Friday, November 3, 2017

Thankful Thursday November 2, 2017, scenes from Fall's past #6

 first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession
 and thanksgiving be made for all people—
 for kings and all those in authority,
 that we may live peaceful and quiet lives
 in all godliness and holiness. 
 This is good, and pleases God our Savior,
1 Timothy 2:1-3

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How ya doing today?? Fine, I hope.

It's been a good week here, but I have
 been feeling really tired again, so hope
 I am just fighting off something and it 
will pass soon. Took a look at the calendar
 yesterday and realized Thanksgiving is 
only 3 weeks away,  so decided I had
 better get busy planning, as November
is a very busy month for us, we have
2 Birthdays, our Anniversary and then
 Thansgiving of course, so started work-
ing on our table, and now I know what
 tablecloth, dishes and napkins I am
using, but gotta work on a centerpc.
next, so hoping for more energy and
creativity today.  Will probably start 
our Thanksgiving menu today too.

Pics today are from Fall's past again!

Guess I had best get started on my 
Thankful list..............

I am thankful

for a huge answer to prayer for one
 of our students.

that we went to checkout BJ's wholesale
club last Friday and decided to switch
 over from Sam's club.We think it will be
 a nice change to shop somewhere else
 for awhile.

for what feels like Winter weather
already.  Makes me want to cook
or bake to keep warm.  lol
It only lasted a few days tho, but
it was delightful while it lasted.  lol

#4 and 5
for my ecard subscription with Blue
 Mountain. I have had it several years
 now and I love being able to send out 
something encouraging or cute to family
and friends whenever I want......and it
 is also something that lil darling and I
enjoy doing together that makes us
laugh, she gets the biggest kick out
of checking out the animated ecards.

that I finally got around to making 
some homemade Blueberry Vinegar. 
I forgot how easy it was or I would
have done it
This is only my 2nd time to make it.
It really has a very nice flavor and
It would make a great Gift for some
one who likes to cook or eats a lot
of salads.  I eat it on collards, turnip
greens and kale, and also as an oil
and vinegar dressing on salad.

If you are interested in making
some yourself,  just check out
my post up in the right hand
top corner entitled "Fall Coffee
table and Blueberry Vinegar
or Click Here.

that there is a chance my daughter
might get to come visit us in early
December, as her hubby might have 
to take a class for work. That would 
be great as we haven't seen her since 
the first of Sept. and I am missing her!
still awhile off but better than waiting
 till Christmas and then we will get
to see her twice in one month.
Works for me!!  lol

for Chicken Gnocchi soup from
Olive is a really
delish soup and was perfect for
a cold night.............

that we got to go to Kirk Cameron's
Revive us 2 National Family meeting.
It was so encouraging!  We went last
year too and it was really great too!
If you have never heard of is
put on by Kirk Camerson and "My 
Faith Votes" , it is prefilmed 
gathering with music and great guest
 speakers. like Raavi Zacharias, Joni
 Erickson Tada, Ben Carson, kirk
Cameron and others for the purpose
off encouraging others to get out and 
vote, and to be salt and light to our
You go to a theatre that has the film
and while you are viewing is
being viewed all over the U.S. at
the same time......and also there is
prayer all over the U.S. at the same
time.  We feel it is really awesome!
Think they might do it again next would encourage any
one to attend and especially if you
 want or need to be encouraged.

for dinner out after the above event,
 it all made for a nice date night.

 for Kirk Cameron
and his great optimism and faith
and for others that are participating
and leading in this way.  They are
making a real difference.

that my hubby got a new boss, and
 he really likes him!  Course, he has
liked all of his bosses at this job.
This is his 4th boss in 6 years, and
the last 3 have just been in the last
few years. But, anytime things
change there is always anticipation
of what might be next.

Happy you could come by today
and hope you have a lovely 

Love, Hugs,  and
Early November Blessings,

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  1. #1. Praise the LORD. He is so good! I'm so thankful He knows what's best for us and the prayers we lift up to Him!
    #2.Great! Is is closer than Sam's?
    #3. Wasn't it great!!! I didn't have to use my overhead fan, nor did the A/C come on! So, that will mean a lower electric bill, ha!
    #4 & #5. There are so many ways now to express our love!
    #6. Sounds delicious. Does it have a distinct blueberry flavor?
    #7. I'll pray the LORD's blessing that she can come early!!!
    #8. That's what I like about cold weather! I love soups and stews (as well as hot chocolate!)
    #9. WOW! Where was it held? He is really a great witness for the LORD!
    #10. Anytime dinner is "out" is great! I really enjoy the ladies' lunch out on Wednesdays.
    #11. I love his movies from years ago! He's another one of those you think should still be the young actor, ha!
    #12. I'll pray for Jim, his job, and the new boss! That was the way it was whenever we got a new Principal in the school system. You never knew what changes would be made!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Morning Susan,

    Hope you are doing well today.

    Bj"s is a lil closer but not much, but maybe a lil easier to get to which is nice.

    The blueberry vinegar doesn't necessarily have a distinct blueberry flavor, but it has a
    very good flavor and I like that it is not so vinegary and tart tasting but has a very
    smooth flavor.......

    Thanks for coming by and for encouraging comments,

    Love and Blessings,


Special thanks to all who take the time to leave comments..........They are very encouraging and very appreciated. I enjoy every one of them so much!!
May the Lord Bless You!!

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