Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter Table 2014

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a Wonderful Easter
celebrating our
Precious Savior's Resurrection.........

Our's was easy, quiet, relaxing and restful.............
Just what we needed really............I  wound up just
being the 3 of us,  hubby and I and my SIL Susan.
We had some good unlifting conversation praising
our savior all the day long, (as the old song goes)
 good food, and even got to watch a good movie
 called "Smitty",  we all really enjoyed it and would
 highly recommend it, another netflix download.

It was a very good day...........

Unfortunately,  Scott,  Megan and the baby couldn't
 make it this year,  and you will see the table is set for 5,  
since I had set it a few days early, so just left it as it was, 
 just in case.....something changed..............definitely
 missed seeing our lil darling,  but as you can see we
lived through it...........lol
But then I did have these lil Easter Bunny Pictures
 to enjoy!

Got her the bunny ears when we were in Asheville
and we have gotten such a kick out of seeing her in them.

Be still my heart...............lol

Here she  is is last year................
Amazing what a year does.......

So.......now on with the tablescape.........

Started off with this terrarium filled with a  cream pitcher
full of roses, stuck in some moss covered rocks and

a birds nest with a lil pink bird.

to fill up the empty spots at the end of the table.

Here is an overview of my new bunny dish I decided 
would be part of the centerpiece.............

and decided to just make some bird's nests,
out of that crinkled paper they used to put in gift
baskets or bags..............

one for each side,  then added the egg candles, egg cups
 and Easter eggs on top of the green round placemats.

Took some Easter towels and folded them to make
placemats. Have always wanted to make some of
those rice krispy treat birds nests but finally got to
do it this year,  instead of rice krispies I used chow
mein noodles cause they look more like sticks.
Saw them online somewhere........anyway,  they
were easy and cute and taste great!

 With posterized affect

A look down the right side of the table 

A look from the left side

An overview right down the middle

with posterized affect

Pulled my lil hobnail bowls off the mantle for awhile to use
on the end of the table 

Nest closeup.............

Overview from the top - simple and colorful

With posterized affect

 With equalized affect

This was Brooklyn nest,  made of puffs and yogurt bites,
not quite as colorful,  but edible for her,  course she
couldn't eat the nest,  just the contents of the nest.
So saving it for her next visit..............

A closeup,  the puff's were perfect since they
looked like flowers.............

Hope you enjoyed your visit,  always fun to share
 our creations with each other...........

So thanks for coming by and be sure to say Hello!

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Keep your light shining brightly!

Hugs and Blessings



Sister Susie Says said...

Your bunny bowl is so cute. I liked the story you told when you couldn't find your plastic eggs, but then found them in this bunny bowl, lol!

The pictures of Bunny Brooklyn are so cute! I see she's leaving on the bunny ears, ha! I feel what you mean in your "Be still, my heart!" Her cute little smile and the floppy ears are just delightful.

I love your cute pink bird in its nest! Your table was so beautiful to see in person! Your candle eggs were so unique! It was really pretty! The rice crispy nest treats were delicious. I have one left (but not for long, ha!) You really made a beautiful Spring table setting! I so enjoyed my time with you and Jim and your delicious Easter dinner!
Love you all so much, Susan

The French Hutch said...

I love your bunny photos, precious little ones........
Lovely tablescape for Easter. Great photos of your day. Thanks for sharing and Happy Spring. I know your Easter was wonderful..............

Donna Heber said...

Awww ... how precious. She sure has grown quite a bit in a year Nelly. Your table looks amazing in Easter colors with that adorable bunny dish. Blessings to you and your family.

Diane said...

Nellie - I laughed,when I saw your nests that you cooked. I make them every year and end up eating most of them! My grandchildren love chocolate, but really are not big sweet eaters. However, I like them a lot!! Your table is so pretty and looks like Easter. I loved seeing your darling with her bunny ears - I know that you missed her at your table. Hopefully, next year!!!

Linda P said...

HI Nellie, looks like you had a nice Easter. Your table looks so cute. Love the bird nest idea. The bunny dish is adorable. Your Brooklyn is a sweetie pie. She looks so cute in her bunny ears. Blessings to you. xo