Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thankful Thursday February 2, 2017, Winter Vignettes from 2017

 “As long as the earth endures,
 seedtime and harvest,
 cold and heat, summer and winter,
 day and night will never cease.”
Gen. 8:22 NIV

Welcome to February
Sweet Friends,

Can you believe we are already
one month passed the New Year?
Wow!  I can hardly believe it.

Not a lot going on here this 
week, accept cooking, hubby
 being home all week sick with
 a cold, having lil darling on Wed.,
 and lots of crazy stuff going on with
 my late Mother's home. My Aunt
 had been living in it, for almost the
 last 12 yrs, but she can no longer
 live there, as she has developed 
dementia, so the house has been 
empty since mid-November, and
 I am a co-owner with her, so we 
are in process of trying to find
out what to do in order to sell
 it......and this week a paper mill
 near them had an explosion and
Mom's house and neighborhood
were the most affected, so the
Paper Co. is having to clean up
 the neighborhood, so there were
phone calls and consent forms
to sign and email.....
Then I found out there is a cat
in the house that is terrified of
people other than my Aunt and
the neighbors have been taking
care of her and 6 other cats.
So it has been an interesting
week I have to say!!   lol

Thought I would just add some
more of my Winter Vignettes
for the fun of it.......
and let the post speak for itself.

I am thankful

that our neighbor who had the
motorcycle accident was in
good enough shape to get the
surgery on his shoulder and
is now out of the hospital.
Seems to be recovering well
at this point....

for a great recipe I found on
Lois's blog for French Onion
Soup.  It is absolutely delish
and very easy to make as well,
my kind of recipe!!  lol

It is at Walking on Sunshine
recipes blog.  
Click here to go to the recipe
or type in....

#3 and #4
that we found we could play
Pandora on our tv, and for the
beautiful instrumental music
of Kenni G, Yanni and John
Tesh.  They play such
 Soothing and lovely music.

that our new church campus
has added to their number every
week now.  They are up to 94
people there are
over twice as many people as
they started with.....great to hear.


for a heartwarming story I read 
about a dog (a golden retriever) 
 keeping his owner alive and alert
 for 20 hrs. after the man fell on
the ice and broke his neck. The
man has recovered from his
paralysis for the most part and
is in theraphy to regain his 
strength and such.
What a precious dog......

 You can click here to see the

story if you'd like.

tht we found a new series to
watch onTV.  It was on the PBS 
station.  It is called"Victoria" like
 in queen Victoria. We have seen
3 espisodes so far, and they were
 great.  We think we are really 
gonna enjoy it.

for a totally unexpected call
that took care of 2 problems
that were a concern about my
late Mother's home.  God is
just so amazing..........

that my son has an opportunity
to go to Holland with his job.
They will be taking classes and
 touring green houses, and that 
is green houses like they grow
plants in, my first thought was
envirionmental friendly type I realized he
is in the Agricultural field, he
means real green houses.  lol
I am sure it will be quite an in-
teresting trip, as I would think that
 fun as well.....
Hope he gets to see some Tulips,
 course, it is the dead of Winter
 there, but at least he might get
 to see some growing in green
houses, which is better than

for a bush full of buds on my
white azalea bush... when the 
rest of the yard looks like the 
dead of Winter. 
 Poor thing is confused and
 thinks it is Spring, and I was
concerned the cold snap might
make them lose their buds or
just maybe never bloom.  So
far, buds are still there and a
few have opened so I am looks like a huge
popcorn ball when it blooms
and is Gorgeous!

for what sounds like a super
great choice for our next
Supreme court Justice.

for these new Peanut Butter
(healthy) energy bites my
 daughter gave me the recipe
 for....they are
them with coffee first thing
 in the morning and they can
also be a sweet treat as well.

Here is a link in case you
are interested.  Click Here.
or type it in yourself

Paint Daubs affect

Here's to another week at Cozy Place!

Happy you could drop by for a 
visit.....and hope you come 
again soon

Keep you light shining brightly,

Love, Hugs and
First of February Blessings,


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  1. I so like the way you find and communicate the blessings from your daily life! Little ones and BIG ones... Here, the sunshine yesterday after many, many gray days was enough to carry me for a long time! I'm also thankful for music. I've been soaking in it and The Word lately after realizing how all the commotion in our country has been disturbing my peace. ♥

  2. Hi, Nellie.
    I pray all is going well with your Aunt's house and the cats.
    #1. I'm so glad to read your neighbor is doing better. I have been thinking about him and praying for him.
    #2. I did my own version of the lady selling the "Red Copper Square Pan" recipe of BBQ beef. I browned my cut up beef pieces in my slow cooker (on high), added the cola, after it cooked out the liquid, I added the BBQ sauce and cooked it until it was ooey-gooey. It was great!
    #3 & #4. I need to listen to more music. I'm into the old TV westerns.
    #5. Praise the LORD. I need to check and see if Sylvia and Brad have attended the services yet. She's my Christian friend that I have brunch with every 2nd Tuesday of the month.
    #6. The saying is true, "Dog is man's best friend" mine have always been to me! It was Reggie (my Boxer) that alerted mom and dad when I had a seizure back in the late 1980's
    #7.I'll have to check that out!
    #8. Yahoo, Hallelujah to our LORD!
    #9. It surely would be great if your daughter-in-love could go with him.
    #10. I surely miss all the azalea bushes we had. George cut down most of them not realizing it! We had every color there was.
    #11. Yes, Amen! (So be it!)
    #12. Yum, sounds delicious!
    I love you all, Susan

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks so much for that encouragement. It sure helps keep my thinking on my blessings instead
    of the reverse.
    Sunshine is so much a blessing to us, especially when we haven't seen it for awhile. lol
    Isn't it amazing how things just sort of sneak up on us and we don't even realize how much
    they are working on us till all of a sudden, you are thinking what is wrong with me, I am
    losing my joy.........Recognizing it is the first step and Nothing like God's word and worship music to help drive it all away.

    Thanks for stopping by hon, Have a great weekend,

  4. Hi Hon,
    Thanks for coming by......appreciate your comments.

    Your b-b-cue beef sounds good.....not sure what lady you were talking about tho. lol

    Yea, I was thinking that too, but lil bit is still sorta young and not used to her Mom
    being gone for that maybe in the next year or so, she might be able to
    accompany him on a shorter trip somewhere.

    Have a great weekend,
    Love, Nellie


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