Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Best Household Tips #6, and Kitchen Breakfast table

Hello Sweet Friends,
and Happy May to you!

Hope your day has been more
fun than mine............

He I had to get a root canal today.
Have to say it was painless, but
did experience some unusual
things. For some reason right
after they gave me the shots my 
hands started shaking some and
it was like I could feel some
thing was strange all thru my
system, but thank the Lord it
only lasted a few minutes and
then went away. Have never
had that happen before..........
 I was also having some trouble
swallowing, think because I was 
so numb, but it sort of made me 
feel panicked everytime I tried to 
swallow, but then I would be able
 to and it would stop until the next
time.  Was very very happy my
procedure only lasted 45 mins.
instead of an hr.to hr.and a half.
  The novacaine
has finally worn off and now
I am feeling sore, from where
I got the shots,  but other than
that I am fine. So praying that
this saves the tooth,  but want
even know for another 2 weeks
or maybe longer...........
Afterwards I went Mother's Day 
shopping for one of our favorite
Mom's.......so that added a lil fun
to the day at least.

Yesterday, I decided to play a 
little.  I had already changed
up the vignette on my kitchen
table weeks ago.  The sign was
a birthday/vacation present that
 we got at Cracker Barrel when 
we went to Asheville the end
of March...but had just not had
time to take any pics yet.
So decided to set a breakfast
table to go with it just for the fun 
of it, which later turn into our
 dinner table.
My playing is usually useable
 in the end.  lol  So that is where
the pics came from that you
are seeing in this post.

So on with my Tips!!

Sick of Soap Scum??

A new way to get soap scum off
your tile is to use dryer sheets.
It is amazing how well it works
but it does take a number of them
to do it, but it has a nice fragrance
while you are working. Think it
would probably work nicely on
shower doors as well, but don't
have any to try it on.........lol
So if you do... give it a go......

or  there is another way to get
rid of that soap scum, my daughter
just put me on to it recently, but
it is a bit of a smelly way too,
 it is called
"Kaboom, shower, tub and tile 
cleaner", it works great, I have
 to say,  but it is no green cleaner
 for sure, better open up the
 windows if you use this, as it
 is pretty strong, but have to say
 it does make quick work of it.

Saw this sign at Cracker Barrel
months ago, and like it, but it 
was $40. and I didn't like it that
much to pay $40, but the next
time I saw it in Asheville it
was only $20,  so decided it 
needed to come home 
with me.  lol

Tired of telling your children to
pick up their things ?

Then give them a box or basket
for them to pick up all their things
 (jackets, book bags, etc) at one
time and to take them to their room.
  I usually did it not long before bed-
time, as I did want them to feel like
they can live in their home. Upon
giving them the basket or box also
explain to them that if they fail
 to pick up their things, that Mom
 will confiscate the items and put
 them away and said child must
 buy them back @ 50 cents an 
item with their allowance money.
If they don't get an allowance
then they can do some chore
of your choice around the house
in order to retrieve the item.
 Only takes a few times of having
to buy it back, and they will
 happily  pick up their stuff......

This tip is a voice and Mother
Saver!!  lol

Going thru a very stressful time
like having someone in the family
in the hospital or worse?

I try to find ways to give me more
time and less work.  One is stop re-
cycling your trash temporarily during
that time, and use paper plates and 
cups. Buy a rotisserie chicken, and
 some veggies and dip, to have 
something in the house to snack on,
 and eat takeout if possible, and try
 to make as healthy a choice as 
possible,  as you don't need to be
getting sick on top of it all.

with posterized affect

Is your bedroom looking more
Shabby than Chic because your 
comforter really needs replacing,
but you just don't have a lot of
$$$ to replace it?

One way to make it look Chic again
is to purchase a  duvet cover, they
 are at least 50-70% less than a new
 comforter, you just put the old shabby
 comforter inside the new duvet and
 it looks great again, and many times
 they come with pillow shams to match.
 You can find great deals at places
 like Ross, Home Goods/TJ Maxx,
 Marshall's, Target, and Walmart.

Too many gadgets and utensils in
your kitchen drawers but you don't 
want to get rid of them, cause you
do use them at times, just not daily.

Then get a plastic shoe box or a reg.
shoe box and fill it with those items
that you don't use on a regular basis.
Then label it (extra kitchen untensils 
are whatever you have put in it) and
 store it in another place. I keep mine 
on a shelf in the garage right outside 
the kitchen door, so I can grab it any-
time I need it.  Works great for freeing 
up drawer space.  I also used the same 
method for jewelry.

Blueberry scones.....yum!
Haven't had those for awhile....

Love burning candles but don't
enjoy cleaning up the waxy mess

Just switch to tea light candles,
they only burn 4 hrs, but typically
that is long enough, and then you
just throw the lil tinholder away,
no clean up.......and if you have
a time when you want a colored
candle with fragrance you can 
splurge and buy "Yankee Candle" 
tealights, they  come in a clear 
holder so you can see the color
 of the candle, and they put off a
 wonderful fragrance as well.....

These tips are part of a series
 I started back in March..........
If you are interested in seeing
household tips #5, 
Just click here.
   and each post will take you
 to another, if you want!

Well, Happy you could come 
for a visit and hope you find
a tip that might be helpful.

Have a Delightful week!

Love, Hugs, and
First of May Blessings,


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  1. I need to use your idea of putting away some of the items in the kitchen drawers!

  2. Hi Ellis,
    Nice of you to come by and thanks for your comment.
    Glad you found a tip you could use..........

    blessings, Nellie

  3. Nellie, I've never had to endure a root canal and I'm so glad you pulled through it! Perhaps you had a reaction to the novacaine. I love realigned! Recently I have been burning up my votives. They can get messy and I dislike cleaning the holders.

  4. Thanks Donna,
    I have to say I have had 3 root canals in the last 3 -5 years, and they really weren't as
    awful as I feared they would be, cause none of them were painful, just uncomfortable cause
    of the rubber dam and wedge they used to prop your mouth open, but this one very odd in
    the ways I said.....I do think it was just from being so numb.....and possibly I did have
    some sort of reaction, so am wondering if maybe they used a different type of novocaine or
    something, as I have never had a problem with it before.

    Now please tell me what realigned is?? I have never heard of it ......
    Yes, these candle can get very messy and it can be time consuming to clean them as well.

    Hope you are doing well hon,
    Blessings and thanks for stoppin by,

  5. Hi, Nellie! Tell Jim thanks again for fixing my computer! I tried to change my blog and
    had a blue screen come up saying a virus...I turned it off immediately, then back on. It went through some start up functions, then I did a malware scan to make sure I didn't have a virus. So I deleted the website on my favorites.

    I use the Kaboom for my toilets. You let it sit overnight and the next day one swish takes care with no scrubbing.

    That's funny you got your sign while in North Carolina, ha! Maybe Cracker Barrel needs to know there are other places of getting their items cheaper (without them knowing it was in Ashville ha!

    Picking up my things at home needs to work with me too, lol!

    Tip #33 works for me since it's only me to cook for.

    Tip #34 I am able to wash mine in the washing machine. I hang it out in the washroom and by the next day it's completely dry and ready to put back on the bed!

    Tip #35 I have my most used in a carousel next to the stove with the others in a drawer.

    Tip #36 Some of my candles are so pretty, I don't want to burn them, ha!

    Great tips, Nellie. Love you all, Susan

  6. Hi Susan,
    Glad Jim was able to get you up and running again.

    I actually got the sign at another Cracker Barrel, it was just on sale by then. lol

    Yea, I can wash mine too, but I was talking about when they get old and faded and look
    shabby and in need of replacement.

    Those carousels are a nice help as well as they do help make more room in the drawers.

    I used to not burn some of mine or not use certain things for that reason 35 years ago,
    then one day I started to get a lace tablecloth out to use that was new that I been given
    as a wedding present, 11 or 12 years before, and then thought No, it might get messed up, and I heard the Lord say "what are saving it for.... you can't take it with you,
    and if it gets messed up you can get another one, and if not, you at least had the joy of
    using it...........and I thought Wow Lord, that is so true, cause I learned that from my Mom as she was always saving things for a rainy day, and had a lot of nice things she never even used once, and my Aunt got them all when she passed.......So my advice to you is burn those candles girl, God gave them to YOU to enjoy.........lol

    See ya on Sunday,
    Love ya, Nellie


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