Sunday, July 30, 2017

Scripture Sunday - The Angel of the Lord

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends,

Here's the Verse of the day!

The angel of the Lord encamps 
around those who fear him, and
he delivers them.

Psalm 34:7 NIV

This has long been a favorite
verse of mine, and was such
a comfort to me many years
ago when my husband used
to travel and be away from
home every 6 weeks for a

I would be fine as until bedtime,
by then the kids would be sound
asleep and I would be trying to go 
to sleep and it seemed like I would
hear every creak or tiny noise, and
it would scare me.

A few times I put the radio on low
 to drown out any noise, but didn't
 think that was a good idea as I might
 need to hear a noise if someone was
tring to break in or if one of the kids
were to get sick and try to call for me
and I might not hear them.

Then, one night when I heard a noise 
that positively scared the life out of 
me......I just laid in bed and started
 quoting  "The angel of the Lord 
encamps about those who love him,
and I love him so his angels are
stationed all about my house",  so
I was quoting a verse and making
my own statement, and envisioning
his angels all at the same time.,
 and I just kept
saying it outloud to myself, over
 and over again and then the fear
 just left me!
So He truly had delivered me 
from my fear.........and from
anything that might have been
out there...........and he has done
that in many such situations.....
So it became my go to verse
anytime I feel scared......

If you have never tried it,  I would
encourage you to do there
is power in God's word!

Hugs and Blessings,

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  1. Dearest Nellie, I love this. I too, am a nervous one when home alone. What a beautiful way to find some peace and courage. Love, Mimi xxx

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  3. Well Said Sister Susan and Thank You Nellie for the Bible Verse.
    It is a blessing to be able to know GOD'S WORD by heart and then saying it Out Loud because it never returns to HIM void, and Psalms 34:7 is indeed comforting and sustaining.

  4. Hi Mimi,
    Always great to hear from you hon. Hope this finds you doing well.
    Thanks as always for coming by and for your encouraging comments.

  5. Hi, Nellie,
    It's been fifteen years now that I've been by myself. I guess I've never thought of being afraid since I have always had big dogs! But there was one night when a firm banging came on my front door to find out it was a Sheriff's Deputy checking the houses on our caldesac because the near by convenient store had been robbed! That was scary to be awakened at 2:00 A.M. out of a sound sleep by a loud rapping on the door and my dogs barking like crazy!

    Part of my prayer time has always been praising the LORD for His promises, His protection, and His provisions. One of the scriptures I like is Matthew 10:28, "Do not be afraid of those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the One Who can destroy both the body and soul in hell." A fear (that Satan uses on me from time to time) is permanently becoming disabled by some painful, prolonged debilitating disease where everything has to be done for me. But then the LORD reminds me to take each day as it comes and that His grace is sufficient for me and to always look to the great hope we have in Jesus Christ that one day we will be forevermore with Him where there will never be these fears and worries ever again, hallelujah to His Holy Name. Love you all, Susan

  6. Morning Susan,
    Amen to your last paragraph.....
    Seems like the enemy is always trying to throw something at us to try to get us to fear or
    worry or be upset about........but knowing and applying God's word helps us overcome those
    things. God was so good to give us His word......Jesus used it to thwart Satan and so can
    we......and as you said, the Lord wants us to take one day at a time.....cause each day has
    enough trouble of it's own........taking it a day at a time makes living down here a bit easier.
    Thanks for coming by and for your wise comments,

  7. Morning Elizabeth,
    Great to hear from you and hope this finds you well and happy. Will have to come by and
    see what you are working on these days.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your affirming comments. God was so good to give us His word
    to help us in so many ways.......Memorizing a very good thing!!

    You take care and come again soon,


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Scripture Sunday

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