Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Simple Christmas Centerpiece Reworked for another Christmas tablescape

Happy Tuesday
 Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a Wonderful 

We sure did.....had a great time
with all the family who lives here,
which is only 6 of us, and we got
to facetime our daughter and hubby.

My hubby has been off on vacation
and will be off till after the New year, 
so we have been lazing around sitting
on the porch drinking coffee and plan-
ning what to do in our yard, watching
 reading, eating leftovers, and red velvet
 cheesecake, Yum Yum, and just enjoying 
the time together. We did manage to get
 out and do a lil yard work yesterday and 
today for about an hour each time, and 
made quite a bit of progress which
makes my heart very happy!  So much
trimming and cutting that needs to be
done, as we have woods surrounding 
our backyard, and this is a great time of
year to do it as all the grapevine has 
died back, and other stuff is dead and
the weather is cooler.
It is like our sanctuary out there....
so very happy for every area that
 looks better after we have 
been there..........lol

Thought I would share our table 
from Christmas day.....I decided to
just rework my "Simple, inexpensive
table centerpiece from last week"
So I sort of reworked it and made
some changes to it, as it made for
an easier and less stressful time.
So amazing how just a few changes
can give it a new look.

Added red accents this time.

The gifts are all the same other than
I changed all the bows and ribbons
to red rather than green.  Changed
out the mugs and put lil red trees
in them, used the same gold table-
cloth and gold mercury glass votives,
and added lil christmas gift sprinkes.

Added red chargers and red napkins
and red snowflakes. 

Added different dinnerware and flatware

 This is lil darling place....see the bunny
silverware and silver cup with some 
faux fruit in it to keep her happy.

Love my new salad plates, they were a
Christmas gift from my daughter and
hubby last year.

Used clear goblets this time.

Love that these mugs have lil wreaths
on the front and back of them.

Nice overview

Took too many pics as usual......
and just easier to post them all 
that to try and choose. lol

Thanks for coming by.............

Hope you have a good .....
rest of the year!!

Love, Hugs and
Happy New Year Blessings!

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  1. Hi, Nellie! I know what you mean about the yard. I'm so glad I have Steve?Christine who takes care of mine! That was the greatest idea you gave to me to have someone take care of it for me since it had become too much for me to do by myself!

    I love your little red Christmas trees! They are so pretty! The red snowflakes are so nice too! I surely enjoyed myself with all the family! Love you all, Susan

  2. Morning Susan,
    I actually don't mind doing the yard work....when we are both doing it, as it goes pretty
    quickly......the problem is getting the time to do it since it gets dark so early now.
    But if we had gone thru what you have someone else would definitely be doing it.....lol
    No sense in taking chances.
    Yea, we love those lil trees too, they are actually Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree,
    but I like them better just free standing, so I cut the hangers off.........Jimmy was saying he wished they came in a variety of sizes as they would make aneat arrangement with all trees and snow.
    Glad you had a good time, so did we........
    Love ya, Nellie

  3. Everyone loves to sit at a lovely table for a meal. Your table is so festive.

  4. Thanks so much Christine
    Hope you have a Blessed New Year!

  5. Hi Nellie. Your table setting is beautiful! That gift idea is brilliant! I have never seen it done before. Great job.

  6. Hello Delia,
    So nice to meet you here in blogland. Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet
    comments, they are appreciated.
    I came over to check out your blog and see you are on google plus so it want let me
    leave a comments. Nice blog tho.
    Blessings for a lovely New Year.

  7. How pretty that snowflake is in the center of the plate! Happy 2017! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  8. Thanks Sherry, and thanks for coming by to visit,
    also thanks for hosting Home Sweet Home,
    it was my first time to link up........

    Happy 2017 to you as well,
    Blessings, Nellie


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