Friday, August 3, 2018

Thankful Thursday August 2, 2018, Last late summer golf cart tour #7

Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! 
Strive for full restoration, 
encourage one another,
 be of one mind, live in peace.
 And the God of love
 and peace will be with you.
2 Corinthians 11:13 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Happy August to you!!

So how has your week been?
Good I hope!!

Ours has been good and busy and
I have a very busy day today, as
I have to go have paper notarized
and get them to Fed X for over
nighting,  then I can relax for
the rest of the day and weekend

 Pics today are the last of our golf
cart tour in Charleston.
So will get on with my Thankful
list now......

Thankful for fresh cherries which
are in season now.  Never had any
of these until about the last maybe
13 years, but they are really good.
Love keeping a dish on the counter
and popping a few every so often.

Thankful for a fun time with our
son and lil darling on Sunday.
Mommy was away visiting relatives 
so visited, had dinner eventually
(you will see what I mean in #3)
and played wii.

Thankful that we figured out that 
the yellow rice I cooked to go with 
our cuban food on Sunday had bugs
 in it, before we ate them!!  
The rice just didn't cook up right and
 was very gummy and also didn't taste
 right and if it hadn't been for that,
 not sure we would have figured it
 out. I had noticed some black specks
 that looked like a spice and was
wondering what spice it could be, lol
then my husband jokingly said maybe
 it's bugs, and we all had a good laugh
 and then, I said oh my gosh, I bet that is
 what it is, cause I have used this brand
of rice before and never saw anything 
black in it before, and upon closer
 inspection we saw lil tiny legs on
 those black spots....  EWWW!!

So we took a few pics and I threw it
 out and made some more rice that
 took forever to cook in the microwave, 
which is how I always cook my rice,
and now we realized we need a new
 microwave as it is just not cooking
 correctly,  and we had noticed some 
things taking a lil longer,  but not
 like the rice had...course, I only
cook bacon or heat things which
is think it had to do 
with the microwave being on for
so long, cause noticed the counter
top was very hot too.

I thought we were never gonna
have dinner.....and the rice wasn't
as cooked as it could have been,
but we were all starving so went
ahead with it....

I promise those lil legs didn't show
up till they were done
Click on pic to blow it up!

Thankful that our grocery store
has a lot of buy one get one
free items, they always have
something we can get but this
week there was a lot,  so it
saved quite a bit, and who
can't love that!!

Thankful I finally finished 
shredding and burning (in the
fireplace) all the old paperwork 
that had to go..........yeah!!!!

Thankful and very excited to hear
this week that my nephew and
his family will be moving back
here by next June hopefully. 
Will be so nice to get to see 
them they live
all the way in Missouri now.

Thankful and very excited again
as we finally got the approval
to sell my Mom's home, Finally!
Closing is suppose to be next

Thankful for finger rockets we
found at Dollar tree some weeks
back.........they have proved to be
great fun for all of us, when lil
darling is here.....we have contests
to see whose rocket goes the
furtherist or is it fartherist 
(if either is a real word) lol.
You can actually shoot them in 
the house and they don't hurt 
anything. Great fun!!

Thankful for lil darlings 
creativity, she is always coming
up with new ideas for how to
play already existing games.
This week it was bowling with
bears.....we set up 3 bears and
then rolled a ball at them, if you
don't knock one over the first
time your turn is over, but if you
do knock one over, you get 2 
more turns and if you got 3
 down you got a strike and get
 to celebrate with a lil victory  Lil darling
continually cracks us up!!

Thankful for Cinnamon and Orange
Rolls from know the
ones in the tube can.....we have
always loved them,  and have been
eating them more as lil darling loves
to have bacon, eggs and those
yummy rolls when here lately.

Thankful that things are going
well at my daughters house, as
she is watching her in-laws 
dog and cat, and she also has
her lil Chijuajua as well, and
they are all getting along
really well.  So hope it lasts
till the middle of August
when they return.

Thankful for my Sweet and Smart
daughter- in- love Megan who helped
me go through all the papers for the
closing for my Mom's house.
What a blessing that was to me!!

Well, there you have it folks.

Thanks for dropping by ......

If you missed tour #6
Click here to see

Have a Delightful Friday and 

Hugs and Blessings,

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  1. #1. I love fresh cherries, especially when they have been pitted!!!
    #2. Yea! It is so heart loving when family can visit and spend time, especially with Sweetie Pie!
    #3. Ha, ha, ha! Dad always said it was "fresh meat!" It was amazing how much of that occurred in the mess hall of the Navy (back in the 1940's!)
    #4. I did that today with cheese. I eat a lot of cheese for lunch.
    #5. That is one big job that becomes happy in getting it done!
    #6. Is that G. and T.?
    #7. Yes, thank You, Jesus, for answered prayers. I pray You go before Jim and Nellie in Your leading to get it all accomplished! Amen!
    #8. I may get one to play with the cats! They like to chase things, ha!
    #9. Great fun for all!!!
    #10. She is definitely growing up with her eating, getting better at it all the time!
    #11. It will. With all the different variety of pets at one time that I have had, it's amazing how they all know they are "family." It's also amazing to see their individual personalities and dispositions!
    #12. Yes, praise the LORD for her GOD given talents!
    I love you all, Susan

  2. Morning Susan, is G and T, but not sure the word is out to anyone else yet, other than family.
    Well, we finally did accomplish everything, but what a day of aggravation it was, but
    finally got the papers to Fed X just after 5 PM on Friday, so it will be there on Monday morning. We were exhausted but overjoyed as we left Fed X, so we went out and celebrated
    afterwards with a nice dinner at Carrabbas.

    Thanks for coming by, and have a good day.
    Love Ya, Nellie

  3. Still smiling about the bugs in the rice, Nellie, glad you found them before you ate them. I love the idea Lil Darling had with the bowling.You certainly are having fun with her. Happy that all is going well with your Mom"s home sell!

    Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers, I am home and doing well, please continue to pray as I will be visiting my primary dr. this week., the hospital doesn't allow our primary drs. to treat us in the hospital. Crazy, huh!

    The photos of the homes are lovely, I love to compare style, don't you.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Hi Sue,
    yes, we are still laughing about the bugs too, and so thankful we discovered them before we
    ate them, course, we did take a couple of bites to taste it before we discovered which makes
    me nauseous to think

    Finally got all the paperwork read, notarized and off to Fex X, so they should have it for
    closing on Monday. What an ordeal that was......but we were sure praising the Lord when
    we finally got it all done......then we went out to dinner to celebrate, the completion
    of it just waiting for Monday to happen....and hoping this will finally
    be THE END of this story....after almost 13 years.

    So glad to hear you are home and doing well hon. Will keep praying and yes, that is crazy
    they want allow your primary Dr. to see many ridiculous changes in our world
    these days. So many make no sense at

    Yes, I get a kick out of seeing the different styles of homes as well. Every state seems
    to have their own style and they can be so different.....I so I figure others probably
    like to see that too.

    Take good care of yourself hon, and let us know what your primary Dr. has to say.
    Have a great weekend.

    Love and blessings,

  5. Oh my goodness! I have heard that little bugs like that can show up in just about any boxed/ prepackaged product (even flour) if there are any bug larvae that are sealed in with the glue but I had never actually seen any. Thank goodness you noticed before eating.

  6. Morning Mother of 3,
    Went over to try to find your blog, and it looks very interesting and I see that you are
    a homeschooling Mom........we are grandparents but will be homeschooling our lil grand-
    daughter on Weds. soon, so loved all your ideas.

    Thanks so much for coming by and for taking the time to comment and yes, we were very
    Thankful we noticed those lil creepers before we ingested I have heard
    about that before too, but it just never occurred to me that those black spice looking
    things could be funny really........but only cause we found out in time!!

    Wish I could comment on your blog but I am not on google plus so it want allow me too.

    Hope you have a great school year!


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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