Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Tuesdays Thoughts to Ponder #4


Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good day....

but if not, and you just need some encouragement

 I might have a lil remedy for you, that is one of 

many things that work for me.

We all have down or discouraging days at times, 

because life happens to all of us, and no one

is immune, but we do have a choice as to if we

want to stay down or discouraged.  Sometimes,

we might need a few days to rest, and sometimes

 we just might need some good ole encouragement

 from someone, and if you don't happen to have

 anyone handy,  this might help.

These moments in time many times, are just

 feelings, but they can indeed be powerful 

and we truly feel them whether they are

 true or not........and they need to be 

acknowledged for sure, 

A long time ago I asked a Pastor friend

what he did when he had those sort of days,

and he said, he kept an encouragement file

of notes and letters that people had sent him

over the years, of how he had helped or blessed

some one, and on those days he would get

it out and read some of the notes and letters

and by the time, he finished he felt so much

better, I think he probably felt better because 

it pretty much dispelled the lies in his head 

those feelings so generously generate.

So I learned to keep an encouragement

file too,  So If you keep special cards, and

 letters from loved ones and friends that say really

 loving and encouraging things. as well as special 

thank you notes, then you are already have

one.  So just get them out and spend some

time reading them,

Now thanks to my Daughter and all those who

 participated, I have a memory box that she

 generated by asking lots of people who know

me to write something special  for my 70th

 birthday a few years ago, which I was totally

 blown away by and can not even begin to tell

 you how loved it made me feel.

 So now, it is a great reminder to me as well. 

 Sometimes we need help to see the 

reflection or impression we have made on others,

 so we can realize the truth. I know I can 

certainly be my own worst enemy at times, 

and I think that happens to all of us at one

 time or another.

So if you don't have an encouragement

file or box, maybe it is time to start one.

As it can really be helpful on those sort

of days..................

Spurring you on...........


P. S. If you are looking for something

very meaningful, loving and helpful to

give to someone on a

 Special Birthday or Occasion

give them a memory box. It can be

very humbling and life changing.....

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