Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thankful Thursday March 3, 2016, 1st Spring Tablescape

So then, just as you received 
Christ Jesus as Lord, continue
 to live your lives in him, rooted 
and built up in him, strengthened 
in the faith as you were taught, and
 overflowing with thankfulness. 
Colossians 2:6 and 7

Hello Sweet Friends,

Welcome to March!!

What cha' been up to lately??
Anything crazy or fun??

It has been a bit crazy at our house,
things are sort of turned upside down 
in the last week or so....Moving out
 our old bed, and then sleeping in our
 guest bedroom, with bedding coming
 out of our ears, between the new and 
old, and can't decide what to keep or
 get rid of until the new bed gets here...
So we will happily be glad to get back
 to normal maybe here in the next
 week or so.

I was ready for a change with our red
Valentine's living room,  so turned it
into a green and white living room in
honor of St. Patricks Day.  So will show
you some pictures next week probably.

Today thought I would show you my
first Spring tablescape for this year.

So......on with Thankful Thursday!!

With colored pencil affect

I am thankful

for a lovely time with dear friends on 
Friday evening.  It was our past Pastor 
and his wife, that I told you about before.
They come down every Winter. So had 
them over for dinner, hence the Spring
 table.  Always such a delight to see them,
and hoping to do this a few more times
before they go back the end of March.

for a really sweet time over at Scott and
 Megans on Sunday,  celebrating my Sweet
 Sister-in law's birthday. They volunteered
 to have it at their home this year, and did a 
great job I might add....they have become 
such a wonderful host and hostess.

that our bed is going to be delivered today.
We had to postpone it last week due to 
some logistic issues.  So looking forward
to sleeping in it tonight!!

Update: Well it came, but we wound
up sending it back for a number of
reasons. It was disappointing but, we
 think the Lord maybe spared us from
 a not so good deal........
It was an adjustable bed, and we have
 already found some what we think might
 be better and less expensive options.
So we are feeling rescued!  lol
Cause everything happens for a reason.
and eventually we will get a bed!!! 
Just not this

that I finally found a light quilt that I really
like to go on the new bed. I thought that 
would be easy,  but not so......I had a tough
 time finding something I really liked that
 went with my colors,  as I am not up for
 repainting my bedroom.

for chicken and dumplings my sweet
 neighbor brought us on Wednesday.  

 Posterized Affect

that the same sweet neighbor was able to 
get a new computer,  not that we minded
 her using ours at all...........but it is so much
 easier for her now, to get her schooling 
done whenever she has the time or wants
 to...Which I am sure makes life much 
less stressed for her......

that our kitty, Molly  didn't seem to have
 any worse symptoms than she did before...
as she had another mini stroke this week.
This is her 4th one, and each time her
 eyesight and hearing seems to be less 
and less,  but this time we haven't
 noticed any changes other than the
 initial listing/walking funny at first.
Course, she is pretty much deaf at this
 point and is not seeing well, cause
 sometimes she runs into things,
 poor baby.

for my blow dryer........can you tell I 
just did my hair!!  lol
Seriously tho, my hair would sure be
a mess without it.

for white dishes..........I really love any-
thing white, but I especially love 
white dishes........

for our lil Granddaughter Brooklyn,
better known as our lil darling!! lol
She is definitely a gift straight from 
heaven, and has added so much joy 
to our lives. She will be 3 yrs. old
 tomorrow.  (Friday).
She is having some outtings with
Mom and Dad on Fri. and Sat. to
celebrate her big day, and then
 we will celebrate she and hubbies
birthday on Sunday here at
 our house.

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!!

Photocopy Affect

for my hubby of 45+ years.  He
is also a gift straight from heaven.
I am truly a blessed woman to have
him as my hubby all these years.

Happy Birthday Honey!!

that I have both of their gifts bought
 and wrapped already and their table
 planned mostly, still working on what
 to use as a centerpiece, and know what
I am making for dinner, and dessert,
 just have to make it of course.  lol


Well........that's been  my week.

Hope you enjoyed your visit......

So glad you  took the time to stop
 in for a bit..........

Have a Fabulous Friday 
and weekend, with your
 loved ones or friends.

Keep your light shining brightly!

Love, Hugs and March Blessings,


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  1. Love this list! You have a great friend if they will bring you chicken and dumplings!! ha Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design!

  2. Thanks for your warm comment Parsimonious

    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Hi Holly.........

    Yes, I am blessed to have such a sweet neighbor and friend for sure.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments,

    Have a wonderful week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Hi Nellie,
    I am so pleased to meet you. Your spring table does look so inviting and lovely! I also love white china and I am sure your pastor and his wife loved eating from your beautiful tablesetting. My mother used to call my daughter her "Gift from God" and now I feel the same about my grand daughter who turned one in February. Happy 3rd Birthday to your little darling and dear hubby. Thank you for inspiring my day with your bible verses. Have a Wonderful Day! Karen

  5. Nellie,
    Congratulations on your new bed (that is coming), dear one!
    "Mr. Ed" and I are having a new Front Porch on our 1970's Ranch Style House,
    but are in dire need of a new mattress!
    Luckily, I found bedding, drapes and dresser scarf that I love early this year!
    Love your First Spring Tablescape of 2016!
    Thank you for reminding us to count our blessings. . .name them one~by~one.
    And it does surprise me what the Lord hath done!

  6. Hello Karen,
    Very nice to meet you as well, and thank you so much for your warm and
    kind comments, they were a blessing to my day.

    Aren't grandchildren just the best?? We only have the one, but she has
    been a sheer delight, and sounds like you feel the same about yours.

    Also thanks for the Birthday wishes for hubby and lil darling!

    Hope you have a delightful week, and that you visit again soon.

    Blessings, Nellie

  7. Hi Pat,
    So nice to hear from you hon, and thanks for your sweet comments on my
    tablescape and thankful post. Isn't it so true when we really do count
    our blessings it is truly amazing all that the Lord does for us.....counting
    them has really revolutionized my life I have to say.

    How exciting for you that you are having a new porch put on your house.
    Bet yall will get lots of enjoyment from that. It is so nice to be able
    to sit outside when the weather is nice, especially in the Spring!

    Hope your mattress search goes way better than ours has.........oh my goodness, who would think buying a new bed could take so much work and Guess as we get older and have physical
    issues it gets a bit more complicated. lol

    You have a lovely week, and thanks for coming by.
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. Hello Sweet Nellie! I do so love the colours in this tablescape. Pastel Spring colours are my absolute favourite. You have such a good eye. Love, Mimi xxx

  9. Hi Mimi..........
    So nice to hear from you and so sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you
    are feeling much better by now.

    Have to say I am excited to be starting to use pastel and spring colors again
    after using Fall and Winter colors for so was like a breath
    of fresh air. Thanks as always for your kind comments.

    Blessings for a really great and healthy week,

  10. #1. How wonderful!
    #2. They surely have, of course they have a great mom/mom-in-law to have learned from!
    #3." Wait upon the LORD" proves to be a blessing indeed!
    #4. Yea! No one wants to have to paint, ha!
    #5. I think it has become my favorite dish!
    #6. Alice uses hers for renewing her nurse's certificate.
    #7. Poor baby. It's so heartbreaking this time in our pets' lives.
    #8. I know what you mean.
    #9. If you don't have pets, ha! White shows everything, ha!
    #10. Family celebrations are a great time of enjoyment!
    #11. GOD knew what He was doing when His plan brought you two together!
    #12. It was beautiful!
    I love you all, Susan

  11. Hi Susan,
    Nice to hear from you and thanks for your sweet comments.
    Have a great day,
    Love ya, Nellie


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