Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thankful Thursday Sept. 10, 2015, Coastal Bedroom #4

When Jesus spoke again to the people,
 he said, "I am the light of the world.
 Whoever follows me will never 
walk in darkness,
 but will have the light of life."
John 8:12 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Has your week flown as quickly as mine?

Shew, can't believe it is Thursday already,
but at the same time I am quite happy and
excited about it.... as our Dee should be 
here by tomorrow evening.

I am so enjoying the Fall Home Tours

this week over at Marty's, and in case
you don't know about it,  just click
here and it will take you there!

The only Fall decorating I have done so

 far, is the guest bath. was gonna do more
 but decided I didn't want the house to be
 in possible disarray while Dee is here and
 then it will give me something to look for-
ward to, once she goes home, which is 
always sort of a bummer!!  So guess I will 
get started in next Tuesday the 13th.

Gonna show you the final post on our 
coastal bedroom today!  So guess I
had best get on with my thankful
list as well................

I am thankful

for a new smoothie recipe I saw
on someones blog last week, so
tried it out, and it was good!!

It is called Carrot Cake Smoothie.
and here is the link to the blog

I used all the ingredients she used but
 used Non Fat half and half, instead of 
the heavy whipping cream, and also 
added some coconut, gr. flaxseed,
 and pecans. No worries about it
being too thick.......

that hubby just decided to go online
for some reason to check to see if
 they had charged our credit card 
for a purchase he had made.

Cause he found some bogus charges 
that were just $1.00 processing fees
at a number of different central Fl.
locations, but the same Company.
 and had not actually been charged to 
our acct. yet, so we felt like some-
one had our card numbers and were
 just testing the waters, so we called
 the credit card Co., and they are
issuing us new cards, so bet some-
one is gonna be surprised the next 
time they try it out!!  lol

We think we also know when and where
 that might have happened because 
it was an unusual circumstance where 
we got subs and we both paid separately, 
and we never do that.........
and I am pretty certain the lady I had 
just had me swipe my card but the guy 
hubby had walked away from the 
register for some unknown reason,
with his, (he probably took a pic of it)
and it was that store where the bogus 
charges were made)
So folks check your credit card accts.
online fairly regularly, and if someone
walks away with your card, make sure
you check your acct. online for awhile
afterwards, as this could have turned 
out to be a real mess.

I really love how the Lord goes before
us and protects us in these sort of nudging hubby to
check that for no reason really.....

that Ben Carson seems to be coming
up in the polls more and more, as he
sure seems to be a good man and a
 good candidate for President. He sure
 has a lot of wisdom and bears the fruit 
of a man who loves God and is as
tired of all this political correctness
as I think we all are!!  I am
seeing his support Ben Carson logo's
all over blogland......and I think that's
 great!  I need to find out how to
get one for my blog...............

Our new toy area that we purchased recently...... 
Love everything but the picture on the right,
So still looking for something else to put there. lol

for a good time over at Scott and
Megans on Sunday, and some
really good take out Mexican food
from chili's.

A make shift wall pc. I threw together.  
Had the shadow box, and that cute lil 
polkadot fish. It came off a windchime
 I had that fell apart, so just added a few
 shells and some seagrass and thought
it added a bit of whimsy.


for the new movie that is out called
the "War Room".  What a great and
inspiring movie, Very motivating,
moving and challenging...........
Very highly recommend it!


for a date afternoon/evening out to
the movies (to see above said movie)
and a lil shopping, (altho I didn't find
anything I was looking for) and a
delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
Made for a Fun Labor Day!


for a Blueberry Vinegar recipe I 
found and made and it was so easy
 and it seems to taste good, but can't
wait to really try it on a salad or
greens to really be able to tell how it
tastes. I had bought some that was
 made by "Pompeian", and loved it, 
very good tasting and not so tart as 
red wine vinegar, and has quickly
 become a favorite of mine, but could
 never find it again anywhere,  so
 was looking to see where I could buy
 some and came across a few recipes, 
so decided to try and make my own
blueberry vinegar.  I will share the
recipe soon, and of course, it had
a few of my

Poster Edges affect

that my Sweet Sister-in-law went back
 to the Dr. concerning her 2nd broken hip 
(which happened back in July), and she
 got the all clear to go back to driving
 and life as it was.  Course, we are 
hoping it want be completely as it was
cause we are hoping she remembers
safety first and stays off the concrete
unless she has her walker.  He said
she seems to be healing well but wants
 to see her again in 2 mos. just to make
 sure she has healed completely. 
 Know she is over the moon happy 
about the news from her Dr. today!!
Congratulations Susan!


that our Publix Grocery store came out
with a new scone for the Fall (I suppose)
 They are cinnamon scones, and I really
love them, and if you have been 
following me long, you know this year 
we have been all about Scones, since
 they were a new discovery for us in
 2015!  Our favs are blueberry, lemon
 poppy seed, and a cherry, that taste like 
cherry cake donuts, and now the
 cinnamon ones.
Scones.....they are a good thing as
Martha would say!  Yum Yum!


a new marriage series we are beginning
in Sunday school this week, by Campus
 Crusade for Christ, called
 "Rock Your Marriage".
  Always great things to incorporate 
and learn to make your marriage
all it can be. I always say why
settle for hamburger when you
can chose to have steak by simply
learning new truths...........

This is how it really looks for now....
had a few more toys that didn't really fit,
that I had to put in the corner.


that our daughter Dee should be
coming in tomorrow night
 (Lord willing)
It will be a quick weekend visit, as
she has a wedding shower to attend
 for her old room mate of quite a few 
years.  We are beyond excited as 
always, better a quick visit than
no visit at

with colored pencil affect


for a much evidently needed nap
 this afternoon.  Feeling refreshed,
now time to go mow the yard!!  lol

Note: We finished the yard and it
 looks great for another week or so.

Always blessed and thankful to know

 you came by and are reading my blog.

If you missed Part 3 and would like
to see it,  just click here.

Hope you have a Delightful Friday

and Weekend,

Hugs and  Early September Blessings

to each of You,

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Mimi said...

Dearest Nellie, there is so much to love in this post. Thank the Lord that your husband checked the card...unbelievable timing! I hope your sister continues to improve and that your visit with Dee is cosy. I'm loving the coastal décor and your toy cupboard just looks like it was made to fit. Sending you love today. (And thanking your for coming over to share at Five Star Frugal too) Mimi xxx

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Such a wonderful post. I hope your sister feels better soon. Love your coastal decor, it is reminding me of years ago when I lived in south florida.

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