Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Part 2 of Winter in the Living Room

Morning Sweet Friends,

Happy Tuesday to you!
Hope you had a nice weekend
and Monday........

Anybody else watch the
 Super Bowl???  lol
It was quite the game,  huh!!

Well, yesterday I worked hard around
 here so today is gonna just be a fun day. 
So.....Today I am looking forward to
 doing some creative things and taking
 and editing pictures, as I have just
been itching to do something creative,
 but you know how it goes.....ya gotta
 do what you gotta do to maintain your 
home and family. So with most of that 
done, and hubby wanting to get take 
out from his fav b-b-cue place tonight, 
which = no cooking for me, I can 
just have fun all day........whoo hoo!

Figured I would show part 2 of our
 Winter Living room, since this was
where I was last being creative.....
and there will be a part 3 coming
up too..............

It all started with this lovely printable I found
over at "How to Nest for Less.com"
Click here to go there if you'd like.

I was looking for a Free Winter printable but
could not find anything that would work in 
Blue....well, actually the right shade of blue,
and that was the accent color I was wanting
 to use in this room. So really liked this 
New Years printable........as it was something
 different and certainly fitting at the time I was 
decorating the room.

These are all vignettes from our 
white Etagere' in the living room.

Mostly used neutrals but threw in a little
 blue here and there.

With photo copy and equalized affect
just for fun.  Love how it came out!

These finials mostly get used in the Fall
and Winter.....really liked them on the
silver tray this time.

This was how I had it originally,
but decided to change it

to this to add a lil more color
and height with the books.

Love this music box hubby
brought me from Germany some 
years back, it almost looks like a
 Thomas Kincaide painting.....
After he gave it to me, we were
reading a tiny pamphlet inside
the box, and found out it was 
designed in Fort Lauderdale,
 Florida...Isn't the crazy.......

Can you tell I like white pitchers?

Same pic but with Photo copy affect

and I also love creamers as well!!

Here are a few overall room shots.
Love when the sun comes
 streaming in the windows.....

Now you can see where vignettes
 were placed overall............

If you missed part 1, and would 
like to see it,  just click here

Thanks for coming by.....always love
 to know you were here...............

Now,  I am off to have fun!!

Hope you have a fun day too!

Love, Hugs, and
Fun Day Blessings,


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sistersusiesays said...

Hi, Nellie.
Alice called me and shared they would be watching. She said she had all the snacks and food set out as she, Boddy, an some friends would be watching. They are big bowl games watchers, ha! Beautiful decorating! I do love all the white pitchers! Especially I like your white rooster! What's his name? Al? (Short for albino, ha!) I love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
Yea, lots of people have Super Bowl parties......and I am sure they are quite fun.
We like to watch, but I wouldn't say we were anywhere near fanatics, but it is fun for us,
cause we like to snack on fun things too, and just fun to root for a team for something
different. lol

and it's Beau, not Al.............lol

Have a great day,
Love, Nellie