Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fall Sunday dinner table............

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Bet this finds you scurrying about
 getting ready for Thanksgiving......and
 maybe doing a little Christmas shopping
 as well.

We have been doing both, got all the
Thanksgiving grocery shopping done
and some Christmas shopping and
have even put up our Christmas tree
already.....this will be the first time in
 47 yrs. that our Christmas tree was
up this early.....but we are having a
Christmas party here the middle of
December, and I am not into stress,
so........since hubby is off all week
 and we already knew what we 
wanted to do with our tree this
year......cause we were inspired
 by Lucy over at Craftberry Bush, 
 so we tried to copycat her tree from 
the cover of Romantic homes...and
 have to say we are hap hap happy
 as can be with it.......and I think
 hubby is more excited than I am for
a change, as he really participated
 in doing it all too,  so that was really 
nice as he usually put her up and puts
 the lights on, but doesn't get too
 involved with the decorating process.
 Now that we have had a new tree the
 last few years that already has the lights
 on it,  it has made putting up the tree
 super fast in comparison to our old tree.
2 Nights VS 2 hours, so no wonder
 he is feeling more inclined to do some
 decorating and have to say he is quite
 good at it....lol

I have had these pics from back in
 October, but just never had a chance
 to post them, so today is the right time.  
There are lots of pictures cause I didn't
 have time to go thru them, crop or get
 choosy with them.....
I just posted them all.  lol

So hope it is not too overwhelming!! lol

Lil darlings place............

Used my new pumpkin plates
combined with my shabby chic plates.

Green glassware

It is sort of a subtle Fall table

With napkins in green, gold and brown.

Have really enjoyed these cream
pumpkins over the years.

and these gold mercury glass candle
 holders leftover from Dee and Jerry's 
wedding reception 6 yrs. ago,  always 
come in handy for Fall and Winter.

Changed my mind and decided
 to use the Brown glasses cause
thought they went better with
the centerpc candles, and also
nice I can put them in the dish
washer too....lol

Well, there you have it......
and hope something might 
just inspire you with your
Thanksgiving table.........

Have a great rest of the week


keep your light shining brightly.

Love, Hugs, and 
Thanksgiving Blessings,


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  1. I looooooooooove those pumpkin plates! They are so pretty! Beautiful dishes for a nice fall season! Love you all, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan.

    See ya manana....

    Love, Nelie

  3. Hello sweet Nellie. What a lovely table you set. I adore the pumpkin plates. I so appreciate you sharing at Dishing It & Digging It. Happy holidays. xo

  4. Morning Linda,
    So nice to hear from you....Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.....

    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments and thanks for hosting dishing and digging it.

    Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas Season.
    Blessings, Nellie


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