Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thankful Thursday January 21, 2021, another Winter from the Past (but for Valentines day)


Now, our God, we give you thanks,

 and praise your glorious name.

1 Chronicles 29:13 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Wondering if any of you feel like we do......

Yesterday was a very somber day for us,

and I probably don't have to even tell 

you why.....right??  lol

Since I am still getting my house back

together I haven't taken any pictures

yet,  so am gonna go with another

Winter from the past post,  but this

time I had decorated for Valentines

day,  so thought you might enjoy


Well, on with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful for a fun time out,  going to a fairly new

 to us discount store called Ollie's, we have been once

or twice before, but it's been awhile.  Found a

 pretty new sofa pillow that I thought look wintery

 for a great price.....always love a deal...........

Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner, it was

a good night for soup!

                 Hard to tell but the snowflakes are shimmery silver

and the other colors are darker as well. 

Much prettier in person, for sure.

#2 and 3

Thankful for a fun time going to our Son's house

 on Saturday, as  he helped Lil darling have a 

Candy Shop. ( Like a lemonade stand) they had 

free coffee, and sold brownies, cookies, candy and 

hot cocoa.  So they made all the goodies together.

We went and her maternal grandmother, and 

a lot of my Son's friends and family came, 

as well as some neighbors.

  It was a fun time had by was cold out,

 so most everyone stood outside talking and 

enjoying the weather and the coffee, hot 

chocolate and goodies. 

 We also, were Thankful  that we got to see

 some of his friends that we haven't seen in 

years, so it was a lovely time and lil darling 

was pretty thrilled with the adventure

 and the results.  See picture below.  


Thankful to hear that our Pastor/friend I spoke

 about last week, (that had covid) has finally gotten 

out of ICU and has been able to get some sleep and 

see his wife, but only for 5 minutes on Tuesday

  Can you imagine that!! 

 It's been kind of touch and go, as he also has 

viral pneumonia, and is having a lot of trouble 

getting sleep.  They did start to decrease his

 oxygen today (Wed), so seems like things are

going in the right direction at least......

  We are hoping that he will soon be out of the 

hospital and this ordeal will be over.  Just found

out a few days ago his wife had it too, and has

just gotten over it as well, fortunately she had

a lighter case.  So if you feel so led please

pray for him and his family.

#5 and 6

Thankful for being able to go to church, 

it really is such a blessing!  

Thankful that Two families were back after 

quarantining for Covid and our friends

were back after being sick with colds.


Thankful that hubby has my new computer back up 

and running.  Still checking some thing out when 

we find them.  I did wind up losing most of my 

previous work on my old card making package

 but I am praising the Lord anyway, cause I know 

He knows what He is doing,  even tho I don't.....


Thankful for homemade Tacos and nachos.

We had Taco's on Tues. nite and nachos from

the leftovers on Wed. for lunch.  They are

always so good.  I make twice the amount of 

 chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, scallions,

 black olives, cilantro and sour cream...

(Putting them all in separate dishes.)

Then the next day it is really easy to make

nachos,  just throw or put some corn chips 

on a cookie sheet, then add the chicken and  

drained black beans and most of the toppings

accept the lettuce, tomatoe, and sour cream.

Bake in a 350Degree oven till the cheese

melts about 10-15 mins. Then when

you take them out of the oven add the

lettuce tomatoes and sour cream.

We love these.....Easy Peasy and



Thankful for a very candid update from

 my dear friend with Ovarian cancer.

It was very sad to hear what all she is

going through, cause we didn't know about

a lot of it, but I am so glad she told us cause

 it makes it so we can pray more specifically

 for her, and pray even more than we are

 praying now...which is a lot.... She is an

amazing lady, still thankful about so

many things even in the midst of it all.


Thankful for President Donald Trump.

I am thankful for all the good things

He has done for our country and all

the hard work he and his cabinet did

during his 4 yrs. in office.  Also, thankful

 he and his family were willing to put aside 

their own Business, and lifestyle to serve 

the American people for FREE.......

(as did Jared and Ivanka) and for the 

courage, commitment, tenacity and

sacrifice he and his family had to endure 

 with the emotional hurt and pain

that was constantly dished out to them.

My heart hurts for all of them...

and I for one...will miss them!


Thankful that the inauguration was a

peaceful one.....


Thankful that we did clean out and organize

2 spaces this week.  Mine in the kitchen,

(paper goods) and hubbies in the office

(electronics stuff).   I am thinking that

maybe we can do a small space at least

once a week.....we'll see,  ya know, life

is what happens when we are making

our plans!  lol

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks you for stoppin' in......

Hope you have a great rest of the week

and weekend.

Love, Hugs, and late

January Blessings,


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  1. Wow that is a cool Candy/coco/brownie/cookie stand for sure. How fun. Happy Friday and have a good weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. #1. I thank our LORD for His protection over you when you're out and about!
    #2 & #3. What a wonderful time.
    #4. I have him on my daily prayer list. I will pray for her too!
    #5 & #6. I pray the LORD's protection over the congregation.
    #7. I praise the LORD He is in control of all things!!!
    #8. I really like my leftovers! No cooking, ha!
    #9. Praise GOD she is His child of salvation!
    #10. I will miss him too! I now am praying for his protection against evil politicians!
    #11. Amen!
    #12. Isn't it amazing what we can collect?!
    Love you, Susan


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