Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Simple Coastal Sunday Dinner Table

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how are you today??
Did your kiddos start school yet??

Lil darling started 1st grade today 
and she looked so adorable. Her
Mom put some pics on facebook
 so we got to see her sitting at her
 lil desk and one with her friend,
who got taller over the summer,
so lil darling isn't so much taller
than her anymore.

It has been awhile since I have had
time to post on a Tuesday.  Have had
 these pics awhile now,  just never could
 seem to get time to edit them, let alone
post them, so figured I had better get
 on the stick, cause we will be decorating
 for Fall soon!  lol

These are pictures from June.....
anyway, it was a simple Sunday
din din....and since I was about to 
make our living room have a coastal
look,  I had taken all the coastal decor
out of my bedroom but had not started
on the living room yet, so thought hey, 
I will just do a coastal table cause after
 all, it is summer, and I know I always
 think of anything beachy for summer.

So decided to just make a nice coastal
tray for a centerpc. (I know you have
seen one like it before but it was a bit
different.  This the the front side I guess
you would say

and this is the back or other side.

Like the look of the blue white 
and Sand color, and the charm
and casualness of the gingham
napkins.  I love gingham and
I have read it is making a come
back this year or next. So was
glad to hear that.

Also love love love this shade of blue ....
It is my fav color and just makes 
my heart sing.

Thought the starfish were a nice 
but simple touch.

Always like to add some candle 
of some kind..............
These cute lil lanterns did the
trick, along with the ones in
the basket.

and what is coastal without shells.

Have to say we have been enjoying
this coastal change up in our
living room and on our table.

See the bottle lying down that has
 sand in it, that scroll in the bottle was
 a wedding invitation for one of our 
nephews wedding, they got married in
 Key West some years back, and we
couldn't attend but loved that we 
could  keep the bottleand invitation
 as a keepsake.  Thought it was a
very clever and unique idea.

Thought this pic needed
 a lil Glamming!!  lol

Thanks for stopping by,
and hope you have a good rest 
of the week.

Love, Hugs and
Coastal Summer Blessings,


Roseann Hampton said...

Such pretty decor! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!

Dee | GrammysGrid.com said...

How pretty, love all things coastal/beachy/tropical!!!

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