Sunday, June 23, 2024

Scripture Sunday


Nothing on this earth, as pretty as it can be...

Will ever be able to compare with what there
             will be in Heaven!!! 
                    Hugs, Nellie    

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  1. To be in GOD's awesome Holy Presence forevermore!!! Praise His Holy Name for our salvation in Him. Love you, Susan

  2. I think about this verse so much, and try and imagine, but to no avail, what makes me smile is to know that my Lord will be there, and there will be loved ones and friends to greet me.
    Thank you Nellie for sharing.

  3. Hi Sue, nice to hear from you. Yes, think we will be stunned beyond belief and also stunned when we see our Jesus....and all those who have gone on before us. What a reunion that will be...........Thanks for stopping by.....Hope this finds you and yours doing well. Blessings, Nellie


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May the Lord Bless You!!

Scripture Sunday

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