Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fun things to use for Fall Decorating #4

Happy Thursday Sweet Friends.

I actually started this post on Tuesday
(Tuesday was our Anniversary and then
had lil darling on Wednesday)
but just never got finished until today.
So figured I would go ahead and then
just post Thankful Thursday late to-
night or on Friday morning.

So since I am running so late just
gonna get her

Hope you are  doing welll...........

Will use our family room now to
show you more fun things to use
in your Fall decorating.

As you can see I used candles 
 pumpkins and berries like I said
in my other fun things to use posts.

and here is another fun item I enjoy

Cake Plates

I also love to use cake plates...
regular size or mini ones!
As they are great for giving height
to different items, and they just
make for such a pretty display.

Use White

White in many forms: pitchers,
cream pitchers, Gravy boats (see the
hen) on the mantle a few pictures back.
Candlesticks and Sometimes I use
 white Roosters. I love just about 
anything me they 
enhance anything, as they are
just clean and lovely.

Oh and let's not forget Plates......
as you see here.  This one is
embossed with fruit.

Use Gold

I also really enjoy using Gold in the Fall
especially, Course, I pretty much use 
it all year, but think I use larger doses
of it in the Fall and Winter as
I think it is particularly beautiful
for the holidays.

So here is more gold, a cake plate
 and pumpkin...........

more gold, copper,  faux floral pics
and pine cones .....items I told you
about in the other posts. 

~ Tip ~
Here is an easy way to make a
cake plate......Use a bowl upside
down, and add a plate to the top
makes an instant cake plate.

  I would say this is mostly for display
 purposes, it might not work if there 
was food on the plate. Unless you
use some florist clay or something
to make the bowl and plate stick

This was my first Fall look 
on the sofa.....

and new for me this year......

Distinctly Fall Pillows

Much to my surprise and joy I was
 able to get not one but 2 free Fall
 pillows from Sears with my shop

You'll see the other one next week......

    I didn't have any distinctly Fall
pillows so they were a pleasant and
sweet surprise and added a bit more
 of a Fall look.

Well, hope you might pick up and
idea or two that will make your
Fall decorating more fun......

Thanks for coming by....
and have a good rest of the week.

If you missed Part #3
Just click here and it will lead
you to Part 1 and 2 as well.

Love, Hugs and
Fun Fall Blessings,

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  1. Beautiful decorating, Nellie! I especially love your golden pumpkins and your "Be Thankful" pillow! We have SO MUCH to be thankful to our LORD for! You "gotter" done, ha! Love you all, Susan

  2. Very nice, Nellie!
    Your room looks warm and welcoming ♥

  3. Thanks Susan,
    I really love my Thankful pillow too, and yes we absolutely do have so much to be thankful for...
    and yep I gotter done....


  4. Thanks Rebecca for the sweet comments.
    Hope this finds you doing well.....
    and enjoying Fall...

    Thanks for coming by,


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