Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Christmas Dinner Table 2018

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you with your home all
 back together or somewhere in the
 process at least.

That is us....we took down all our 
Christmas stuff yesterday and packed 
it all away, so today we will begin 
the process of redecorating for 
Winter....altho we don't know how
 much Winter weather we will get
 I do enjoy decorating for the season.

Know it is late to be showing Christmas
things but I found pics of  3 of our 
Christmas tables on my camera last
night... I had forgotten all about, so 
will post them this week anyway.....
so I can have a record and in case 
some of  you might want to pin 
something for next year........

Love this white ceramic Christmas tree 
I purchased many years ago at Cracker
Barrel, as she has come in handy many
times as a table decoration.  I can plug
her in or take the plug out and add a
candle underneath, which is real handy
when I use her in a centerpiece

I decided to pair my Christmas
dishes with my shabby chic
dishes this year. I think my
Shabby chic dishes look like
a wreath, if you can see the
embellishments on the edges.

My daughter gave me the lovely
 platter that the tree is sitting on 
for Mother's day this year.  

See the lil white and gold gift
 on the corner, it just plugs into
the platter. It was made by Nora
Fleming and it has all sorts of 
other lil embellishments for 
 holidays and other occasions, 
and other serve ware pieces
as well. I thought it was a
really unique idea cause it
keeps you from having to have
so many different platters.

She gave me a Santa Hat for
 Christmas this year, looks so
cute on there.

 This unique dishware was 
made by Nora Flemming,
and if you want, you can
check it out ..... Click here
or type it in for yourself.

Disclaimer:  I get no profits/
benefits of any kind for sharing
 this; Just sharing it cause I think
it is a neat gift, and I really
like mine.
we just happened to see
this unique idea in a gift shop
 when we are out shopping in
 Charleston in the Spring 
last year.

I rarely use the cups and saucers as we
like to use mugs, but this whole set of
Christmas dishes used to belong to my
late Mother-in-law and so it came with
the cups and saucers so decided to use
them as candle holders this year.

Also used clear glass ones with real
cranberries for candle holders as well.

I found these lil hor'derve picks a few 
years back by accident,  so thought 
they would make the napkins look
 more like candles.

lil darlings place with a salad and
bread plate.  Should have made that 
candle napkin smaller, it would
have looked much better!  lol

Used the Christmas goblets
that go with the sets.  They
are clear with Christmas trees
on the front that match the
plates....if you have never
seen them.

Also used the light brown 
tablecloth as there is brown in 
the dishes as well.

Over Views

With Posterized affect

I always like to add some
candy, so the Andes mints 
were the perfect shade
of green......

With Lighting affect

Christmas balls, greenery and faux 
snow always come in handy for
 many things when decorating
 at Christmas time.

Glad you came by............

and thanks for the visit, and
hope your New Year is going

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Sister Susie Says said...

As beautiful as all of the pictures are, it's nothing like seeing it in person!!! I so enjoyed being seated at such a beautiful table! Love you, Susan