sweetie..... she had her son with her,
 who I would say is probably 13 or so,  
and he was just a really sweet spirited 
and innocent type kid,  much like the
 2 we had here on Wed. doing the yard
 work.....those kids just really bless my 
heart..........cause that is such a rarity
 these days.  They all have Lovely 
Mom's, and it has evidently rubbed off!

I am thankful
there was a planet smoothie nearby
where I was shopping cause it was such
a delight to get my fav smoothie to cool
off as it was one hot day out there!
Exhausting!  but that smoothie cooled
me right off!!

The Moon behind the clouds -will show you the moon shots next week
I am thankful
that I remembered some napkins I
bought a while back,  which helped me
get a theme for hubbies Father's Day table.
Hadn't even thought about it yet,  so
that was surely a  timely remembrance!  lol
This year will be Scott's first Father's Day,
so hope he enjoys it......

I am thankful
for these cute lil cotton polkadot night
gowns I got for Christmas,  they almost
looks like a sleeveless dress,  so they
are cute and comfortable.  I have a red,
aqua blue and spring green one,  and I
love all three,  and I find myself getting
ready for bed a bit earlier than I used
to at night just cause I am ready to get
 cozy and comfortable.  Is that a sign

Well,  that my list for this week.

Thanks for stopping in,  
always glad when you visit,  
and hope you will say hello, 
 so I know you were here.

Have a Fabulous Friday and
 a Winsome Weekend.

Love, Hugs, and
Father's Day Blessings,

Happy Father's Day to all you
Dad's out there
and hope you get spoiled just 
a little bit
but just a lil bit, we don't want
to ruin you either!   lol


BECKY said...

Hey Gal!
Love your photos of the beach. Was going to go today...but too much going on! Our a/c went out yesterday, and my big thanks to God is that it was an inexpensive, easy, and quick repair! I was sweating just sitting at my workbench!!

It was so great to see Scott and beautiful little Brooklyn and hear her laugh, too! Eleanor laughed a few times with me yesterday!! Too much fun!!

Love ya!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Gorgeous photos Nellie, just beautiful!!! A belly laugh?!!! sweet!

sistersusiesays said...

I remember the mariner's saying, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; Red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning."

My Wednesday and Thursday has been busy running errands for myself and enjoying time with Alice as I take her to do her errands.

Hope you took more pictures of your sweet grandbaby! I can hardly wait to see her Sunday!

My yard is "seeding" right now, ha! The grass has stalks with seeds galore! George is not doing well at all. He can still walk, but reminds me of dad with all of the weight loss. Lillian has lost weigh too in all she has to do for George as well. Lillian's brother has been mowing it. I guess I need to start doing it again, since the mower is in the back garage.

#1. George has been the same for me; mowing, spraying the weeds, edging, his friend bush hogging the back property! The LORD has surely blessed me with George in exchange for him using the back garage to store many of his belongings.
#2. I was thinking of using them, but I think the weeding in the front flower beds might be too much work for them! I really need to get rid of the rocks and replace with grass to be mowed.
#3. I've been waiting to hear that!!! I hope she does on Sunday!
#4. Thank you, LORD!
#5. It has been 1 1/2 months I have had Sylvia's little Maxx! He is so funny. He always says, "What ya doin' pretty baby!"
#6. I've had some leftovers from several times Alice and I have been out. She would order out for Boddy and take it home to him. I don't know if the salt in the food (I don't add any) is why my feet are swelling again or the Crestor, I had to go back on ($150) a whack! (month) I'll have to use your salad recipes!
#7. I find I can't do to much walking anymore without the pain in my joints over taking me (even in my toe knuckles!) Thank goodness I have a riding mower and not a push mower (if I have to start doing it myself again!)
#8. I have always cherished your cards you have made for me!
#9. Those are the children and parents I remember from my past as a teacher. I occasionally see them in the stores and can't believe how big they have grown (some now with their own children!)
#10. I wish I could make mine as good as they do! I wonder what their secret is?
#11. Praise GOD for our fathers and mostly our Heavenly Father!
#12. I know what you mean! Those sleeveless ones you have bought me over the years for Christmas I have thoroughly enjoyed. With it just being me, I spend a lot of time in mine, ha!
Happy Father's Day, Jim! I love you all, Susan

Janet said...


Beautiful photo. I find myself relaxing a bit when looking at it.
A belly when babies start laughing...They are such a blessing....

Hope you are doing well!
Blessings & Love