Friday, February 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday Feb. 16, 2017, Our Valentines Table 2017

Devote yourselves to prayer, 
being watchful and thankful.
Colossians 4:2

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a Lovely 
Valentine's Day!

We did..........
I didn't do any Valentines
decorating to the house this
year, as I was just so sick
of red this year for some
strange reason,  but I still
had a red checked table
cloth on in the kitchen, so
thought I will just set a nice
Valentine's table for two
in the kitchen.  Then did
not like the checked table-
cloth so decided on white.
So drug out a few things
and set a nice table and
now I am in love with
Oh, our moods and likes
are the fickle or what??
Anyway, thought I would
let you see our table today.

So will get on with Thankful

I am thankful

for more yard work that was
accomplished on Friday and
Saturday in our back yard.
More to go tho......but we
are slowly getting there.

that my son finally made it 
safely to Amersterdam Holland,
for a work related trip....altho it
 was quite an ordeal, long lay-
overs, cancelled flights, lost 
luggage and sitting on the 
Tarmac In Paris for 3 hrs. only
 to be taken back to the terminal
because the plane had problems.
But best of all.... he got there
safe and sound.

for a trip to Michaels crafts,
which is always a fun place
for me,  love the decor items
they have.....altho I didn't buy
anything decor right now, I did
get some craft type things for
lil darling for Valentines day
so we can do them together
when she is here.

for a nice time with Megan
and lil darling on Sunday
evening. We spent some time
at their house and had dinner
with her, after hubby put up
some wood blinds for her.

for finding out that Race Trac
gas stations have frozen yogurt.
Our fav frozen yogurt place
closed a month or so ago....and
left us wondering what happen-
to the sweet lil oriental couple
who ran it.......we are hoping
and praying that are okay.

for Medicare.....only need the
Part B right now,  but very 
thankful we have that and the
rest when we need it.

for a very quick trip to the
Social Security office, I was
10 mins. early and they called
my name as we walked in the
door, and we were out 5 mins.
after my appt. time......great!!

for a very nice Valentine's Day
 with my Sweetheart of 47 years.
We got take out from Carrabas
and celebrated with Blueberry
Sparkling juice and a pretty
table, and lovely cards and
a surprise box of chocolates.
Then watched a really great

for Hallmark Hall of Fame
movies, they are always so
heartwarming!  We watched
one last night and it was 
called "The Lost Valentine".
It was so good.....but you 
will need some tissues at the
end for sure, but it was a
 really excellent movie and
we highly recommend it.

that I saw my neighbor out
walking around this morning
and he looked like he was
doing pretty good. (this is
the one that was in the motor-
cycle accident back around
New Years.

that I had a revelation about 
myself this week.....I just love
Valentine's Day, and love to let
everyone I love know that I love
them, even tho I know I love on
them and they know that, but 
go way out of my way on
 Valentine's day, and most people
 I know act like it is really no big
 deal..........but just in casual
 conversation with my hubby this
 week I was telling him how that
was on thing my Mom always did
was give me a Beautiful heart 
shaped box of chocolates for
Valentines day, and as an after-
thought said guess it was the 
holiday that she celebrated
the most really, and I said guess
cause she was always working
overtime on all the holidays to
make extra money (since she
was a single Mom) and then
on Valentines Day it dawned
on me that is the reason I love
it and celebrate it so much.
Funny how you can have 
something be such a part of
you but never think about the
why of found it
very enlightening in many
ways......that I would only

for the great time we had yesterday.
I will tell you about it next week.

Well, there you have it for another
week at Cozy Place.

Hope you have a lovely rest of

the week.

Love, Hugs and

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  1. #1. Amen! The LORD surely has blessed me with Steve taking care of my yard! I could say that is a great blessing that came about from having had the hip surgeries!
    #2. Oh my! I surely hope he has his luggage back!
    #3. I know she enjoyed doing them. It's so important to get them interested in activities like that when they are young (before going into school.) As a teacher, I could tell the children who were exposed to activities like that before they came to school. It made it so much easier for us (teachers) to involve them with school activities!
    #4. I went to the Primers Valentine dinner. It was nice, but it was hard to sit in those low chairs for that long of time! Poor June was so low her head was table level, ha! Mary Jo happened to get there early enough to have them bring one of the armed chairs (it sits up much higher and has a padded seat and back.) The lasagna was really good!
    #5. I never had gone there, since I get my truck's gas at Chevron.
    #6. Yes, praise the LORD! I have the part B ($132.00 a month!). Christian Healthcare Ministries carries my other 20% at $150.00 a month. So all together I pay $282.00 a month for full coverage on Medicare.
    #7. They were good! I did the same back in December! I had their first appointment and was taken right in before the others who were waiting at the door. Did the security guard give
    the info about those who "couldn't behave themselves while waiting?"
    #8. I bought myself some Biscotis.
    #9. I like movies that have happy endings. I'm so thankful our LORD has a fantastic "ending" I should say beginning for us in eternity with Him!
    #10. I'm so glad to read that. I have been praying every day for his healing of his broken bones and road rash!
    #11. Can you just imagine the Love Almighty GOD has for us. When we have such loving moments with our parents, family, and friends! It can't be matched with what our Awesome, Almighty, Creator, Savior, Holy Father GOD has for us! What joy overflows to one day be in His perfect Love forevermore, WOW!
    #12. I can hardly wait!!!
    I love you all so much, Susan

  2. Your Valentine's Day table is so sweet. I hope you had a wonderful day Nellie.

  3. Thanks so much Donna,
    very nice to hear from you hon, and hope you had a lovely day as well.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Morning Susan,
    yea, he actually got it back pretty quick, thank goodness, he got home on Friday evening safeand sound.

    Nice yall had a Valentine's dinner...sounds like fun!!

    yea, we are definitely Happy Ending type movie watchers

    Thanks for coming by.

    Have a good day,

    Love, Nellie

  5. Hi Nellie!!! I just wanted to let you know that YES, I still do Foodie Friends Friday. I've stopped putting the Foodie Friends Friday in the title of the post because it's a better fit for my blog with the SEO. The party is always live on my blog at 9:00 PM Thursdays. Let me know if you have any other problems finding it! Thanks for the visit and I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. Everything looks pretty as usual!

  6. Hi Lois,
    Great to hear from you hon, glad to hear you are still doing foodie friday, was just thrown
    by the fact it didn't say that
    So I will be linking up this week again hopefully.......
    Thanks for letting me know and for your sweet comments.
    Hope you had a lovely Valentines day too!

    Blessings, Nellie

  7. Lots to be thankful for! What an ordeal for your son. Glad he made it there safely. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Hi Jann,
    Yep, there is always something we can be thankful for!!
    Yes, we were so happy his trip home was much better, and thankfully he was not without his
    luggage for too long, so that was good.
    Thanks for coming by and for always leaving a nice comment.
    Blessings, Nellie


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