Friday, January 6, 2017

Thankful Thursday January 5, 2017, pics of Winter Decor Past

but those who hope in the LORD
 will renew their strength. They will
 soar on wings like eagles; they will
 run and not grow weary, they will
 walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Greeting Sweet Friends

Hope this finds you doing well....
and if I was a betting woman, I would
bet you are doing what I am........
Taking down the Christmas  decorations!! 
 Am I right??

I decided to start in yesterday after-
noon, so most of the family/dining
room is done, still have to do the
living room. Just took a few things
out of the guest bath and added
some pinecones for a Winter look
in there, and can't wait to start a
Winter theme in the rest of the
house, course, got to finish taking
down and packing away first, 
 where is the magic want when you
 need it??
Probably want get a lot done today
tho, as I need to do my hair and 
then hubby has a Dr. appt. late this
 afternoon with his Cardiologist, so
 I always like to tag along......then
we usually do some shopping and/
or go to din din.

Since my house is pretty much
 bare to the bones empty right now
thought I would add some pics
from last Winter........for your

I am thankful

for a quiet but sweet New Years
eve,  just the two of us.  We had
an easy yet great dinner with some
apple/blueberry sparkling cider as
we watched Elf and listened to all
the fireworks going on around us.
Hard to grasp that we.....
 are in 2017 now!

for the New Year and all the hope,
 possiblilities and excitement that
it will bring with it............

for a really neat and encouraging 
thing that happened to me at church
 on Sunday.  A complete stranger that 
was in the foyer area that I just said
 Happy New years to (I was saying it
to everyone coming out of church, as 
I work at the Guest Welcome center.)
called me over and said they wanted
to say something to me, and it took
me quite by surprise, but it was so
 genuine and sincere and It was some-
thing I really needed to hear....that
I didn't even know I needed to hear,
and it made me feel like it was the
Lord directly speaking to me thru
this person. I have seen this person
a few times at a distance but never
close enough to converse with them.
It almost made me feel like I had
possibly encountered an angel.
It also was a reminder to me, that
 I too, could be used to make some-
one else feel great by something I 
say to them, if I purposefully ask
the Lord to show me someone who
really needs to hear a good word
from Him............

All of us think nice things about 
people but sometimes those words 
never get out of our mind or mouth.
Typically I do try to say nice things
to people, but sometimes people
don't always respond to them well,
or feel awkward and make you
feel awkward as well.

So note to self:
Say the kind things you are think- could mean the world to
someone else..... and so what if they
 or you feel awkward...I felt a bit
 awkward too, and didn't quite know
 what to say but thank you for being
 so kind to say that, it made my day!
 and they, like me, might just ponder it
 for a few days and feel more loved by
 God because of our generous words.....
So wouldn't that just be
It might just be one way of helping
make America great again!

for my neighbors white Chickens that 
he lets run lose at times, and sometimes 
they make a mess of our driveway,
  digging and scratching in the leaves....
(just saw them out there this morning)
but they always bring a smile to my face 
and are just plain fun to watch.  He has
 one that has no tail....and I saw one of 
those on a commercial once and honestly,
 I thought it was photoshopped as a joke.
So was so shocked to see one up close and 
personal, and he runs faster than the rest 
of the chickens, guess he is not weighed
 down by those tail feathers.  lol

for all the creative imagination that
 our lil darling is truly a 
wonderful thing to watch......cause
 with all the electronics blitz we have
 in this day and age, it really concerns
 us older folks, that it could really stifle 
the active imagination of children.
We played all day without any toys,
other than some play foods and her
new baby doll.  She just comes up
with all kinds of things she decides
 for us to do.  It really cracks us up.

that my neighbor (same one with
the chickens) is stable after a motor
cycle accident on Monday night.
Same night I wrote #4 in the day
time.  Fortunately, the accident 
wasn't with another vehicle. but
he is in pretty rough shape and is
in Picu at the hospital and in a lot
of pain still. He has 4 broken ribs,
broken shoulder and collar bone,
and a punctured lung and road
rash really bad.  Fortunate to be
alive tho............He is a husband
and father of 3 sweet kids.

for all the white Ibis birds we
have seen in our yard all week.
Lil darling and I were feeding
them bread yesterday, and it 
was hysterical because if she
made any big moves when she
went to throw the bread they
would all jump at once, and 
 it was like a synchoronized
jump funny!
Would love to know how 
they do that.....looked like
she was leading an orchestra
Love watching those birds,
and we got to see a bunch of
them fly into the yard, never
saw that that was
interesting as well.

that Rosie are first fury grand-
daughter dog is okay.  She hurt
her dew claw and seemed to be
okay but at a certain point was
starting to limp around and Dee
couldn't get a good look at it,
cause you know how they fight she wound up taking
her into the Vet.  We were con-
cerned they might have to re-
move the dew claw but it was
just hanging by a thread so they
were able to just snip it off
real quick,  so she is doing fine
now, much to Dee's relief and
mine too really!!  lol
We love that lil dog.....

that we got to exercise twice this
week, as we are trying to get back
on track.  Have to say it felt good.

we are finally get some cold not
just cool weather over the weekend.
Very Excited about that! Our first
Cold snap for the year!  

With cutout affect

for our sweet Son-in-love Jerry and
that he had a great birthday yesterday.
We appreciate what a good guy he is 
and that he takes such good care
 of our girl...........
Just a funny tidbit: his birthday is the
 same date as my late Mother-in-laws,
 and my brothers name was also Jerry!
So guess he was a good fit for our

that my daughter Dee got a really
sweet surprise this morning.....she
was awakened at 9:30 by a friend
from where we live, who has been
a best friend since High School..
This was a surprise belated Christ-
mas gift.....this gal is married and
 has a toddler and works as a nurse 
at night, so it took quite a bit for 
her to set this up I am sure. Also
she must have left at 4 a.m. to get
 to Charleston at that time.
Dee is tickled pink........and I am
 sure the 2 of them will have a ball..
So rare to get one on one time 
once you are married with kiddos.
So that is such a blessing for
both of them.

Well, there you have it another week
at Cozy Place............

Hope you are enjoying the New Year!!

Thanks for dropping by...see ya on
Sunday for quotes to Ponder!

Keep you light shining brightly!

Love, Hugs and
Winter Blessings,


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  1. #1. It was quiet around here too until about 10:00 p.m., But I was surprised it didn't continue that long about midnight!
    #2. Amen! Getting onto Medicare, etc...ha!
    #3. That was my first angel. But as you say, the LORD does use people to influence for Him. Witness is not only to unbelievers, but we believers too!
    #4. Ha! They seem to know not to "mess" on your driveway, but watch walking in your grass where they have been.
    #5. Sounds like she is a good little planner!
    #6. I shall add him to my prayer journal.
    #7. They are the LORD's beautiful creation. I love their curved beaks! The Sandhill cranes have been all in Lillian's yard next door and mine. They don't usually come in mine unless my gates are opened.
    #8. I'm so glad they were able to get it taken care of. I know when my Boxer had her puppies, they clipped their dew claws when they clipped their tails. They were about 4 weeks old. Xena has her Dr. appt. with Fancher next Tuesday.
    #9. I feel better too when I walk more throughout the day.
    #10. Yes. I was wondering where all the rain is though. We were suppose to get about 2 inches before the cold front goes through. It is suppose to be in the high 30's early Sunday morning.
    #11. I sent him an e-mail birthday wish on DeeAnna's e-mail. My African Grey parrot's name is Jerry too!
    #12. Great joy to them both!
    I love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for praying for Mike....last I heard he was still in Picu and they were getting him
    up to walk, very painful....but they have to do it, cause it is too easy to catch pneumonia with all he has going on...........poor guy. Think we are gonna try to go see him tomorrow.
    Didn't want to go to soon cause he has been in so much pain....don't think I would want any
    visits if I felt like thought it best to wait.

    Well, got your rain yesterday and today finally. It really stormed here on Tuesday and
    Friday evening as well, but think we really needed the rain. Love that it is so cold....course, that is because we only have to have it for a few days........if it was weeks or months doubt I would like it quite so

    Thanks for coming by and for all your comments,
    Love, Nellie


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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