Friday, November 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday November 16, 2017, scenes from Fall's Past #8

 “Praise be to the name of God 
for ever and ever;
 wisdom and power are his."
Daniel 2:20 NIV

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you having some
cool weather.

It is a cool 60 degrees here right now,
 and if you have visited here much
 you know how I love those cooler 
temps, so they make me a hap hap
 happy woman!  lol  Course, it will
 get up to 76 today, and then cool 
off later around 5 pm.

Pictures today are from Fall's
past again...........hope you enjoy
them,  and will get on with my
post since I am a lil late.

I am thankful

that we discovered the nachos at Tijuana
Flats this week.........oh my goodness 
they are soooo good and filling!  lol

for a fun Sunday evening celebrating 
our son's Belated 40th birthday with 
a nice dinner. We all enjoyed the 
time together very much as always.

for a new salad my daughter and
 I came up with, that was a hit 
for the birthday dinner. 

that it looks like we are gonna
be able to keep all our Drs. that
we now have, once we go on 
medicare next year.....that was
 really great to hear......

for my first pot of Chili of the was sooo good
especially since we haven't
had it since last Winter.

for a cute but easy craft idea I saw
 that I can make as gifts for our 
young marrieds class Christmas
party.......can't wait to try it out.

for a dear christian lady named
Mary Crowley whom I never met
in person, but was greatly inspired
by.....she was the creator and owner 
of a party plan business that I used
to work for over 30 yrs ago, called
 "Home Interiors and Gifts", 
and she was such a genuine, loving, 
talented, smart and generous lady, 
and I owe a lot of my decorating and 
floral arranging skills to her and her
company and other employees, and
 many spiritual incites as well......
I happened to come across a quote
 book that I have from her, so decided 
to look her up online, and found she 
had passed away only a few years after 
I quit working with Home Interiors. 
 She passed away from cervical cancer, 
 and she left behind the Mary Crowley
cancer Institute in Texas...
I also found a video about her life, she 
had a rags to riches story,  so worth 
hearing, and such an inspiration.

So just click here to hear it.

for FEMA and that they finally were 
able to pick up all the hurricane debri
 in our area. It is nice not to see all these
 huge piles of debri sitting everywhere
 and very nice to be able to back out of 
our driveway without fear of being hit
by a vehicle because we have poor

for a fun night out shopping and
dining with hubby. We really get
a kick out of seeing all the Christ-
mas decorations and we found
a few new things at dollar tree
 to change up our tree a lil this
 year.  Hoping it comes out the
 way we hope for!  lol

for a short afternoon nap which
gave me the energy to go out 
after having lil darling for most
of the day.  She and I had a fun
day as usual............

for candles and the warmth and
delight of burning them on a
cold morning or evening. They
just add a warmth to the house
that is special.........and they
are burning as I write!!  lol

for clean jokes and laughter.
If you could use a few smiles
or laughs today Just
Click here

Happy you could come by to visit
today,  and hope you have a lovely
Weekend with those you hold

Love, Hugs and
Mid November Blessings,


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  1. #1. The ladies were talking about that when I got my hair done this morning!
    #2. Yes it was and yes I did!!! Thank you for inviting me!!
    #3. I liked the beets in it!
    #4. Yahoo!!! I was able to keep mine too! My yearly physical only cost me #3.46!
    #5. Don't make my mouth water, lol!
    #6. How wonderful! It's always a great feeling when this happens...for all involved!
    #7. What a testimony for the LORD! We know she is now in all of His glory!
    #8. YES! They also picked up the LARGE amount that covered almost the whole other side of
    the culdesac!
    #9. That's great to have a fun night out with each other!!!
    #10. Good for you! Getting a new spurt of energy is needed as I get older!
    #11. Yes, I haven't started yet, but need to. I surely like those big candles in the jar!
    #12. Those were great! I'll have to share some of those with Mark who has a few jokes he
    shares before Sunday School class, ha!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your visit and for all your comments. Did you tell Mark about the jokes??

    I thought they were pretty cute........

    Have a good day, see ya tomorrow.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. Such a beautiful and hearfelt post. Thanks so much for linking up to the Farewell Fall Link party! I will be glad to refer back to your posts for fall inspiration next year!


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