Friday, September 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday Sept. 24, 2015, Guest Bath Part 2

The LORD is my strength and my song; 
he has become my salvation.
 He is my God, and I will praise him,
Exodus 15:2

Evening Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well, happy
 and enjoying life.........

I have been busy fluffing my Fall
nest since last Thursday, course
didn't do much over the weekend,
but started in again yesterday.
Am getting there, and will hope-
fully finish up today.
 We are so enjoying the new look, 
and burning our candles.

Told you I would show you the
rest of the pics of the  guest bath
 done up for Fall.

Also wanted to share something I got
 to thinking about while lying in bed
 trying to get to sleep earlier
 this week.............

I was thinking about all the talented and
 gifted women here in blogland that love 
fluffing their nests,  just like I do, and the 
way they share their gifts and talents thru
 home tours and, DIY projects, and just
 regular blog posts, that inspire all of us.
 It reminded me of the Code of Ethics 
we use to have at a direct sales 
Company that I used to work for many
 yrs. ago, that was run by a lovely, kind,
 loving, generous, and powerful christian
 lady named Mary Crowley, and the name
 of the Co. was Home Interiors and Gifts.
and this is what our code of
Ethics said:

"We believe in the dignity and
importance of women, we believe
that every thing a woman touches
should be ennobled by that touch.

We believe that the home is the
greatest influence on the character
of mankind.

We believe the home should be
a haven, a place of refuge, a place
of peace, a place of harmony, and
a place of beauty.

No home in America ever needs
to be dull or unattractive and
we are dedicated to doing our
part to make every home have
Attraction Power!"

Now with that said I will get on
with my thankful post.............
and you will see why I brought
that up..............

I am thankful

for those in blog land who really have the 
wisdom to know how important they are,
by the way they live their lives, and by
 the atmosphere they create in their homes,
not just with things, but with their great
attitudes, character, love for God, family
and others and their sweet spirits, and
 realize that it makes quite a good
 difference to their family, friends and
 even complete strangers that visit and
many times become blog friends.
I think you pretty much live by this 
code whether you realize it or not.....
I can tell you that my home of origin
 was loving but none of these things
 listed here in the code of ethics 
were present, as my poor Mom was
too busy working to support us, and
was many times a depressed Mom.....
(not complaining, just saying) but 
God gave me the wisdom and vision
and a husband who helped to afford
 me the opportunity to make it different 
for my family, and I am sure their are
 some of you that might have that same

With Poster edges affect

So just wanted to say how thankful
 I am for so many of you who share
 your lives, homes and ideas with
all of us, so that our homes can
be havens of  love, peace
 and beauty.

I have always maintained that we 
don't have to have the best of every-
thing, we just have to do the best we
 can with what we have...............
and do our best to live in a way 
that is pleasing to God, and that is
all he asks of us! and so many 
of you do this so beautifully...


for those ladies along the way who
 have inspired me to be all I can be
spiritually, and creatively, not that
I have even come close to arriving
 but I am almost always aware
and working on it...........

for my own dear Mom who gave me
a can do spirit by telling me often in
different circumstances " if they can 
do it so can you". I loved and appre-
ciated my Mom and her encourage-
ment and all her hard work, she had
a very hard life with much heartache,
but there was never a question that
she loved her children when we 
were at home.

for Mrs. Thomas, a lovely christian
lady who lived next door to me from
the age of 7-17 yrs.  I practically lived
at her home when my own Mom was
working) She was a wonderful example 
of a Christ follower, and modeled what
 a stay at home Mom was  like, and how
to keep a clean and organized home.
I appreciated her sweet, caring spirit,
and her wonderful example, and have
thought so many times when I was
younger what would she do in certain
situations and I was so blessed by her 
putting up with me and my brother 
all those years.


for my Aunt Lydia who was the
Martha Stewart of the family, as a
child I remember her always wrapping
such beautiful gifts, and with fondness
 I remember a special Thanksgiving once
 at her house, before she divorced her 
abusive husband. I also remember her
 making a pretty tile top coffee table, and
 painting a bookcase bright red for her
 apt. I enjoyed the beauty she brought
to our lives.

for my 2nd, step-Mom, better known
as Gram-ma Jo in her latter years.  She
was Italian and loved her children too.
I didn't always feel she liked me, until
I was older, but she was good to me in
 many ways, and I learned a lot about
  good food, family dinners and family
 celebrations of birthday and holidays
 from her.  She was truly the Matriarch
of the family and, I really appreciated
 and respected her love for family and 
teaching me by example about
celebration and hospitality.

for my Mother-in-law who was like
a mother/friend to me the first 10
years of my marriage.  She was a
warm, caring and loving woman.
Unfortunately our relationship went
south until about a year and a half
before she passed away and went to
be with the Lord, but I learned a lot
 from her about how to be and how
 not to be Mother-in-law, and I
 look forward to seeing her in heaven
 as well, as my Mom and my step Mom.
(where all relationships will be perfect)

for my dear friend Vicki, who has
been like a sister/mentor/ to me for 
close to 35 yrs. and has helped me 
grow in the Lord. She also taught
 me to be a hugger many moons ago 
and is always one of the first people
 I call when I have good news, no
matter what is going on in her life,
 she is always happy for me, and also
 one of the first people I call if I need
 prayer, as she is a great prayer warrior
 and also taught me a lot about that,
as well. We used to be prayer partners, 
and I sure missed that when she moved
 away. probably 25 yrs. ago now.
The things I love about her, is her fun
spirit, and generous laughter and joy,
 and the way she tells me the truth when
 I need to hear it.........we all need friends
 like that.  She is also an awesome 
decorator and floral arranger....... and
she really loves the Lord and we have
many great spiritual conversations.
Vicki has brought so much love, joy,
 and encouragement to my life.......

for another dear long time friend
of over 40 years named Arlene.

Arlene is warm and friendly, and
 definitely an encourager, and loves
the Lord too. She is always looking
to do something for someone, and
is just a joyful sweetheart. We don't
get to see each other all that much
as she lives in Tenn., but whenever
we do it is like we never have been
apart.  Arlene always tries to look
at the bright side as does my other
friend Vicki, they are both a bright
ray of sunshine to my life, and 
Arlene is always teaching me some
thing she has learned when I am
with her, she is well read and a very
smart  and wise woman and is all 
about sharing and giving of herself, 
 and I love that about her..........
amongst all her other great qualities.

on the way out!!  lol

that 2 of these ladies unfortunately,
by negative example..........
taught me about being angry with God
and how holding onto grudges, leads
to bitterness and resentment and just
how terribly destructive it can be to
your life and the lives of others in
 your family and sphere of influence.
 So any time I am tempted to hang on
to anger or grudges they flash to my
 mind........and it makes me realize just
how foolish and futile being angry with
 God is, and how foolish unforgiveness
 really is.......and the damage that it does,
It is just not worth it, and if you are
 having trouble forgiving just ask the
 Lord to forgive them for you cause you
 can't......He loves a prayer like that, and
 altho, sometimes it is a process, as long
 as you are willing, Jesus, will meet you
right where you are.........

Don't know who said this, but it is
a great quote,  holding unforgiveness
is like drinking poison and expecting
the other person to die.........So very
true......most times they don't even
know about it............and are going
merrily along with their lives.........
While we are suffering!

So many times we think if we forgive
we are letting that person off the
hook, but the truth is we need to
take them off our hook,  and put
them on God's hook,  so HE can
deal with them,  and HE can deal
with them much better than we
can...........for sure~

Well, there you have it my blast from 
the past Thankful Post!
Some times it is good to look back and 
remember all of those who poured into
 our lives,  and that helped get us to 
where we are today.  I am gonna
stop here since this post is pretty
long already..............

So really happy you could come by
and hope you will be as blessed 
reading about these dear ladies
as I was thinking about them.

If you missed part 1 of the Fall
guest bath changes,  just click here,
or scroll down.

So..... have a Wacky and Wonderful
Weekend!!  lol

Love,  Hugs and
Happy Fall Blessings,

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  1. I love the neutral colors in your home. You have a nice blog. Would love for you to share on Idea Box link party!

  2. Dearest Nellie. You were sent to me for a reason, my friend. I learn so much from you. What a special, special post. I am saving it so I can come back and read it over and over. What a moving tribute to so many women. You are sweetness personified. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. #1. I have surely enjoyed all the years of visiting your beautiful home!
    #2. You have been one of those ladies to me!
    #3. I couldn't have said it better for my mom. So many ladies of their time had it hard. Mom lost her mom when she was only 3 months old. Her dad did the best he could and when mom was about 9 years old her dad died and she was raised by an older married cousin (Floy.)
    #4. That reminds me of Ginny Hill (who taught me piano lessons for a year.)
    #5. Growing up in the Florida Keys we didn't have much contact with our relatives who lived in other states. But it was a joy when we did see them!
    #6. Much of our celebration and hospitality came from our Sunday dinners at church. It was an enjoyable time.
    #7. I'm so proud of what you did for mom after she had her stroke. I know they all are now free from any of this world's sorrows, hurts, and sadness.
    #8. My friend, Sylvia (from teaching at school) is this way. We have known one another for 31 years. I'm so glad our LORD has Christian friends that are so true.
    #9. Alice reminds me of the great qualities she has for nursing. She just turned 60 this September. She has been such a friend and help with dad and mom in their last days.
    #10. I think of what Christ said when we don't forgive others, He won't forgive us, that means the other person has to know we have forgiven them. I have found in forgiving others, it doesn't mean continuing to bring up the the past and rehashing over what was supposed to have been forgiven. I look to living in the present and not in the past. Each day brings us closer to our LORD and growing in His wisdom. Praise GOD, one Day we will not have any of these trials in this fallen world to ever exist again for we will be in our new bodies in heaven with our Awesome, Almighty, Creator, Savior, Holy Father GOD! Nothing that corrupts will ever exist there!
    Love you all, Susan


  4. My oh my! You certainly have had a variety of people in your life! I enjoyed reading what you've learned from their good (and bad) examples....


Special thanks to all who take the time to leave comments..........They are very encouraging and very appreciated. I enjoy every one of them so much!!
May the Lord Bless You!!

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