Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Early 4th of July Table...

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a lovely celebration
of our Nations Birthday yesterday or
some time close to the 4th of July.

We didn't do anything on Tuesday as we
 had a family gathering on Sunday so that
 we could visit with our nephew and his
 family while they were here in town.

It turned out to be a really great time
 for everyone, and was so good to see
them all as it had been a long time.

So since it was so close to the 4th,
 I just decided to do a 4th of July
 table theme.  So what you see here
is the results.............

Lil darling is sleeping so will see
if I get this finished before she
wakes up.......

Since it is summer, we are always more
 laid back around here and I many times 
just use paper goods or plastic ware. 
So since we were doing a buffet as 
there were twice as many of us. just
decided to set the table with silverware 
and napkins and used Hefty red plates
and cups.

When I decided on doing a 4th of July theme,
 the first thing I did was start looking for any-
thing red or blue that I had in the house.
Love shopping the house cause you find
things you forgot you had

Found some remants from the ticking stripe
paper I used for another table recently, so
decided to roll it up and put it in a clear
glass cylinder I had and stick some red
amarillos I had taken out of my office/
computer room as I began redecorating
it.  The flowers needed a bit more as I
only had 3 then I remembered I had all
these flags,  so just stuck a few in and
looked pretty good............

Since I still had the ticking stripe runner from
 our Fathers day coastal table.........(you can
click here to see it if you'd like) I decided to
just cut it down to make it smaller since it
had some crinkle to it on the sides from
where we sat glasses before, which made
 it shorter and narrower and gave it a bit
of a different look.

Checked out my paper napkin stash and 
had 3 different types of partiotic napkins
with there just being a few of 2 of them,
 so decided to use them all, thus using
up the small amount.

Kept my starfish dishes as candleholders
 leftover from the coastal table and also 
the clear candleholders with the cobalt 
and silver marbles in them,  and added
a patriotic napkin and plastic stars.

    Thought the white tablecloth was
 best to use again, but it was not long
 enough once we put the leaf in the table.
  So had to remedy that with blue round
 placemats from my kitchen table with
 2 at each end, so it looked fine since
 it was a casual table anyway.

Just threw 3 flags and some marbles
 that matched into each in these cute
 round vases.

Added this lil USA Beanie Baby
 to one side so it would look equally
 as nice as the other side where the
 front of the flowers were showing.

 Added silverware, napkins and
 candies (which were left over
 from the Fathers day table as
 well).  and some more plastic
 stars, and it was a pretty easy
table to put together and made
me a happy girl. So this was
pretty much a Zero spend
table, other than the plates,
already had the cups.

Here is an overview  - Here you can see 
all 3 of the napkin choices in this picture
Notice the ones on the striped paper too.  
Their flags are stright across not wavy.

Just for fun a photoshop affect 
called "Cut Out"

Actually finished before she got up!!  lol

Hope this inspires someone to shop their
 house and know that you can set a pretty
 table even with paper or plastic ware and
that it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Thanks for dropping by and so glad
you were here.

Love, Hugs and
Patriotic Blessings,


  1. Dear Nellie,
    What a wonderful time in our LORD we had with one another! What a precious freedom we have to worship our Almighty LORD GOD with family! Thank you for inviting me. It was so good to see your family I haven't seen in a loooooong time! Thank you for making such a beautiful table for us all to gather around and enjoy. Love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    Yes, it was a really great time....Your are welcome for the invite and the table!
    Have a good one,
    Love, Nellie

  3. Your table setting is festive and patriotic. I love the bears! We use plasticware and paper plates in the summer, too. It's nice to just toss everything after the dinner or the party.
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

  4. Hi Carol,
    Yes, it is so much easier for sure......Thanks for your visit and your sweet comments.
    Have a delightful week,


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