Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Creating a new look by changing colors and decluttering............God's Remedy.

A sneek Peek.

Morning Sweet Friends,

How this finds you well and happy
and beating the heat!!  lol

I am well and very happy as my
daughter is coming in on Wed.
for a visit for a few days, and
I am staying indoors....Air
Conditioning is my friend!!  lol

Am finally getting around to do the 
post on our computer room/office. I 
have to tell you that for about the last,
 I would, say 4- 5 yrs, this room has
 had me totally stumped as to what
 to do with it. I was totally happy with
 it before that, but then I really needed 
a work table in here for my card 
making, so the TV we had in here
died, so that meant we had an en-
tertainment center that had no TV,  
which we hardly watched in here

so thought why don't we move it
 to the guest bedroom(hence the
 pic you see above) and move the
 drop leave table we had in
 there into the computer room. 
 Great idea right!!

So I thought.....
 until hubby needed
to upgrade our internet service so
 he could better work from home,
 Which is a good thing, but it also
 meant that where I was planning on
 putting the computer desk could not
 happen now... do to the stupid new
 internet hook ups, Now, don't judge
 me....I know I am not the only person
 who loves to decorate that is so thrilled 
with these electronics that we have
 to navigate.......am I right??
I digressed.....

So......it meant that the computer 
desk has to stay right where it is
(in front of the window which is nice 
but I was hoping for a lil change) or
we could move it to one other wall,
only it would look stupid....lol
as the existing furniture would be
too crammed together, so get my
drift......so since I couldn't do what 
I had planned I guess I sorta copped
 an attitude and just decided oh well,
it's just a work room anyway, so
who cares....then we started putting
some of the babies toys in here
and sticking things like cardstock
cutters and boxes under the futon
and electronics and old keyboards
under there and a few things under
 the table, then on top of the table
 too.  So it was just getting out of 
control and everytime I came in 
here I was frustrated cause I had
 thought and thought of ways to
 arrange it but never could come up 
with anything that I thought was
 gonna really look good.....and I
 am a woman who likes to make
 things look pretty and tidy and I
 know some of you will understand
 that disappointment. Oh and do you
 remember that I had even purchased
a new futon cover! That was because 
I had a $50 credit at Macys and was
 looking online for something to put it
 towards and happened on the futon 
cover which was tan as I already 
knew I wanted to go with a more
neutral color scheme. Then I found 
skirt to fit around the table for just
 $15 that would to hide my supplies
Now I purchased both of these items
while envisioning my new room, 
before we had even moved 
the table....lol

Then about 6 weeks or so ago, out
 of sheer frustration and sheer
I said Lord, I am so frustrated with 
this room, and just don't begin to
 know what to do with it....can you 
please help me figure something
 out ,this room is driving me crazy.
then I dejectedly went outside
 to sit in the sun to get some
Vit D and hopefully raise my
melatonin levels.........lol

I came back in about 15 mins.as
that is about all the heat I can take
 and all of a sudden I had this
 thought out of nowhere the minute
I set foot in the computer room........

Why don't you change the tablecloth
and get rid of all the red in here, and
 I was thinking yes, I am so over red.

Now that one thought.... 
got me started and many more came
 after that......as you have read......
 which I believe came from the Lord.....
You can call me crazy but I truly 
believe those thoughts were generated
by the Lord, as I had never had any
ideas like that before for this room so 

I know they were not my thoughts.

                                         So I went looking in my stash and
found a beige tablecloth with a 
blue topper,  so moved the babies
toys out of the room, and changed
up the table, then remembered I
had purchased a french look lamp

shade,  so changed that out, 

This swatch above was of the burgundy
 red tablecloth, I was so excited about the
 idea of getting rid of the red, I just plunged
 right in not even thinking about where 
this would take me, and never thought to
 take before pics, so I took a few to show
you some of the before fabrics at least.


This was the before lampshade
 and a peek at the fabric of the 
old futon cover.

Then put some new things on the 
table and was thinking oh wow, that
looks great with everything so far.

The New Look for the table
hard to see the lamp shade.....

So here's a pic without the
light on.........

Then I remembered about the futon
 cover I had bought years back....and 
some blue curtains I had used in our 
familyroom,  so got 
those out and hung them up and 
steamed them. But had to wait for
hubby to help me put the new
 futon cover on

This red check swatch below is a large
 napkin and I had 6 of them hooked
 together to make an over the window
 valance, which was cute, but ready
 for a change........for sure.

Here is the new look for the window
It made
for quite a nice change.  As I had 2
little french look plaques hanging on
each side of the window, so took them
down and the curtain hang over the
spot where the french plaques were.
Gave the window a whole new look,
which was what I was hoping for...

After I did the curtains the next thought
 was to get everything out from under the
 futon which we did that night, and after
we did it I wished I had remembered to
take a before pic,  but oh well....
I was amazed that just that lil bit of work
 I have told you about in this post had made
 such a huge difference in the room already,
 I couldn't believe it and I was ecstatic and
 hopeful, and thrilled that the Lord had 
answered my cry for help, and that He
 cared about how the room looked because
 I cared, and left me wondering why had
 I not thought to ask Him before now....
cause many times I do when I am doing
 a table, or anything I am having trouble 
coming up with an idea......

Reminds me of that scripture in
James 4 that says you do not have
because you do not ask God, or
you ask with wrong motives.

So this wasn't just a decorating 
experience....it was a spiritual
experience as well....in which
I am so grateful for...........

This is quite long already so guess
there is gonna have to be a few more
posts,  so stayed tuned for next 
Tuesday for more of the story.

Sorry there weren't more after 
pics but there should be in the
next post............

Have a Fabulous Week,

Love, Hugs and
Spiritual/decorating Blessings,


Sister Susie Says said...
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Sister Susie Says said...

Sorry about that!
WOW! I can't believe how great it all looks! I meant to go in and see it when I was there last night, but got to playing with Sweetie Pie and forgot!

I know what you mean about the internet! Every time they change the format, it takes me awhile to learn it. Then by the time I get it down pat, they change it again!

I surely enjoyed seeing everyone, Sharon too! Thank you for inviting me! (I had to rewrite the post because of the word "seeing" I had accidentally had a w instead of s in the word seeing, ha! I usually always proof read it before I post it! Love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

No problem, it happens to everyone at times......

Thanks Susan, I am very happy about it for sure....

Glad you had a good time.......think we all did....

Love, Nellie