Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday October 1, 2015, Fall Mantle

Praise be to the LORD, 
for he showed me the wonders
 of his love
Psalm 31:21

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope all is well with you and yours!
Bet some of you are having cooler
weather,  and I am jealous, cause
I am so ready for some crisp cool
Autumn Air.............

Has been a quick week here, 
seems like it just flew by, and can
hardly believe today was Oct. 1st.

Thought I would add in my Fall
Mantle Pictures today and get

I am thankful

that I went for my routine physical
when I did,  as they found I had a 
bladder/kidney infection that I didn't
even know I had, as I was not having 
symptoms, so have been taking
antiobiotics since last Friday.

The Left side of the mantle

With Posterized affect

that I have had no problems with
the antibiotics thus far. I have never
taken sulfa drugs before and was a
bit concerned as my paternal grand-
mother had a bad reaction to them,
and I take after her in a lot of ways.
Tomorrow will be my last day, so
far, have not had any unusual 
symptoms.  Shew!

Still the left side of mantle

for a cute new pumpkin I got last
week.  Don't know what it is about
pumpkins,  but I just love them.

Right side of mantle
Have to say I have really enjoyed 
these gold pumpkins I got on sale
in late fall from Michael's about 
3 yrs ago, Great deal......

that I finally got my Fall decorating
finished on Saturday and now I 
can just relax and enjoy it all.

Right side of mantle

With Posterized affect

that our son Scott who works as
an Agricultural Salesman,  has picked
up some really large contracts lately.
So that made him a happy guy!

Without the pic light

that it has been nice and sunny with
beautiful  clear skies the last few days,
still in the 90's on those days,  but 
sometimes with all the rain we have
had the last few years, I am wonder-
ing if we still live in 
Sunny Florida.  lol

With Light on....gotta get some
 wood in that

that we got to work in the back yard
some tonight in a much needed area.
Was also amazed at how much we
accomplished in 45 mins. or less.
More to do,  but seeing the progress
just spurs me that!

Left side of hearth

for Taco Bell as that is what we
are having for din din tonight,
can hardly wait, as we haven't 
had any in quite some time.

for a situation that has been very
frustrating and stressing to me this 
week and everytime I think I have
 it resolved..... it  isn't!!  
So this one is a sacrifice
of praise....Will be one happy
lady when it is resolved.  lol

On the center of hearth
A Tag from a Sweet Friend

for some gluten free sugar cones
that I found by accident at Target
this week,  and they really taste
good too............

on right side of hearth

that the Lord is always there to talk
to any time we need or want to spend
time with him.  He never sleeps, He
never slumbers!  I have been doing
lots of talking to him this week for
sure.............and it just melts away
the aggravation and stress and I
come away feeling peaceful again.
What a friend we have in Jesus!

to hear that Ben Carson has raised the
most money of any of the candidates,
love that the mainstream media has
not hurt his campaign with their unfair

Well, there you have it.....another week
at Cozy Place.

Nice to have you here,  hope you will come
again soon...............or maybe leave a 
comment saying you were here!

Have a great Friday and Weekend!

Love Hugs,  and
October Blessings,

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  1. Nellie, I am so pleased you are okay. I was concerned when the page disappeared. I guess you felt yuk with the antibiotics. I always do. I am in LOVE with your fireplace. We have a pot belly stove type with a window, but it's nothing like your brass one. Oh be still my beating heart. It is beautiful! Loving the gold pumpkins too. Who knew there was such a! Lovely post from a lovely person. Mimi xxx

  2. Absolutely lovely, Nellie! Pumpkins, in any shape or form (real or faux) make me happy, too!

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Love your decorating style. Everything always looks so pretty. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi Nellie! Oh, your mantel is beautiful! Love your golden pun'kins! Sorry to hear about your infection but glad you didn't 'feel' any symptoms. I so enjoyed reading about what you're thankful for! We are so blessed and our God is good! Have a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. You mantle came together beautifully!
    Hope this week unfolds with health and brings resolution to your aggravating situation.

  6. Nellie, so glad to hear you are ok. Your mantel is beautiful. Those ivory colored pieces are very pretty and classical so you can have them forever and update the other pieces to go with the trends. Thanks for sharing with us and stay well.


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