Friday, January 8, 2021

Thankful Thursday January 7, 2021, Pics of Winters past at Cozy Place

 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, 

who daily bears our burdens.

Psalm 68:19

Good Evening Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you steadfast in your faith,

Cause it has been a very sad few days for sure.

Still trying to wrap my mind around it all,

and feel a little like we have entered the

"Twilight Zone" for those of you who might

just remember that old TV show.  lol

My computer also crashed on Monday,

So, I am doing this on hubbys lap top,

which is definitely not my fav way of

doing   So waiting on my

new computer to arrive, hopefully some

time next week....Thankfully I had some

of this done before that happened.

I will be going from a windows 7 to

a windows 10 and hoping it doesn't

take a lot to get used to 

Pics today are from Winters past

at Cozy Place.....Since I still have

my Christmas decorations up.  lol


Thankful (now this is a sacrifice of

praise) that my computer crashed

and just believing that God knew I

need a new one, as I was having some

 problems with my card package that

 I use to create cards for our online

Greeting card Shop. Hoping the new

computer might solve it.  Will see.


Thankful that we got all our porch

chairs cleaned.  Next is to clean the 

whole porch. Next Week hopefully.


Thankful we had my sister-in-law

Susan over for a Breakfast Lunch.

and some conversation.


Thankful we had our Son and Lil darling

over for a nice Spaghetti and meatball

dinner and played her new game. she

 got for Christmas...........Life.

Life games, are not what they used

to be...for sure!!  lol  But we still

had fun playing it.....

Isn't this the prettiest Christmas card


Thankful for take out from Tijuana

Flats it was such a treat as we haven't

had it, in quite awhile!


Thankful we were able to go back to 

church this week, after being out for 

3 weeks. It was such a blessing to

sing and to hear our brothers and

sisters singing as well.


Thankful we decided to go to Michaels to

 see if they had any great after Christmas

 deals, and they did, so we got another lil

 village house.  My hubby loves those, and

 we got our first 2 last year after Christmas

 for 70% off and this one was 70% off 

as well.  They really are so cute!  

They were great for my Winter decorating

last year, and looking forward to them

again this year.  I did use the first 2 for

Christmas this year


Thankful for dinner out at Longhorn

steakhouse just the 2 of us.  Our

sidekicks all stayed home today as

they were not feeling well.

Thankful her 96 yr. old Dad is

over his sickness, but now, my friend,

his daughter has something and is

sick in bed.


Thankful for some really good news

we got on monday about a long time

 friend who has ovarian cancer.

Her prognosis is looking so much

more hopeful as she had a very 

successful procedure done and

is feeling better and is finally going

to get the t-cell treatment she has

been waiting to get for almost a year.

Note: After I wrote this the first half

is still true, but the 2nd half about

the T-cell therapy has once again

changed. They are trying to find a

way to send her to Germany now.

Such a roller coaster ride they

have been on.....this has been the

story off and on since covid

started. If you feel so led please

pray for my friend Arlene, she

is a precious christian lady

and so needs this therapy

now...........  Thanks!


Thankful for the encouragement I

received fom a testimony I heard

on the Better together show. I have

said it before but it bears repeating,

I so love this talk show,  we are

always uplifted by it.  If you can't 

get it on TV you can get it by

 going to


Thankful for my sweet neighbors

offer to give us 2 gingerbread

kits she had left over so we could

do them with lil darling.  Started

on one yesterday. She had so much

fun doing the one we got her she

was excited to do another one.


Thankful that we got to have lil

darling all day on Thursday again.

Next week she goes back to school

so we will only see her for a few

hours on Thursday after we pick

her up from school.


Last but definitely, not least

Thankful for my faith in God

and his word during these

troubling times. We personally

think it is the only place you

can find truth these days!

Well, that's it for Cozy Place

 this week.

Thanks for dropping by.....

Keep you light shining brightly.

Love, Hugs and

New Years Blessings,


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sistersusiesays said...

#1. New computers are great when you get used to the new way they work, ha!
#2. The more we have the more work there is, lol!
#3. What an enjoyable time it was!!
#4. What a wonderful time!
#5. Take out is great!
#6. Praise the LORD! I'm still streaming the service!
#7. They are so realistic!
#8. This has been a "cold" winter for us. I think it helps in the sickness!
#9. I am praying for her every day!
#10. We definitely need the encouragement these days!
#11. What fun! Delicious too!
#12. I pray for her safety!
#13. Praise our Almighty GOD for His Spiritual guiding of our lives!
Love you, Susan

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