Friday, April 8, 2016

Thankful Thursday April 7, 2016, floral pics from Asheville

I will give thanks  to the Lord
because of his righteousness
and I will sing praise to the
 name of the Lord Most High.
Psalm 7:17

Greetings and Salutations
 Sweet Friends,

Hope it has been a good week 

where you are, and that you are
Loving Spring!!

Have to say it has been a good
week and we truly are loving
Spring......everything looks so

Thought I would show you some
pics from Asheville that we took
while walking in the neighborhood. 
Spring was still waking up there,
 as you can see by the pics  below

These were taken off her back porch 
 and in her backyard on Easter Sunday.

Make sure to click on one of the pics
to enlarge them all for better viewing

 but there are some amazingly
 beautiful trees that you will see
 perking up the neighborhood.  
My friend said they were called
 "Red Bud" trees

and there were some right next
door to their house.

Here is a close up of the branches
of a Red Bud tree. They are just
such gorgeous trees............

   Some pics
 almost look like Fall,  and I should
 have gotten my camera out on one
of the sunny days instead, but guess
 I was too busy having fun in the sun
and lazing around!!  lol

Guess I will get on with my
 Thankful Post..................

Hasn't been a real eventful week
here really, pretty much just getting
 settled back in, unpacking, going
 thru mail, etc, you know the drill. lol


I am thankful

That we had an uneventful and
beautiful bright sunny day trip
home from Asheville.  We typically 
have rain especially in S. Carolina,
 think this was our first time to pass
 thru there without it,  so that was
 really nice.

that I got all my unpacking done
very quickly, and we are settled
back in.............

that I got all my Easter decorations
taken down and replaced those 
with Spring type decorations.


that I got to see our lil darling on
Wed. - it has been 2 weeks since
I have seen she was a
 sight for sore eyes. Amazing the 
changes in 2 weeks, I realized
all of a sudden just how quickly 
she is growing up and it made 
me a bit sad to think about it...
but such is life, and we had a
  really fun day, as we need to
take every opportunity to 
enjoy this time.


for the sweet responses from
our lil darling that are new....
Like when I said I missed her,
she said she missed me too,
and when I told her I loved 
her, she said I love you too. 
Treasures for the heart!

Don't know what this big white tree
is called but it might be a "Crabapple
tree" had more blooms on
it before it rained, wished I had gotten
the pic sooner..............

  for even more cards and face-
book birthday wishes that came
 in this week.  They were surely
a sweet surprise.........


that one of our Sunday School
students passed her nursing
exams and is officially a nurse
now.  she is a really sweet girl
and I am sure she is gonna be
a great nurse.

for interesting things that happen
 in our lives, that make us wonder
 what the Lord is up to..............

I have been contacted by 6 people

 from my past in the last few weeks.
One because her daughter passed
away, one because her husband
passed away,  both were previous
neighbors. I will also be seeing more
 of the first ones family members
 that we knew and possibly some of
our other old neighbors from when
 we lived in S. Florida, at the funeral
 tomorrow. Even tho, it is a sad event
I am looking forward to seeing them
all again..............

This is a close up of the
white tree.  If you know what
the tree is called, please by
all means, tell us....

that hubby brought home 
Bagels from Panera.......especially
the Asaigo cheese ones.  I just love
them toasted with Butter........yum!


that it isn't hard to have a credit
card cancelled quickly, and was
able to be done by hubby.  I was
in Dollar tree yesterday and was
waiting in line, and went ahead
and got my credit card out, and
have no idea what happened to
it...........I feel like possibly I laid
it down a moment and someone
grabbed it, cause I searched thru
my purse and wallet numerous
times, and looked on the floor by
where I was standing and asked
and called again later to see if any-
one ever turned it in and nothing!
Fortunately, if it was stolen they
got no chance to use it.

for beautiful " Red Bud" trees
 that are so gorgeous and really
wake up the landscape.......
and "Forsynthia bushes" which
do the same and you will see
 next week.

for my trusty lil  Lumix point and
shoot camera that takes all my pics.
What would I do without her!!  lol


Well, Sweet folks, that's it for today.

Hope yall have a really lovely

Thanks for stoppin' by and hope
to see ya back real soon.

Love and Blessings,

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Cheryl said...

What a lovely post, dear friend! I loved seeing all of your pretty pictures. Thankful you got to be with your loved ones again, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! If I am not mistaken, that tree looks like either a Bradford Pear tree or a Dogwood. We have a Bradford Pear tree in our yard, and it looks just like it in your pictures. But, I am no expert, so I could be totally wrong. I have a hard time distinguishing between the Bradford Pear and the Dogwood. And, we have a cherry tree that even looks similar to these. I am so thankful you got your credit card cancelled quickly so as to avoid any fraud. May the dear Lord bless you always and keep you in His care!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thank You Cheryl, happy you enjoyed it......
I really did have a wonderful birthday and week..........
I know it's not a dogwood as I have seen those before, but maybe it is a Bradford Pear tree.
They have some japanese cherry trees too, but by the time I went to take a pic the rain the
day before had knocked off all the blooms, same as with the white tree you saw in the pics.
Yea, that whole thing with the credit card was bizarre.......I only remember taking it out
of my wallet and was standing in line just one person in front of me, and when it was my
turn all of a sudden I didn't have it anymore.......we called the credit card Co. within 10
mins of it happening so we have seen no think they cut it off so quickly
they couldn't have used it anyway, but so thankful hubby got to them so quickly.
Well sweetie, the Lord's blessings to you and yours as well,
Have a great weekend,
Blessings, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Also Cheryl...........forgot to say thanks so much for coming by and for all your warm comments.
Your such a blessings...............

sistersusiesays said...

#1. I hope there wasn't much traffic or wind!
#2. Packing all undone, clothes washed, and back in their place!
#3. You must have a big storage area for all your pretty decorations!
#4. Sweety Pie's growth really shows to me since I don't see her that frequently!!!
#5. I love to hear her call me Aunt Susie
#6. How wonderful. I got more this year from the ladies in Bible study.
#7. I know she must be so excited!
#8. It is sad, but it is a joy that's waiting when the LORD reunites us all again!
#9. I love their breads. Alice (my neighbor) and I have gone there in the past.
#10. Praise the LORD! The credit card companies are good to not charge you if someone did charge something on it. That is frightful.
#11. That's how I feel about rose bush, bougainvilleas, crepe Myrtles, and Powder Puff Bushes!
#12. I don't take many pictures much anymore. To think about it, I don't know where my camera is! I'll have to look for it tomorrow!
I love you all. Love Susan

Rebecca said...

Yes! The redbud and dogwood blossoms are among the most beautiful in the world!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Rebecca,
Yes, I have to agree about the red buds.....and I think dogwoods are pretty too, but haven't
seen any since I was a kid unless those white trees are dogwoods but if I remember correctly
dog wood blossom are larger than those.
Thanks for coming by hon..........hope you are doing well.
Blessings, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
Actually, it was a perfect day traveling, and there was a lot of traffic but on the other side of the road leaving Florida.........fortunately for us. It was the same way going cause I
guess people were coming into Florida for Spring break and leaving when we came home. lol

Since we have an empty nest, I have more storage in the kids old closets!! lol

Thanks for coming by and for all your warm comments.

Have a good day,
Love ya, Nellie

The Stonybrook House said...

So sweet! Loved reading your thankful thoughts! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Lory,
Thank you for coming by and leaving your warm comments.
and thanks for allowing me to share at Dishing it and digging it as well.
and thanks for hosting too.......

Have a great week,
Blessings, Nellie