Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall changes to the Guest Bath - Part 1

Evening Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy,
 and enjoying life.........

I have been busy fluffing my nest
for Fall since last Thursday, course
didn't do much fluffing over the
 weekend, but started in again 
yesterday. Am getting there, and 
will hopefully finish up today or
 on Thursday. We are so enjoying
 the new look, and burning candles,
and we will definitely enjoy it more
 once I get everything put away, as
 there are boxes awaiting to put any
 leftover things in and my dining
 room table is full, well, not very
full now, but messy looking.

Thought I would share some photos
of our guest bath all gussied up
for Fall........... it has been
done for a few weeks now.

It all started with this nice shower 
curtain Dee gave me back in the spring.
She was no longer using it, and I had
 been looking for something like this
 last Fall to give the room a new look,
but had a hard time finding any, and
the one I did find, that I really loved
turned out to be the wrong color, as
had a greenish tinge to it rather than
being the cream color it looked like.

The only expenditure I had on this
room was for the new ball like gold
shower hooks, think they were like
$10 at Target, but I thought they

Here's a look as you are walking in......

Just to the right as you walk in is our
 sink area.  This is the right side of
the vanity.

I made these pictures from the
 wallpaper on the opposite wall
some years back.

These pictures too.  
This is the left side of the vanity.
Decided to use this double topiary, 
in here, it used to have lights in it, 
 and it was so much prettier with 
the lights, but unfortunately they
couldn't be fixed! Put the topiary
in a metal ivy shelf to add more
architectural interest.

Had this raffia bow I used on something
 else, so just threw that on it and stuck a 
pine cone on the top.  Works for me!

Love to use natural elements especially
in the Fall..........love all these acorns
and tiny pinecones, and some palm
seeds Scott gave me, as a base for
the topiary.

Always nice to have some lotion handy
for your guests, and some pine cones
to say Happy Fall......

You can see the wallpaper better here,
I know..... it is old, but I still love
it.........and really like how it looks
with the new shower curtain and
just green, cream and white

with colored pencil affect

Decided just to make it a 2 part post 
rather than flood you with pictures on
just one post.  So hope you will come
back on Thursday to see the rest.

So nice you could come by today,
and hope you have a good day
tomorrow.  I am headed to beddie
bye land,  I am exhausted as I am
in my lack of sleep cycle.......
Such fun!!  lol

Happy Fall Yall!

She will finally be arriving in just
an hour and a half.....sure wish
she was bringing some Fall
weather with her,  but it will
be about another month or so

Love,  Hugs,
and Wonderful Fall Blessings,


P.S.  If you would like to see part
2 of this post, just click here.

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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Looks great Nellie! I love your new shower curtain, topiary and the pine cones are the perfect finishing touch for fall.
Happy fall sweetie!

Mimi said...

Nellie, love it all. That soft green is one of my favourite colours! The little ball hooks for the shower curtain are really stylish too. Mimi xxx

Unknown said...

The fall elements are so cozy in the bathroom. I hadn't thought to decorate there, but with just a couple pieces it really gives a warm feeling!

Jennifer@MyFlagstaffHome said...

I love your guest bath! So homey! We have a pinecone-themed guest bath and yours reminded me of it. Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


sistersusiesays said...

I really like the shower curtain! It is so pretty and goes great with your wallpaper! Fall is here tomorrow with cooler weather maybe a couple of degrees cooler, ha! Love you all, Susan

Cyndee said...

Nellie, thanks so much for linking up with us at Idea Box/Christman's Creations. I just love your pretty bathroom and the Fall decor that you chose.

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