Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inside Vacation condo - part 2

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a great day so far.

Our's has been our lil darling arrived 
early this morning and is  spending the day with us.  
She is taking a lil nap,  so figured I would just add this 
part,  as the rest was done yesterday.  

Well,  here is some more beach themed decorating,
hope you enjoy it..............

 Here is a close up of the header picture.  These were 
such creative and lovely pictures, tho I thought having the
 background maybe a teeny bit darker would have made
 things show up a bit more.

 I am only showing you the wall decor in the guest bedroom.
cause I just didn't think about the beds for some reason.

Their were 1 of these pictures hanging over each bed,
you can see that the shells are on the opposite side
on each picture.
Sorry for the glare, but it was the best I could get!!

Since we have stayed here before I noticed quite
a few changes and these were one of them,  think
the owner must be working towards that chic white 
look.  Cause things were a lot more colorful
 the last time.  She still has some of the same
things, but she has changed quite a few too.

If you would like to see last time
just click here!

 This was here last time and I just loved it,
but it was in the master Bedrrom.
Sorry it is so blurry but had to take it from
the side so you could see it,  too many
reflections,  but can you see the one
bed that was still made.

You can see a reflection of the bed in
the picture!  lol

Isn't this lil manatee just the cutest!

This was a very colorful picture of this fish,  and just
remembered he was in the guest bath not bedroom.
It reminds me of pictures we used to do in art class,
You would do all these different colors in crayon, 
and then cover it over with black crayon,  and then
draw a picture and scrap off the black, and leave
the color,  and that became your picture.

The dining room kitchen area, and entrance on the right.

Kitchen Border

Sign in entry way across from kitchen 

Cute tablecloth

Simple but cute beachy centerpiece

Another white beach scene picture to the left of the table,
larger than the bedroom ones.
Sorry for the glare,  but best shot I could get.

They had this last time too.  Made me laugh........and
it is so like lil sandpipers,  they make me laugh
cause their lil legs run so fast.  So cute!

This was taken
right before we left to come home,  hubby was
watching one last epidsode of  HGTV,  looks
like some kind of warning or something on the
screen right now.  The waves were really
churning out there the morning we left.......
it had been very calm all week.

and another lovely egret picture, it was on the
wall  just to the left of that chair you saw in
the foreground.  Both of the egret pictures
were new  too.  The other one was in the
Master bath remember!!  

So glad you could stop by, and 
sure hope you enjoyed the tour.

Be sure and say hello so I know
you were here..............

If you happened to miss part 1 and 
would like to see it Just click here.

Have a Delightful Day!

Hugs and Beachy Blessings,


Sister Susie Says said...

How nice! The decorations made you feel right at home on the beach! I like the sandpipers too! It's amazing how fast they can run!
Love you all, Susan

BECKY said...

I still haven't gotten to the beach. I guess I'll go sometime...just don't know when! Cute place!!

Have to take my MIL to her appointment today. We were supposed to go next week, but they had to change it for some reason.