Friday, January 29, 2021

Thankful Thursday January 28, 2021, more pics from Winter's past


Praise the Lord,  How good it is to sing 

praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting 

to praise him!

Psalm 147:1 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good and productive

week......ours has been... since I got over the

exhaustion,  whatever it good to

be feeling perkier this week, I have to say!!

Pictures today are from another Winter's

past, hopefully I will have some from this

Winter next

So on with my Thankfuls....................


Thankful for dinner out at Texas Roadhouse

and how delicious everything was........we

usually get it as take out and it's good, but

was so much better in house, course, I was

starving that might have helped!  lol


Thankful that the new discovery + channel

has the show "Outdaughtered",  it's about a

family who has 5 quintuplets and another

older daughter.  We used to see it and then

they took it off,  so we haven't seen it in

a long time.  It's really quite good and these

lil ones who are now 4....can really make

you cute!


Thankful that our Pastor/friend is out of

the hospital for about 6 days now and

he is getting stronger every day, but is

still on oxygen, so still needs healing

of his lungs.


Thankful for a long chat with my daughter.

She has really been into organizing the last 

months, and has done a great job in their home

and would really love to get into that as sort of 

a part time business, and she has a friend who

needs her closet she is gonna do that

and use it as part of her portfolio, for her web

site she is working on........She and I have a

lot of fun talking about our websites and

businesses. It's a great distraction and some

thing positive we can do and talk about

 during this year of disturbing trends

 for our country.


Thankful for pretty white Ibis (birds) that show

up in our front yard at times.  We have seen

them a lot in this last week along with a few

Sandhill cranes, that are beautiful too.


Thankful that my Daughter has an older

lady friend she used to work with that was

in the area, so they got to spend time with,

which was so nice for Dee, since she hasn't

seen her in about 3 years.  Plus it's been

just over a month since she was home 

and she gets to missing everyone so this

was a perfectly timed blessing.


Thankful that some other long time

friends are doing great even tho, they

tested positive for covid.  He is a Pastor

as well,  and they went out to lunch with

someone and then found out her sister

had covid, but unfortunately the lady

didn't realize I guess that since she was

exposed she should have quarantined.

So once they found that out they felt

for the safety of the congregation

they should be tested, so they waited

about 5 days then got tested and sure

enough they both had it,  but thank

the Lord they are doing fine and it

has been over a week now, and of

course, they are still quarantining,

and had to close the church for 14

days as well.  So they were thankful

they got tested.............


Thankful that I am finally done with

taking down and packing away our

Christmas things until next year.

(Singing the Halleleujah chorus over here)


Thankful that I am finally done with

decorating for Winter as well.

(Can you hear me singing???)


Thankful for Senator Rand Paul and his

stand against this unconstitutional im-

peachment , and for the other Senators

as well,  who finally stood up.


Thankful for some progress we made

on our card shop this week. It's an 

ongoing work in progress for sure,

much like being God's child, He is

always working on us! 


Thankful for so many beautiful pink

and peachy colored sunsets we have

had lately.  Breathtaking!

Well, that's our week at Cozy Place

Thanks for stoppin' in.....

Have a lovely Friday and weekend.


Keep Your light shining brightly!

Love, Hugs and end of

 January Blessings,


P.S. Can you believe it.....January just zipped

by, yet at the same time Christmas seems

like it was eons ago....

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  1. #1. Take out is great! You don't have todo the cooking! Ha!
    #2. Great entertainment!
    #3. I am praying for him!
    #4. Praise your time together!
    #5. They are beautiful! I have had some sandhills>
    #6. Great time together!
    #7. I pray the LORD's end to this pandemic.
    #8. Be careful with the attic storage.
    #9. Ditto!
    #10. Amen!
    #11. Good for you!
    #12. Aren't they gorgeous!!
    Love you, Susan


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