Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Part 2 of Christmas Living Room Tour

Happy New Years Eve
Sweet Friends,

So are you ready for the
New Year?
Course, it doesn't matter if 
we are ready or not, 
 It is coming!!   lol

 I have always liked New Years myself,
 it is just something fun and new with so
many fresh possibilities and like a new
fresh start into the year. I am not a big
one for New Year's resolutions, but I do
like getting reorganized and back on track
 after having a refreshing break over the
 Christmas holidays.  So looking forward 
to is sort of a bitter/sweet
thing tho, as hubby will be going back
to work, and we have really enjoyed
him being able to work at home for the
last almost 3 months.  It is sort of like
summer break with the kids when they
were home and in school.  Always hated
sending them back to school, but looked
forward to having a routine again.

Woke up and couldn't get back to sleep
cause my back is hurting, so figured I 
would work on this post.....trying to get
all the Christmas ones in by New Years,
as I know yall will be wanting to move
on to decorate for Winter or Valentine's
day,  whatever strikes your fancy.  I
will go with the Winter decorating

Well, this is part 2 of my Christmasized 
Living Room.  I will be showing you
the shelves on our etagere'.

I am starting with the bottom shelf and working
my way up, then over and down.  lol
I love using poinsettias in my home for Christmas,
they are just so rich in color, and our lil darling
loves this snowman playing the piano and singing
" have a holly jolly Christmas". 
 Another Gift from Susan, my SIL.

Love this lil santa


Got this cute "Merry and Bright"  printable 
from Ann over @ On sutton Place.
Check her out,  she has a fun blog.........


 Love having these lil letter cube blocks,
 cause I can usually spell out
                                      something for every season.                                                

The Lower shelf on the right side.



A pretty shadow of one of the snowflakes
 hanging on our windows.

Well, there you have it, part 2,  if you missed
 part one and would like to see it, 
 Just click here or scroll down.

Stay tuned for Part 3,  tomorrow!

Thanks for coming by to visit!

Hope you have a lovely
 New Years Eve.

We will be tucked away at home tonight as
We are having a sleep over with Brooklyn,
 so looking forward to that.

Have a Fun...... but Safe
New Years Eve!

Hugs n' Blessings,

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Biljana said...

Beautiful decorations Nellie, happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by!

sistersusiesays said...

Happy New Year! I went to bed at 10:20, but I heard the fireworks going off at midnight, ha!

I am so happy you and all the family (me included) enjoy Frosty playing the piano. I knew you would decorate more with it than me. He sat in the closet for several years, :-( But now he's in his limelight, ha!

Looks like Zippy looking down on "our Lil Darling!"
I love you all, Susan