Friday, December 9, 2016

Thankful Thursday December 8, 2016, and pics of Christmas's Past

an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a
 dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not
 be afraid to take Mary home as your wife,
 because what is conceived in her is
 from the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 1:20  NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good, fun and 
productive week.

Ours has been all of the above.  Just
 about to finish up the decorating and
have a lil more Christmas shopping
to do, but that will come next Mon.
since I have a dental appt. and will be
 out anyway............and we have been
 watching more Christmas movies. lol
Last week I felt so wiped out...think
 it was because I have been trying to
 fight off a virus, so that is why I am
running so far behind....and watching
so many movies.  This week has been
 somewhat better. Thank Heavens!
but still pretty tired by evening.

Since I am still not finished decorating
I am not wanting to spend time editing
pics right now, I will leave you with
 some pics from Christmas pasts.
So on with my Thankful post........

I am thankful


that we had an oopsie with my
hair color,  I bought a different 
color because I am in the process
of growing my hair out back to
 it's natural color, very dark brown
which now includes a lot of silver,
 So decided to get neutral blonde, 
rather than med.golden blonde 
and it came out light brown, 
instead of blonde, but I think it
 might work out better.  At least
 so far it seems that way. I don't
 mind growing it back, I just
 don't want those awful roots
 while in process. This is be-
coming quite a
If anyone has any tips....I am


for our first pot of chili for the
season..........and we are getting
cooler weather to go with it.


 the recounting of the votes in
 Wisconsin showed that Trump
had more votes than they originally
thought and looks like they want
 be recounting in Michigan now.
Can you tell I am over this non
acceptance of how our democratic
voting system has worked forever!
and bet some of you are too!! lol


for Christmas trees and decorations
that make this season of the year
so festive and warm....
and it all reminds me of Jesus and
 his birthday and He is so worthy of
 all our Admiration andThankfulness.


to be able to enjoy all the fun
Home Tours that so many of our
bloggers do this time of year.
Great fun and great ideas..........


that our tree and outside lights and
 most of the inside decorating is done, 
Was hoping to finish it up today.....and
 get any unused leftovers packed up 
and all the boxes out of sight......but
 guess that will have to wait until


that my daughter is finally feeling
better,  as she has been sick every
since she got home after Thanks-
giving. She finally had to get some
antiobiotics but has finally started
to feel better, but still feeling very
tired........hoping she was able to
get her tree today.......


that Megan is feeling better too.....
she wound up having to get anti-
biotics as well, but seemed to be
 doing much better on Wednesday.
 Susan is also feeling much better
too,  as she has been real sick as
well.....but she has been out and
about the last few days so she
must be feeling better.


that our local christian radio station
plays nothing but Christmas music
all season long, just like how it was
when I was a kid.  It started the
day after Thanksgiving and went
till New Years.  I really love that.


for the season premier of Fixer
Upper with Chip and Joanna
Gaines.  We just love their 
show,  it started last week
actually, but we didn't get to
see it till later last week,  and
then we saw it this week.
But it is great as always.


that Dee and Jerry are going to be
coming in next weekend to see lil
darling in her dance recital, and
we will all be going of course.
Should be fun!!

Don't you just love the reflections on the table top
 from the sun shining on the snowflake candle holder.


for a steak special that they run at Texas
 Roadhouse  every Wed. now......
It has become our go to on Wed. nites
rather than pizza.....cause we always
get take out on Wed, after I have had
lil darling all day.......and the price
is about the same and we get a nice
din din...........So thank you Texas

Thanks for coming by to read about
another week at Cozy Place..............

Hope you are enjoying the 
Christmas Season!!

Love, Hugs,  and
Merry Christmas Blessings,


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sistersusiesays said...

#1. I can hardly wait to see it! I need to have mine done, but I told Melitta I would wait until after New Year's.
#2. That's a good idea, sounds delicious. When I make it, it lasts me while! I haven't made any in a long time. Thanks for reminding me, ha!
#3. Don't you know it. Now! Obama is stirring up a "theory" that Russia "may" have hacked into the system for Trump to "win." The truth known, I bet Russia would NOT have wanted Trump to win knowing he won't put up with their shenanigans!
#4. Can you just imagine how beautiful the Star of Bethlehem over Christ's manger must have been. This cool weather we are now having makes me wonder about the shepherds with their flocks on that cool evening of Christ's birth!
#5. Your's is the best!
#6. Much appreciation goes in the enjoyment of seeing it!
#7. I'm so glad she's feeling better. I know my cold has made me appreciate being well!
#8.The LORD has blessed me, for I definitely haven't had it as bad as poor Dee and Megan, Scott, and the baby as well! They have had it for awhile as well!
#9. There's nothing like wonderful Christmas music to get me into the Spirit of Christmas!
#10. Won't it be great in heaven when we won't have things breaking down to have to fix!
#11. I can hardly wait!!! I just know it will be so exciting to see, yahoo!
#12. Our group before going to the Christmas program went out to eat. I had a catfish meal. It was delicious. I hadn't had fish is some time.
I love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
Hope you are still feeling good. Thanks for coming by and for all your sweet comments.
Yea, nothing like being sick to make you really appreciate your good health, for sure.

Have a lovely week,
Love, Nellie

Scripture Sunday

Have a still and restful day, Hugs, Nellie Sharing with: Between Naps on the Porch A Stroll thru Life