Friday, January 15, 2021

Thankful Thursday January 14th, 2021, More pics of Winter's past.......


 I will praise the LORD, who counsels me;

 even at night my heart instructs me.

Psalm 16:7 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good week.  I have to say I am

not getting anywhere too quickly.  Taking down some

of my Christmas but still trying to decide what to take

down and what to leave.  lol  It has also been a rather

 busy week people wise, lots of hard things going on

for others, so been on the phone, talking, texting and 

praying for a number of people.  You know the old saying

when it rains it pours..... but thankful to be a listening

ear and hopefully an encouragement as well.

Pictures today are from Winter's Past again, since

I am still in process of putting our house back


#1 and 2

Thankful for the opportunity to supply informational

support and prayer for my friend, who is a new 

 Grandmother, and her Daughter and new baby. 

 Mom and baby were going thru a very rough time

but Thankful to report they are doing better, but as 

we all know it can be a good day and a bad day the

next but seems to be more good days, and she went

back to the Dr. and baby has gained more weight

and seems to be more content and sleeping better.

So we feel the Lord is answering our prayers.


Thankful that I have started to take down our

Christmas decorations.  The ornaments are off

the tree,  but thinking I might just leave the tree

up in it's natural state with the lights, will see.

Am removing the really Christmasy looking

things,  so will see where I go from there.  lol


Thankful for a long but good day on Sunday.

Went to church and out to lunch to Olive Garden

 with our friend that's the new grandmother, and

 her hubby and younger daughter. this was their first

 time back at church since the March shutdown.

 So it was good to see them. Then we needed to kill

some time so we ran to JoAnns Crafts and looked

around, then went to a Memorial Service for a

friends brother, then ran to Publix quick, and 

didn't get home till 5:30,  so we were pretty

whipped by then.  Have to say it was nice to

be out of the house for most of the day for a



Thankful for a number of opportunities lately to be

very intentional in showing love, care and kindness

to others, when we really didn't feel like it, but

pushed through and did it anyway, and were

very happy we did.


Thankful that I spray painted my real spruce

Christmas wreath white, and put a bow on it

and hopefully it will take us thru the Winter

Season.  I saw a faux one and thought, wonder

if I could do that with my wreath since I already

had a can of white spray paint.  So it was a

quick and easy project,  that turned out pretty

well,  I think...........will see how long it lasts!!  lol



Thankful for a lovely chat I had with our young

neighbor boy, that lives across the street,  we have

 known and loved him since he was about 5 yrs. old, 

 he is 20 yrs. old now and working at our Publix

 Grocery store, and has a sweet lilt girlfriend of 2 years.

 We see him and wave across the way, but haven't really

 gotten to talk to him up close and personal in awhile,

 due to Covid.  When he was younger he used to come

 over at times......and we all miss that, so think we are 

gonna try to get together and play games or something

 one night and get to know his girlfriend, as we have only

 met her once at their graduation. He is just the most

 precious kid, and has been through a lot in his young

 life, but seems to have learned from it all and is headed

 in a different direction than what he was shown by

his parents. So proud of him. and thank the Lord

for his Grandparents who have pretty much

rescued and raised him.


Thankful that the Lord woke me up one morning

with a scripture going thru my head which was a

 great reminder to me of something I already know

 but had kinda of lost sight was very helpful.


Thankful that we decided to take the new discovery+

 channel,  we are really enjoying it.....lots of great shows

 that are clean and family friendly.


Thankful that we heard about one of our former Pastors 

that got Covid and is in ICU, and Wednesday they were

 considering putting him on a ventilator, but God has heard

 everyones prayers and he is doing better, not out of ICU yet,

 but progressing in the right direction.  PTL.....


Thankful my new computer came in on Tuesday, Hubby is 

still in process of reinstalling things. Hoping we can recover

 everything,  will have to wait and see..........last time we had

 backed things up was early November,  so did lose some

cards that I made with our newer card package, but not 

too many thankfully.  Have lots more in our old card

package that I still need to convert over, but so far, he

has not been able to install it that card package, so we

are praying and hoping that will be possible, cause that

will be a whole lot of lost work, probably about 10 yrs.

worth at least.


Thankful We got to see lil darling yesterday

nd for awhile on Friday. She is back in school

which means are time with her is more limited

of course, so always Thankful for the time

we get to spend with her.


Well............that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Glad you could drop by, and hope you have a

really nice rest of the week and weekend.

Love, Hugs and 

Mid January Blessings,


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sistersusiesays said...

#1 & #2. Thank the Lord they are now doing better!
#3. The lights are soothing to look at!
#4. I pray for your safety when going out.
#5. The LORD's blessing on you all!
#6. That sounds like a pretty wreath to be white like snow!
#7. Praise the LORD for him.
#8. Isn't the Holy Spirit wonderful!!!
#9. Thank the LORD for "clean" channels!
#10. I am praying for him all throughout the day.
#11. I pray you haven't lost your data!
#12. She is growing up so fast!
Love you, Susan

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