Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fun items to use for Fall Decorating #1

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you enjoying some 
cool Fall weather unless you live
 in Florida, as that won't be happen-
ing for probably at least a month.

So if you are having great weather
enjoy every minute of it........

Told you last week I finished my
 Fall decorating,  and I would show 
you some pictures this week.

Today I will start with our entry

Item #1

Use small signs or tags that you
already have or make your own.
I used a sign I already had and I
also made one......You can make
them in photo shop, printmaster
or any card package or if you 
are great at writing or drawing
by all means use that talent.

Item #2

Use a blank Christmas wreath
and put whatever you want on
it......I just simple stuck flowers,
faux apples, berries and nuts in
the wreath, I never use glue, then
 I can take it all off and do some-
thing different with it the 
next time.

I used to sell wall accessories years ago,
  and we were taught that the most important
 wall to decorate, was the first wall you see
 when you walk in a room.  That would
 be what they call your Impression wall.....

So when you come in our front door,
this is the first wall you see.....and
quite honestly this wall has been a
enigma for me for 35 years, and just
this past Spring I finally had it done
in a way that I was thrilled with.
See Below.......

As you can see the layout is 
 much the same but just changed
 it up for Fall............

Item #3

Use most anything that has Fall
colors;  Here I used books and
a birdhouse.

Item #4

Use Fall printables - there are free
Fall printables all over the internet,
Just type in free Fall printables and
you will have lots of choices, and if
you have been blogging long you
 probably know most of the free
printables are offered by other
bloggers, so take advantage of
this free art.
or make your own as I did here.

 I designed my own Fall printable
 to go over a picture that had a 
brass frame, then printed it on
 shiny photo paper.

Item #5

Use double sided tape.

I just use double sided tape and
attach it to the glass on each
corner and in the middle between 
each corner, then center it and stick, 
 and you have yourself some 
new art work.

and Here is what it says......

I will try and see if hubby can help me
find a way to make it available to yall
too, just in case you are interested.

Item #6

Use fresh or faux flowers in
any Fall colors.  Flowers always
bring the outside inside,  as well
as pinecones and natural elements.

Item #7

Use scrapbooking paper.
They come in an array of colors
and patterns and look beautiful.

Year before last, I bought a set of 
 watercolor pictures for my birthday
 but I bought them with a purpose in
 mind.  The pics themselves, inside
 the matting were exactly 12" X12"
 - the size of scrapbooking paper.....
I knew that way I could purchase
pretty scrapbook paper and would
have a new picture or pictures,
by using my tape method.

Here is a close up of the scrapbook
 paper, it is hard to see in the picture,
 and it looks way better in person
 that these picture makes it look...
The background is a gold foil and
really looks rich.

Here is the bottom of the plant stand/
table....I should just call it a table as
that is the only way I have used it
so far..........

Item #8

 Use candles....especially in
the Fall and Winter.

Everything always looks better
 with some candlelight.


Hope this will inspire you if
you are in the process of doing
your Fall decorating.

Have a Blessed Day


Keep your light shining brightly!



sistersusiesays said...

Hi, Nellie!
I have always loved how you decorate the entry wall! I especially love your bird houses! I use to have a natural one in my outside foyer when the real birds would build a nest in the fern we use to have hanging there! When they first hatched out they would open their bright colored beaks at the least sound! But momma bird taught them quickly to only respond to her! For later when I would make noises, they huddled tightly with mouths closed and their beady eyes just looking with no response, ha! See how your decorating brings memories!!! Love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks Susan!

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