Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Coffee Table and Blueberry Vinegar Recipe

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope your week is going well,
 and you are maybe having some
 cooler weather.

Our's is a tad cooler,  typically it is 90 degrees
but right now, it is 80, but only because it has
been overcast all day and rained a few times,
 as we are getting rain from a tropical storm
 that is out in the Atlantic Ocean. 
 Fortunately, at this point it doesn't look like it
 is a threat to us here in Florida, but we still
 have to keep our eye on it the next few days.
These storms have a mind of their own 

Remember I told you a few weeks ago that
I was making Blueberry Vinegar, and that
it was so easy.......but had no idea how it
would taste.......but since then I have tried
it as a salad dressing and on some turnip
greens,  and it was great.  The reason I
love it so much is because it tastes like
vinegar but isn't so tart,  really has a
great flavor.  So will stick the recipe
in here somewhere!  lol  For those of
you who like to make food gifts, this
would be a good one to make.

Am also gonna show you our Fall Coffee 
table today too, since I don't have any
pics of making the blueberry vinegar. 
Wish I had thought of that, but oh well.

I just love these white ceramic pumpkins,
got them at Hobby Lobby, if I remember

Same picture With posterized affect

Also used 2 cloth pumpkins that I love
as well, that were gifts from my friend
 Becky over @ Timewashed.
She makes some really cute and classy
 pumpkins, and has an etsy shop as well,
  so go check her out.  Just click here

These are all Fall leaves I got several years 
ago when we visited our daughter in 
Asheville, N.C.,  I preserved them,  so I 
could use them again.  

with Poster edges affect

Added in some dried hydrangeas, nuts, 
 apples and candles.

All the above pics were taken without
 flash and the pumpkins look a lil bit
too yellow.

Took some with the flash and they came
 out looking a bit too white, cause they
 are really a creamy white.

Cut my table runner in pcs. and used 
it in 3 different places in this room.

Now for the .......

Blueberry Vinegar Recipe


2/3 cups of crushed blueberries, 
fresh or frozen (I used fresh)

2  cups of quality white wine vinegar

1/4 cup of pompeian Pomegranate
infused red wine vinegar, or you
could use pomegranate juice I 
would think.

3/4 cup of water (to mix with the
pomegranate vinegar)

2 pinches of sugar


In a bowl crush up fresh berries,
(You might need to thaw frozen
ones first.)  I put them in a bowl
then put plastic wrap down in the
bowl to cover them,  then mashed
them carefully with a potato masher.

Place the blueberries and vinegar in
 the jar. then mix the pomegranate
 vinegar and water together, then add
 it and the other ingredients to the jar.
(If using a glass canning jar, which I
did, place plastic wrap over the mouth 
of the jar and then the metal lid and 
screw on metal top. This prevents
 any risk of the vinegar contacting
 with metal.)  

Once lid is in place,  shake the jar
well and put to the side to steep for 
3 days. Shake it some every day
 for 3 days.

After 3 days you strain the vinegar,
they say to use cheese cloth,  I
didn't have that,  so I used coffee
filters and it worked just fine. I
just put  the filters inside my 
plastic colander and put it over
 a deep bowl that has a spout.

Now pour into suitable bottles,
using a funnel will make it easier.
I  cleaned and used the white wine
vinegar bottle and the old blueberry
 vinegar bottle that I kept so I would 
remember what I was looking for 
hoping to find it somewhere.) Since
I couldn't find Pompeian Bluebery
vinegar anywhere and saw some
simple recipes decided to give it
a try,  and so glad I did.........

I tweaked this recipe a little after
I read the ingredient list on the
bottle of blueberry vinegar I had
Previously.  So I added the pome-
granate vinegar, water and sugar.
But you can actually just use the
first 2 ingredients, course can't
guarantee the taste.............

It really is great, and would look
really good in cute lil bottles as
a Gift..................it is a beautiful
dark purple color, much like
grape juice.  You can use it
for salad dressings, marinades
or on your collards, kale,or
turnip greens as well.

Who knew it could be so easy!!

Nice of you to stop in today and hope
You got more in the mood for Fall
by being here.

Have a great week ahead,

Love, Hugs and
Fall Blessings,

P.S. - If you happen to be a Ben Carson
fan, just want to say....he has not dropped
out of the race,  I think the main stream
media would like us to think so, since
they have chosen not to cover much
information about him lately, so just in
 case you didn't know he is in 2nd place
right behind Donald Trump, they are
pretty much neck and neck............

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Mimi said...

Nellie our homes are similar! Same colours and tones, same wooden floors! I love your Fall décor and the blueberry vinegar sounds divine! Your presidential race is always interesting. It will be an eye opener I think. Love, Mimi xxx

NanaNor's said...

Autumn Blessings to you Nellie! Love your decorations, especially the pumpkins from Becky. Your blueberry vinegar sounds delicious-I will definitely have to try making some. Life has been so busy here that I hardly ever get to visit any blogs anymore, but know I so appreciate you!
Hugs, Noreen

Unknown said...

Nellie, thanks for coming by! I love your preserved leaves! That's something I need to learn to do.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Your coffee table vignette is just lovely, Nellie! Those ceramic pumpkins are gorgeous!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

I too love your fall decor and pretty pumpkins.
Thanks for sharing how to make blueberry vinegar.
Enjoy the weekend.

Jennifer@MyFlagstaffHome said...

What a beautiful table display! Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the recipe and also for the update on Ben Carson. He seems like a great candidate!

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