Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Coastal Inspired Master Bedroom

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds your week going well.
September 1st!!!  Ahhh.....
Can you believe it??  I am in a lil bit
in shock...........I have to say..... but
starting to get in the mood for Fall
now that I know it really is
 September already!!

Our Monday started out rather
different this week, our A/C went
out and I mean down for the count
out.....but have to say it was time
and better to have it happen now
so we don't have to worry about
it once hubby retires, if he ever
does!!  lol
However, it was 98 degrees out 
to be exact, so pretty warm in
 here unless I was sitting under a
 fan doing nothing,  so was a great
opportunity to have a really long 
chat with our daughter Dee since
she was off from work and then
 watch some TV............lol
It actually hasn't been too bad 
thanks to the rain, overcast skies 
and good ol' Fans. The A/C Co.
 actually brought us a portable
 A/C unit for our bedroom this
 morning, thank goodness, as it is 
sunny and hotter today, so we are
 sitting in our newly coastal styled
 bedroom and pretending to be in
 a tropical resort hotel.  lol 
 Might as well have a lil fun with
 it, right??........ cause the party will
 be over tomorrow we think....as we 
should be getting our new A/C then.

Also rearranged our family room
furniture last Friday as the first
step toward decorating for Fall,
and put up a shower curtain Dee
 gave me, that I have been saving
 for Fall in our guest bath.
  Both look great, so am starting
 to get my Fall groove on.......lol

Guess I had better get on with
telling you about how I decided
to go postal , I mean, coastal!!

It all got started with these new
double gourd lamps you see in
these pictures.  One of the last
times my daughter was here she
 was admiring the pretty wood
 lamps I had that my mother had 
given us as a housewarming gift
 over 38 years ago.  As you can
imagine after having them so
long a change sounded wonder-
ful to me,  so I asked Dee if she
would like to have them since
I would like to get some new
ones anyway. Much to my de-
light she said yes,  so before
we went to Asheville in July,
 I ordered the gourd lamps in
 cream, when I really liked the
 blue ones best (because some
 times I am too practical for my
 own good), then they came and
I didn't like the cream at all, as
they just blended into the walls
and wanted to kick myself cause
they went off sale and I am now
thinking great, Dumbo, You
should have gotten the blue 
ones to begin with!!   So we
went ahead and took the wood
ones up to her, and she put drum
shades on them, and they look
 fabulous with her white formica
 bedroom furniture. Meanwhile
I was looking for lamps online
and wasn't finding anything
I really liked as well, then just
the day before we came home
up pops these blue lamps again
on sale from Penneys at the
same price as before,  so I
ordered them right away
and got them just a few days
after we got home, and we
really love the look, and then
I was thinking about doing
the living room or family 
room with a few coastal
touches and then thought
these lamps are the perfect
color for a coastal look....

So began the new look with my
night stand.

I have a throw that matches my bed
 quilt, so decided to flip both over, to
 the striped side which looks more 
coastal to me, anyway. Have these
lil starfish tags I bought in the $1
section at Target a few years back,
so straight pinned one to the pillow
for my rocking chair.

Reversed bed quilt with reversed
 pillow sham and a few pillows with
 beachy words.

With posterized affect

Corner table  by our love seat 
where we like to read..............
Decided to use some palmetto
palms from the yard.

and my cute lil ocean bird and
 fish bowl and shell

Here is the final tweaking for
 my night stand. Absolutely 
love these lil starfish dishes
Dee and Jerry gave me.

Hubbies night stand.

As I was tweaking I had a blue
 scarf left over that I typically use 
with my coastal decorating, so 
decided to use the throw that was
on the rocking chair on the head
board and put the scarf on the 

We both liked the look,  but it didn't
last long, as it fell underneath the bed
 the first night we slept with it there, 
so much for that great idea!!  lol
Course, I could probably find a way
 to make it stay there if was really 
motivated,  which I am not!!  lol

With Photo copy affect

This is the finally look on the bed.
Since I was no longer using the 
coastal things in the guest
 bedroom, I swiped another
couple of pillows and signs,
and liked it much better!
So that was a final tweak.  lol

 with colored pencil affect

with posterized affect

The only $$ spent on this room
were for the lamps, everything
else I already had.

Well, this is the end of Part 1,
there will be a Part 2 and maybe
Part 3 and 4 to come......

Thanks for coming by and

hope you enjoyed your visit.

Love, Hugs and

Coastal Blessings,

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  1. Wild applause from me, dear Nellie. What a gorgeous makeover for the price of a lamp or two! I love the combination of colours and the clever little tags with coastal themed wording. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. What a great job with the coastal bedroom decor, Nellie, everything looks so fresh!
    Our downstairs AC went out earlier this spring, we were so blessed they installed it the same day,. Our fingers are now crossed that the upstairs unit keeps going. as you probably know they aren't cheap. ~smile~
    How nice that the lamps were kept in the family and now Dee gets to enjoy them.

    I haven't visited lately simply because I am not been blogging, as we had family visits, and working on some outside projects! Hope all is well at your cozy place!

  3. What a beautiful way to decorate!! Living in AZ and never being near a coast, I could fake myself out and feel that I'm at the beach, even though I'm in the mountains!! :) Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  4. What a nice make over. Everything looks great! I am visiting from the #HomeMattersParty #53 and hope that you will visit me too at http://www/portraits-by-nc.com/blogs

  5. I just love all of your cute accents. Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!



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