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Simple Ways to make your Guest Bath festive for Christmas

Seasons Greetings
Sweet Friends,

Hope this find you enjoying
the Christmas Season with all
it's hustle and bustle, and hope-
fully with some quiet moments
 to ponder and sit and look at the 
tree lights. I love doing that late
at night all by myself, especially
on Christmas Eve.

We had a wrap-a-thon last night
course, still a bit more to go but
 mostly needed to get Dee and 
Jerry's gifts wrapped, so they can
 take them when the go home.
 Will get the rest done after they
 leave. Planning a simple
 Christmas type dinner for Friday 
evening and figured we would 
all open one or 2 gifts to make it
 seem more like Christmas for 
them, since they can't be here on
Christmas day................
So we are looking forward to
the weekend.  Lil darling will
also be in a dance recital that
we are all going to see as well.
Can't wait to see her........
Then we have our Sunday 
school class Christmas party
after it will be a
full weekend of fun.............

Thought I would share some
easy ways that I make our
guest bathroom look festive
for Christmas, in case you
might have guests coming
and want to do something
simple yet a lil festive.

Cute Christmas finger tip or
 hand towels..........
but in a color that matches
the colors already in your

 by the sink 

on the towel rack


Cute small Christmas trees.

They can be ornaments............

This tree is really a Christmas ornament
that I just cut the hanger off of .

or faux or real trees

 Love these cute lil faux flocked
trees,  and always wanted one, but
never could find any to purchase
 at least at a reasonable price, but
 happened on this one this year 
for just $6, so she came home
with me, and landed here.


Christmas ornaments,
Christmas balls or 
pretty beads or ribbons.

I have used all of these over
the years.....this year I went
a lil more bare bones....

These pretty fabric poinsettias
are Christmas ornaments,  so I 
can lay them or hang them 

These items can give your normal
towels a festive  ppearance without
 having to have more Christmas
 towels.  Cause too many can

They look cute on shower curtains
as well...............

They also look nice hanging
on the mirror................
they look great with beads or
a garland added to that.


Pretty hand soap in a container
or real soaps, and a spray mist
for the bathroom,  you will see
that in #2.

This was from Bath and Body last
 year, and I love the fragrance it is
 wonderful. It needed a refill as you
 can see, so they didn't have the hand 
soap pump anymore so I just bought 
the shower gel and filled up my old
 pump bottle adding a lil water
 as well.

Cute wall plug ins...........

Mine came from Bath and Body 
a few years ago and has lasted well 
as you can see.  I just have to 
replace the fragrance infuser
 every so often.

NOTE:  I get no payment or favors
 from Bath and Body shop for saying 
what I said, We just really like their
 products, and it happens to be one 
of our fav fun places to shop at
Christmas time.

Candles for ambiance

This was the only one I used this
year, but typically there are more.

Notice the lil Christmas box on
the towel, just another lil some-
thing to add color and make the
 towel look not so

Christmas cards and figurines

I tend to save Christmas cards from 
year to year and go through them
when decorating at Christmas in order
 to make wall art or to just set them on
 a shelf or something.
Like this one below, it goes perfectly
in my guest bath and goes great
with my lil snow people.

These snowmen are not nearly as
yellow as they look in these pictures,
they are the cream color of the card.
Just the lighting for some reason,
I guess............

Love their happy lil faces!

Hope this is helpful to someone
 out there in blogland.

Thanks for stopping by and 
hope you come again soon.

With Photo copy affect

Love, Hugs and
Merry Christmas Blessings,


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  1. Adorable and festive bath!
    I've got a flocked tree (with mini ornaments) in
    our sons/guest bath, along with a couple Christmas
    moose shelf-sitters in plaid. Matches the wildlife
    theme we carry throughout our house.

    I hope to have pics up at Little Pond blog soon.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Tammy........
    Will have to come check out your wildlife theme once you get it posted.
    Sounds cute........

    Thanks for coming by hon,
    and Merry Christmas to you too.

    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Your guest bath is lovely and quite welcoming.

  4. Thanks Carol,
    Merry Christmas to you,

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. A beautiful room to live in, ha! Love you, Susan

  7. Thanks Susan,
    but don't think I want to live in
    Maybe a beautiful room to

    Love, Nellie

  8. I love these ideas. I use lots of the same ones. This is my first time to find your blog. I'll be following. Found you at Dwellings. Have a Merry Christmas. You can visit me at

  9. Hi Kathy,
    Nice to have you visit, and thanks for your kind comments as they are always appreciated.
    I think I have visted your blog before and will try and visit again soon.
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas too. Only 6 more the time goes
    so fast.

    Also thanks for following my blog as well.

    Blessings, Nellie


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