Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thankful Thursday Sept. 3, 2015 and Coastal Inspired Master Bedroom #2

The LORD is good to all;
 he has compassion on all he has made.
Psalm 145:9

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how ya doing??  Getting in the
 mood for Fall yet?? 

There seems to be something magical 
that happens to me when September
 finally arrives, even tho it is so awfully
hot out still..........a few days ago I was
in no mood for Fall,  but every since
it turned Sept..........I am magically
in the
It is truly an internal thing!!  Guess
that is because I love everything
about Fall (but, the hot weather) lol
We have all the wonderful holidays
to look forward too, and birthday
and Anniversary celebrations, and
soups, stews and chili's, pumpkin
pie, pumpkin butter and pumpkin
french toast and sweet potato pie
and pancakes.....oh I better quit
I am making myself hungry!!  lol
and just pumpkins all by them-
selves, I just love pumpkins...sigh.
I have no idea why!!  lol
Anyway, the only way we get a bit
of Fall is to manufacture it here
 in Florida with Fall decorations.
We have to fake ourselves out at
least until the end of October or
sometimes longer.

Thought I would show you pictures
from Part 2 of my coastal bedroom,
which really doesn't conjure up the
image of Fall,  but it is Fall treat
for us this year............and we
 really are enjoying it....
So with that said,
Guess I had better get on with
 my Thankful list......

I am thankful

that I got my family room furniture
all rearranged and ready for Fall
decorating last Friday.......wasn't
quite ready for the decorating yet
 since we weren't even into Sept. yet.  
but now that we are in Sept. I  am
actually ready now to start my Fall
decorating.  I have already started
in the guest bath.

for a really good movie we saw on
last Friday night called "Turn around
Jake".  It had quite a good story line.
Also it was nice to relax after work-
ing so hard on moving the family
room furniture around.  lol

The Right side of dresser.
Found these cute lil stick
on embellishments and
thought they would add
a touch of whimsy!

and the Left side

that we had a really fun time with
lil darling Sat. night,  while Mom
and Dad had some time out for a
date night...............and it gave us
a night out of the house too,  so
that was fun.............

Did you notice this was on the right
corner of the dresser on a lil stand.

with posterized affect.

that we finally finished a really
good book called
 "Heaven changes everything",
by Todd and Sonja Burpo,  it is
a sequel to "heaven is for Real"
If you haven't read them,  we
highly recommend them........
Having a heavenly perspective
sure helps you live this life with a
 much greater and contented way.
As far as I am concerned there
is no need for a bucket list here,
cause there is nothing here that
is ever gonna even come close to
 what the Lord has for his children
when they get to Heaven.

Just to keep it real,  my dresser doesn't
look this way all the time, I cleaned
up some paperwork and debri that
was there................actually I would
love for it to look like this all the time.

With poster edges affect

for rain, overcast skies and fans
as it was 98 degrees outside as we 
waited for our new A/C for 2 days,
 and actually we stayed pretty cool
due to those above 3 things and
as long as we didn't do a lot of
moving around the first day
and 2nd
on Tues. morning they brought
us a small portable A/C to put in
 our bedroom just at the right time
as it was sunny and getting hotter
all the time, so I have to say it
was like a slice of Heaven to be
able to escape some of that heat.

In the center of our dresser.....
Another cute lil tissue box from Target -
 love the lil whale,  so cute!

they said the new A/C was so
 efficient that it should cut our electric
bill in half,  so that was really good 
news, and they are installing a heat
 pump which means our heating 
will be better too, and it was only
$200 more, which was shocking
and a very nice surprise, and the
whole thing wound up being less
than we anticipated which is 
always a nice surprise.

Our reading area right next to the table I
 showed you in my Tuesday post.

for Mid-Florida Air, we have used
them for 35 years and they have
always taken great care of us.
If you live in the central Florida
area we would highly recommend
them to you for any A/C needs
you might have......and that is
strictly free advertising from 
satisfied and thankful customer.

A tea cart we use as an end table, on the other
end of the love seat, you can see part of it
from the  last pic

especially, for the 3 fellows that
 took care of us this time. One
 came out right away when we had
 the problem, and think he must
 have given our job to someone else
 cause he was so busy, so we had 2
 new fellows yesterday,  they arrived
at 9:40 am. and didn't finish until 
7:30 in the evening, and by the 
time did clean up and the bill and
we chatted they didn't leave this
almost 8:30. They ran into problem
 with the copper tubing and had to 
wind up going thru the attic, so it was
 a real ordeal for them in 100 degree
 weather yesterday and 89 degrees
 in the house, accept for our bed-
room, thank the Lord!! 
 I felt so awful for these poor guys, 
 and one of  them wound up having
 to go in the attic 3 times. Poor Guy,
but they both had such great attitudes
 and were so respectful and such hard
 workers, and it turned out they were
both christians, which we had 
thought they might be!
Very Nice Guys!

Showed you this last time but forgot I
 other pics that went with it.


for great take out from Tijuana
Flats (which has Mexican food
 in case you didn't guess that,
it was our first time to try them)
and we will definitely be going 
there again, and an italian place 
we have gone to before called 
Good Fella's, as this heat was 
certainly not conducive to
cooking this week for sure.
This just helped play into our
tropical resort theme too!!  lol

Love these lanterns

that lil darling is so flexible and
had no problem being shut up in
the bedroom for a good portion of 
the day, as they were putting the
new A/C system in.  we thought
 it would only be for a few hours,
but she was great and even took
 a nap, and slept 1hr and 45 mins.
Even with some very loud noises.
She is such a  lil trooper!

With Posterized affect


so very thankful to have our own
A/C unit working again so that
we can do stuff again.  Nothing
like being without it to make you
appreciate it even more.  Air con-
ditioning is one thing I am always
 thankful for, as I have had such
 bad hot flashes for years now, but
 even more grateful for it now.

for a really lovely and encouraging
compliment from a young lady from
some years back that I spent lots of
 time with when she was devastated
 and going thru a divorce with some
 very unusual circumstances, and
also had 4 children to take care of.
She is now doing that for someone
else and wanted me to know how
much it meant to her, and that
she was passing it on............
What a Special blessing.........

 With Poster edges affect

Well, this is Part 2 and I have at

least one more Part coming next


 Was so nice you could come by,
hope you enjoyed your visit and
come again soon.

If you missed Part 1 and would
care to see it just scroll down

Love, Hugs,  and Get excited
for Fall Blessings,  just in case
you need them..........


  1. I always enjoy your TT post, Nellie, I am so glad your AC is doing well, and like you I feel the same about Sept. even though it is hot here when Sept. rolls around, I just get so excited about Fall, and upcoming holidays.
    Your bedroom is so lovely, you did a great job, I especially like that you have a special place to read, I have two chairs but they aren't that comfortable! Thanks for sharing,
    Have a happy and blessed Labor Day weekend.

  2. Thank you for another TT post. I look forward to reading these as it puts things into perspective. We wintered in FL for 8 years and early on I started decorating parts of our Michigan house with the coastal look. Our main bath and our master bedroom all have touches of it. I'm so happy you got your AC taken care of. We had our furnace go out in winter one time. Lots of bundling and cuddling. Have a great week!

  3. Alright! It’s nice that the new AC is portable and energy-efficient. It's not every day that you'd come across such a brilliant deal. And with the 90-plus degrees weather you were having, it is really much better to sit and relax with that kind of convenience. Cheers!

    Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating

  4. Hi Nellie, thought I would return the visit! LOVE your coastal bedroom! I loved the first book, will have to add the sequel to my list. Blessings, Cecilia

  5. #1. I can hardly wait to see it in person!
    #2. Being "house ridden" I've watched much t.v.! After getting the okay next Wednesday, Sylvia and I are going to meet for our "brunch" on Thursday!
    #3. Baby sitting is so much more fun when it's your own sweetie pie!
    #4. Amen! I'll have to borrow them from you! I surely was overjoyed while reading Randy Alcorn's "Heaven!"
    #5. I thank the LORD for my a/c! I make sure I keep up with its maintenance!
    #6. That's what I have. with me running mine on 78 as well as the energy sufficient pump Eric put on the pool, my bill runs around $153.00 It has really helped too with the extra insulation in the attic, with heat reflecting material they tacked to the inside roof, and the solar attic fan. What a blessing that turned out to be!
    #7. YES! They are great! That is the company for 31 years (we) have had since the house was built in 1984!
    #8. They came out one time on a Sunday and took care of a problem mom and I had one time with the a/c. They definitely have crews to assist their customers (especially long time customers like us!)
    #9. I have missed the eating out!
    #10. WOW!
    #11. Another thing to think will be perfect for us in heaven, temperature!
    #12. I praise GOD for the love of Christians in time of need!
    Love you all, Susan

  6. This is such a neat idea. Thank you for linking up on the #HomeMattersParty this week. Hope you will come back and share again

  7. Hi Nellie,

    Your pretty coastal bedroom reminds me of the beautiful Aegean Sea, back home, on the island of Crete. Your September musings are cozy, and like you, I await the cooler weather, and all that autumn has to offer, after a very hot and humid summer in Toronto, Canada.

    Happy Tuesday!


  8. Hi Nellie :)

    Your Thankful Thursday post is such a lovely idea and you certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It's nice to "meet" you :)


  9. I love your mom quote in the sidebar. Mine said that too. Moms are awesome! Thanks for linking up at Your Inspired Design!


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