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Sunday Quotes to Ponder #7 - What can we do to help make America Great Again....

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Happy Sunday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Today rather than a quote to Ponder
I have a question to Ponder and it is
a question I have been asking myself
and the Lord for a few weeks now.

What can I (or anyone) help
 make America great again??

By Mrs. Cozy Place!  lol

Guess this question came from my 
childhood from remembering 
President John F. Kennedy who said,
"Don't ask what your country can 
do for you......but ask what can I
do for my country"

Because I truly think we all have
something to offer.....and I think
sometimes we think it has to be
something BIG......but I don't
believe that is true, not that it
couldn't be something big, but
thinking that way, could just be 
a way of letting us off the hook.
These are just a few things that I
 feel the Lord has laid on my
 heart over the last few weeks.

 Praying for and with our family,
and for others daily, and making
 a special effort to Pray for our
 President and Vice President 
and gov't officials.

Being Kind and Loving to our
own family first, and then on to
others. Charity begins at home,
and sometimes we can actually
treat other people better than we
 do our own family........
( Mother Teresa was asked once
what can we do to promote world
peace.....her answer.....Go home
and love your family.) 

Attending a good Bible believing
church, where we and our family
are taught God's that
we know how to live His way, which
will lead to a strong family.....and.
strong families build a stronger

 Making it a point to say kind or
complimentary things to others be
 it family, friends, aquaintances or a
 complete and total stranger.  We all
need encouragement!
(Click here to read  #3, about the 
experience I had recently that 
spoke to me about this)

Do our best to live a life of integrity.
I decided to look the word up, as I
thought I knew what it is, and I did,
but think this describes it better than
 my thinking of it even. Wikapedia 
seemed to have the best definition.

(Integrity is the quality of being
 honest and having strong moral
 principles; moral uprightness. It is
 generally a personal choice to hold 
oneself to consistent moral and 
ethical standards)

Put another way it is called Virtue.
Something to think about is; do we
 like it when someone lies to us, or 
maligns us, steals from us, or cheats
 on us, or is jealous of what we have,
 or harms or kills someone, especially 
someone we love. The Bible teaches
virtue, and God  knows that is what
 will really make us happy and have
 a good life and a good country.

The Golden Rule......treat others
the way you want to be treated.

I am sure many of you can think
of many more ideas..... these are
just a few that have come to me
thus far.  Some of these we may
already be doing and some we
 may need a commitment to doing
or a renewed commitment to step
 them up a notch or two, or may-
be you don't embrace the value
of them....but in my pondering
this question I realized just how
important all these things are to
our society, and that sometimes
we have to be more mindful and
to choose daily to remember
that importance, as we all can
just get caught up in our life
and life can become just
all about us...........

Just a few examples.............
 Doesn't it make life
so nice when someone lets you
go in front of them in line when
they have a whole shopping cart
full, and you only have 2 items,

or doesn't it restore our faith in
people when we see someone
come back and pay for some-
thing that accidentally got past
 the cashier or turn in someones
wallet or purse they found in
the restroom.

 just to have someone smile
and say hello in passing, or
compliment you on what you
are wearing, or on how well
your child is behaving. I could
go on and on, but the point is:
 all these seemingly small things,
 add up to a great moment, great
 day, a great week, a great month, 
a great year....
a great America............

Happy Pondering!

Love, Hugs, and
Happy Making America
Great Again Blessings,


Would love to hear your thoughts and
ideas too, on how you think we can
 help make America great................

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  1. You're definitely on the right track, Nellie! Thanks for taking the time to compile some very concrete and helpful ideas. I'm really glad you put #1 in the #1 position, by the way!

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Happy New Year to you!
    Thanks for your encouraging comments. Yea, #1 is definitely the glue that holds it all together. We have made a firm commitment to pray for our President and cabinet daily, we already pray for the family and friends most days, but our weak spot was definitely praying for our leaders.........but we have learned from this experience and never desire to forgt that ever again.

    I had a neat experience today in the grocery store where I got to help a lil 7-8 yr. old
    boy who was try to carry a heavy bag of wood logs, and he didn't get too far and I could
    tell he was struggling and my cart was still empty, so we put them in my cart and took
    them over to his Mom, he was so cute too, he said thank are a life saver!! lol Loved every minute of it.......and it tickles me to realize that one act is another
    log on the fire of making America great.........and I can see the Lord is gonna be giving
    us more and more opportunities this year....gonna be a fun year.......I can tell.....

    Thanks for coming by hon,
    Blessings Galore,

  3. Love your cozy post. A smile goes a long way and doing something even for a stranger. Happy new year Nellie. xo

  4. Hi Linda,
    Nice to hear from you hon. hope this finds you doing well.
    You are right a smile does go a long way and so do random acts
    of kindness or any kind of kindness to anyone.....I think some
    times we highly under estimate just how far they do go many
    times, which of course, was one of the reasons for my post. lol

    Glad you like the post and thanks for coming by and for always
    leaving sweet encouraging comments. Happy New Year to you
    and yours as well,

  5. #1. I have been listing in my prayer journal for the LORD to protect, lead, guide, and direct Donald Trump, Michael Pence, his cabinet members (which I am slowly getting the names of), the LORD's servants in Congress, His servants of the Supreme Court Judges, and the Church of the LORD. I have prayed for the LORD to send legions of His angels to assist and protect GOD's chosen whether in govt. positions or citizenry to bring revival to this country and millions are brought to His salvation.
    #2. Forgiveness, love, and joy is not just a part of Jesus' salvation for us, but it also reaches into each of us having the same for our beloved family and fellow christian brothers and sisters in the LORD! He also tells us to love our enemies as a witness of Christ's Love for them too.
    #3. My heart is so overjoyed in waiting for our fellowship in the LORD every Sunday and throughout the week in the ladies Bible study that I attend!
    #4. I always try to have eye contact with people wherever I go, saying hello or giving a smile from a distance. Those who respond, it is a blessing to me as well as I pray it is for them. If they don't respond, I pray the LORD to give them a blessing to open their heart.
    #5. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I pray every day for the LORD to lead, guide, and direct me in all I think, say, and do to give Him the glory, honor, and praise!
    #6. I didn't read #6 before I commented on #5! We have to start with improving ourselves to follow the LORD's will for our lives before we can begin to go outward in assisting others, then finally the society itself! It also feels good to let others go before ourselves. I've done this many times when I have had a cart full of groceries and someones has a few items! The other day an elderly lady in front of me didn't have enough money to pay for the few items she had. I happen to have a few dollars on me (which I normally don't have on me) so I gave to her the $2. She got 17 cents in change which she immediately gave back to me with her thanks! What a blessing in my heart the LORD gave to me! I also one day found a $20.00 bill inside the door on the way out of Publix. I took it in and gave it to the manager behind the counter. I don't know if anyone ever ask for it or what happened with it. Every day, I also tell the LORD: "I love you, Father GOD, Savior Jesus, and Holy Spirit in me!
    I love you all, Susan

  6. Morning Susan,

    Well, we can see by your comments that you are well on your way to helping make America great......Good for you.
    Thanks for coming by................
    Love, Nellie


  7. I loved your post dear Nelly. Thank you for sharing, is my feelings as well.
    Yes, we have also prayed for the USA, so that dear Jesus will bless DJT our new soon to be POTUS.
    Thank you for your kind visit, I so appreciate it my friend.
    Happy New Year and blessings.

  8. Hi Fabby,
    Good to hear from you hon. Glad you liked the post and are in agreement. We are praying
    the Lord will help him be our best President ever..........
    Thanks so much for coming by and for your kind comments.
    Blessings to you and yours for 2017,


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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